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Shenzhen reform to activate market enthusiasm, 7 companies to change the way of trading! This year, 45 new market makers were created, and the broker took 8 orders in one breath.

The new three board reform has been comprehensively promoted, and the confidence of enterprises and market makers is increasing day by day. The way of market making transfer is favored by listed company again. 7 enterprises have changed to market making m

zqsbxsb @ 2020/04/06

Do you have coffee? That's worth 35 billion.

Did you buy coffee? Do you use coupons? I believe that the day before yesterday, many people hurriedly ordered a cup of coffee. Takeaway runs a long queue of broken leg shops, creating this wonder that is to recognize the financial fraud 2 billion 200 mil

busan-movie @ 2020/04/06

Epidemic prevention and control in Beijing will normalize, and will not end soon.

Recently, Beijing held a news conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, and introduced the related situation of epidemic prevention and rehabilitation. 01 it is impossible to end the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing

audiotj @ 2020/04/06

Collision between China and America! Watch out for the crisis. The US is desperate. (strongly recommended)

Source: Kunlun Institute of policy, the whole world is on the eve of great change. Under the pressure of the epidemic, a worrying trend is gradually taking shape. Whether or not the current virus is involved in conspiracy, we must face up to the fact that

car698 @ 2020/04/06

Fan Bingbing is in the same frame with her new boyfriend? Sweater and cake skirt are too young for girls.

Fan Bingbing has been very active in the camera since her comeback, whether she was flying to work in the United States or shopping in Japan, or taking a red carpet award in the country. Recently, when she was busy working, she met with a group of friends

jyj011 @ 2020/04/05

Good looking and age reduction. Lisa's jacket is real! C!

The spring breeze is gentle, and the fairies wear more and more cute. Those plmm who are going to wear them have recently been pick. What gods wear them? Originally, "Qing you 2" wanted to send plmm debut, and how many people were choreed by the L

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/04/05

Fairies love hairstyles, too.

Warm spring is coming. I believe many people want to change their hairstyle. (unfortunately, Tony teacher can not get there) then why don't you take a look at the photo of PLJJ first and have a "cloud scissors"? Start with cutting the bangs. R

minazazhi @ 2020/04/05

Xin Wei & Yin man, the lowest price in the whole network. This summer is going to be a different fashion!

Jimei, recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. We also arrive at the time when the annual change of season is not worn. The important thing is to get the lowest price for the whole network! At eight o'clock on April 7th, the time limit for

@ 2020/04/05

Designer's home, black and white alternative romance

APP Store, the number one household magazine owner, is a very young couple who love each other very much. Their definition of home is romantic. The true meaning of romance is not the bubble of dream, but the core of warmth. As Mr. Lin Qingxuan said, roman

PChouse2012 @ 2020/04/05

Light industry, private residence, minimalism + refreshing, so that no burden on vision.

In the huge enclosed concrete jungle, the buildings are towering to cover the horizon of the people, and the sky, light and green gradually disappear in life. With the alienation of man and nature and bold innovation of light industrial design, the space

jiasjmt @ 2020/04/05

150 flat and simple wind duplex building, there is a chess and card room on the two floor.

The floor plan is the apartment of the living room, and a small shoe cabinet is placed on the background wall of the living room sofa to meet the needs of daily replacement of shoes. Although the whole living room is not particularly spacious, but all kin

jiawyk @ 2020/04/04

In spring, these three flowers will grow to 1.8 meter in two months.

Introduction: spring is the peak season for plant growth. It is also a good time to plant flowers before and after Ching Ming. A small family with a courtyard can choose several kinds of flowers that can grow quickly and grow taller in sunny places, such

@ 2020/04/04

C engine or a bridesmaid at the gearbox station?

A good engine can make a car. A bad gearbox is enough to destroy a car. Gear, bearing, transmission shaft oil seal and complex mechanical structure, different combinations can produce unexpected huge differences. There may be a dynamic system of understan

bachedao @ 2020/04/06

China Insurance Research announced the results of the collision, the original hot B grade joint venture cars are very safe.

"You can rest assured that the collision test will not be recharged, because many insurance companies are formed. In order to protect the interests of the insurance company, only by making more vehicles safe and secure, can the interests of the insura

juccbb @ 2020/04/06

More fuel saving than don DM! BYD will launch a new DM-i platform.

The most authoritative official car exchange platform teaches you to use cars, take you to understand cars and help you buy cars. Recently, the driver of a car friend learned that BYD will add DM-i platform models on the basis of the existing DM 3 plug-in

qichetoutiaozixun @ 2020/04/06

X5 to increase the price, ES is about to stop buying imported cars.

The epidemic is spreading all over the world. There are over 120 automobile factories in Europe, America and Japan, which stop production and stop production. The supply chain of domestic automobile enterprises is facing severe test. What is worse, the im

buycarjun @ 2020/04/06

The mask time of the owner wants to laugh but he can't smile. It's really painful.

In the face book, a owner shared an interesting short film. The content was that a Kore originally wanted to look for his host to act like a spoiled child, and found out how his face was different from each other. The lovely kkey keeps making sure that th

whcwdrc @ 2020/04/04

Lick dog diary: a rolling word represents how much you miss me!

