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Zhang Nanxian's "clean hands"

Zhang Nanxian (1874-1968), Mianyang Yang (Xiantao), Hubei Province, is famous for its name, Hui Li, and character. Zhang Nanxian has been an official for ten times and has traveled widely in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places. H

wenshiyijia2016 @ 2020/04/20

Through the prairie time and dense forest, we can perceive the folding and blending of Chinese civilization.

How many historical clouds floating on the seemingly ordinary life? From Chifeng to Naiman, the cultural elements on this route carry the complex historical evolution from Donghu to Xianbei, from Khitan to Mongolia to Manchu, and they are closely interwov

xhmrdxwx @ 2020/04/20

Is the princess and the eunuch's abused drama not fragrant? If we don't play, we will abandon the drama.

Have you read the legendary drama "Qingping le" (also known as "Song Renzong and his women"), which is being broadcast by the youth drama. This play is a remake famous novel "isolated city closed". It is produced by noon. It has at

wanzilove1218 @ 2020/04/20

She was praised as "Yao Zhong Shun" but brought the country into the abyss.

The Song Dynasty was a relatively dense Dynasty. Two song 300 years, 18 emperors, half by the Empress Dowager (imperial concubines) hanging behind the curtain to listen to politics. The frequency of empress's participation in politics is the highest i

solovehistory @ 2020/04/19

Pig hoof Wang Kai, the new champion of the palace?

Zhu Zhu, the director of Qingping Music: opens the world's screenplay: Zhu Zhu Starring: Wang Kai / Jiang San Ying / Ren Min / Yang / Bian / Ye Zuxin / Yu Entai / Wang Churan / Liu Jun / Wu Yue / Xu Ling Yue / Cao Xiwen / Zhang Tian AI / Yan / Zhang B

movieiii @ 2020/04/19

Sixteenth Chinese translations of chrysanthemum and knife Feng Wei

Wen Wei Po reporter Ye Chenliang photographed in the Shanghai Museum "rainbow of the sea: Tang Jian Ti Temple Jian Zhen relics and Kaii Higashiyama fan fan painting exhibition", "specializing in the art industry". It is the academic consen

ibihui @ 2020/04/19

The emperor wanted to marry the princess to the minister. The minister refused in 14 words.

I remember a question raised by netizens. What would you do if you were rich? Someone said he would divorce his wife immediately and then marry a beautiful young woman again. Maybe it is just a joke, but in real life, there is indeed a situation of abando

D596255607 @ 2020/04/18

Qing Ping Le never "Qingping": the imperial concubines in the Song Dynasty were selected strictly, and the administration of the harem never stopped.

Editor of the Great Hall of history: Nie Yida editor: after the last year's "know whether or not, it should be green and fat and thin", after the second time, a new TV drama that depicts the Song Dynasty was born, which is Song Renzong's h

lishi1600 @ 2020/04/18

"Qing Gong fever" to cool down, the Song Universe to fire!

"He's coming. He's coming. He's coming to recite the full text." In the hit TV drama Qingping music, Yan Shu, Fan Zhongyan, Ou Yangxiu and others came out, and the audience began to laugh at the "recitation of the full text" in

malayingshi @ 2020/04/18

Mr. Yang Lihua: the Northern Song Dynasty is a fascinating era.

The Northern Song Dynasty is a fascinating era. The Northern Song Dynasty is a fascinating era to me. Reading Mr. Qian Muwei's outline of national history, we will find that the Northern Song Dynasty is very strange. In this era, the whole folk reache

zhanghuangguoxue @ 2020/04/18

Lianjiang, China: the underwater archaeology witness the flourishing of the Silk Road, the magnificent performance of the lion dance.

CCTV-102020.4.18 at 15:38, "Fujian records of the Chinese image", Lianjiang volume, Lianjiang chapter trailer, underwater archaeology, witnessed the bustling Maritime Silk Road. At the beginning of 1990, the first underwater archaeological class i

cctv10_kejiao @ 2020/04/18

How many versions of the orphan Zhao? Which is the real history?

Questions and answers, audio recommendation, video, rumor, blood flow from the wound, Zhao Wu's grip on the hilt of his right hand trembled. Nevertheless, he pointed the sword to the slaughterhouse who was once regarded as his father. If it were not f

ailishi777 @ 2020/04/18

Emperors and Mortals: the difference of imperial power between the East and the West in the early civilian perspective

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see the difference between Rome and Han emperors? Although the title of the emperor originated from Ying Zheng, it has long been used to refer to many top king

lengpaolishi @ 2020/04/18

Folk proverb: "what is the meaning of" raising rice to raise kindness, fighting rice for revenge "? Is there any reason?

In ancient times, there was no universal compulsory education. There were not many ordinary people who had the opportunity to study. But the wisdom of the ancients was beyond doubt, which is not inferior to modern people, and can be fully demonstrated fro

D596255607 @ 2020/04/18

One of the two superpowers that has been pieced together has been disintegrated, and the biggest crisis has emerged.

From the point of view of world history, generally speaking, a country needs to be precipitated for thousands of years, from establishing to rising to becoming a world superpower and building up vast territory, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve. T

hylszx188 @ 2020/04/18

Chen Shangjun: there are 49403 poems in the whole Tang Dynasty.

There is a Li Bai's drama to Du Fu. "What does Li Bai feel about Du Fu in this poem? If Li Bai did it, it was obvious that he had not enough talent to satire Du Fu. The "rice mountain" in poetry is an unexplained puzzle. We can not find su

Peopleweekly @ 2020/04/17

Plague, foreigners and the abolition of extraterritorial rights

In 1879, foreigners breaking through the blockade of epidemic prevention became the storm center of Japan's extraterritorial jurisdiction. Wen Wen Shao is a tough year for Japanese people in 1879. In the early summer of this year, cholera caused by fo

idxgh2013 @ 2020/04/17

The largest unfinished project in Ming Dynasty has become a famous tourist attraction.

The stone tablet is a kind of tablet inscription. The monument culture in China has a long history. It is very large to the Imperial Palace, the small to the ancient lane, and the stone tablets are everywhere. In the southern slope of Yangshan mountain on

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/04/17

The sixty-third phase of Sinology

Traditional customs: Japan name - welcome to pay attention to the common sense of Chinese traditional culture, let us know more about traditional culture everyday. In our Chinese New Year's custom, there is a "Japanese name" from the new year&

wenguzhixin2017 @ 2020/04/17

Turkey controls the Middle East Gate. Why did it get out of the world during the second world war?

In the Second World War, there is a problem that has been puzzling, but few people have thought about it. Why did Turkey, who cross the Eurasian region and master the key to the Middle East, can stay out of the World War II? At that time, when Germany swe

lishi1600 @ 2020/04/17