Today, lick the dog diary: Weather: heavy rain, you didn't even hear me last night. After my tireless harassment, you finally gave up to me. You said, "roll," which has some meaning. I think for a long time, it's a three o'clock water.

bxty88 @ 2020/04/04

The latest opening way of "yellow long skirt and fluffy hair"! Ha ha ha, was broken by this operation.

Although it has been 4 days since the "light yellow long skirt and fluffy hair" has been passed, meow does not allow anyone to know this stalk. I haven't seen it before. It's a yellowish long skirt and fluffy hair. But meow is never though

jianmeow @ 2020/03/29

Funny GIF: behind every beautiful woman, there are always a bunch of silly men.

At the end of the month, I was tired of eating the soil. What was the situation of exchanging hard vegetables for a change? Behind every beautiful woman, there is always a group of silly men. Is this student silly? The kitchen is loaded with new skills. T

bxty88 @ 2020/03/18

Using Unity particle system to achieve 2D character footprint effect

The basic role control script used in the preface is improved by the example control script in the official tutorial John Lemon's Haunted Jaunt (very good tutorial) in Unity Learn. The basic idea is to compute a 2 dimensional vector lookDirection base

indienova @ 2020/04/06

Zoom is deeply involved in venting: a large number of conference videos have been exposed. Free viewing privacy is facing major challenges.

There are problems. Zai more global network security information is in E security official website E security April 6th. During the Covid-19 pandemic, as more and more users transfer their work and social life to online, the number of users

EAQapp @ 2020/04/06

The style is very clear. Japanese universities use robots to perform graduation ceremonies, and students can participate in isolation at home.

According to foreign media reports, the Japanese university in March to usher in the graduation season, affected by the new crown epidemic, BBT University of Japan (Japan business breakthrough University) using robots to replace students, held a virtual g

hqsbwx @ 2020/04/06

US universities research and develop APP to detect new crown infections through human voice; Google releases user positioning data to fight epidemic situation.

Hot pursuit / in-depth discussion / field visits / business cooperation Hello Hello! Silicon Valley frontier science and technology Weekly has met with you again. What were the major events of science and technology last week? Let's take a look with y

guigudiyixian @ 2020/04/06

Huang Xiaoming: knowing that there are tigers in the mountains,

The original content of jialingjie6 is prohibited from unauthorized reprint, reprint and cooperation. Please email "Welcome to the friends circle", "temples are not Begonia red" this drama, really catch up with the top

jialingjie6 @ 2020/04/06

To go to a draft show is not necessarily a friend.

Since the reunion of the Red Mansion drama group of art life, all kinds of programs have not been creative enough to be reunited, some of them are in tears, some are at a loss, and at the end, they are filled with emotion. Think of it only in a project te

mengdamingbai @ 2020/04/06

How does the marketing of "yellowish long skirt" circle and "youth have you 2" go to the "spectacle" of mass carnival?

First, I do not know what I mean. As early as March 12th, when the day came, it was learned that this year the public market of the idol show market would be "more and more enchanting". Most of them were worried about whether the 300 girls in the

yuledujiaoshou @ 2020/04/06

Bob Dylon's new song is just in time.

The past may be the best guide for the future. Although all the tours in Japan in April had to be cancelled because of the epidemic, Bob Dylon still compensated the fans in a more pleasant way. On the afternoon of March 27th, Beijing, Bob Dylon announced

wepingwest @ 2020/04/05

We remember you!

Source: People's Network Power Forum small family also prepared more good articles for you, watch 1 SARS avian flu, set up a great battle merit, 73 years old again battle new crown pneumonia Li Lanjuan: doctor's footsteps can never stop 2 "har

hunyinyujiating99 @ 2020/04/04

If you want a woman to like you, make sure that a woman has feelings for you.

Emotional consultation: Hello, teacher. I have been in good relationship with a girl, that is, the degree of chat is not afraid of embarrassment, but it has always been a friend's state. This situation is very uncomfortable, today can not help but con

puaketang @ 2020/04/04

During the epidemic, she stopped visiting, and she wrote 45 letters to ICU.

Author: Kris (K uncle) source: Kris on the road (ID:krisgtd), readers often ask: should I marry love? I always say this: "marry love." Because love marriages are always fresh, and the marriage that gives up love is rotten every day. " These da

qnwzwx @ 2020/04/04

Women confess these secrets to men, but they will make him farther away from you!

It is important for two people to be honest with each other in love or marriage. Because this allows two people to trust enough and feel more stable and lasting. But two people together have their own space and privacy. Women may think that they only need

vtaiciv @ 2020/04/04

Don't do this before bedtime. Hair loss, insomnia and sudden death are all because of it! The first one is your trick.

Many people suffer from insomnia. Insomnia can lead to hair loss, body deficiency and sudden death. You can't sleep at night. Maybe you did this before you went to bed. Let's see if you have any wrong posture. What kind of posture do you sleep in?

sybaike @ 2020/04/06

ID weekly, traditional festivals can also keep pace with the times.

The blue word "Idiabetes" above us focuses on us and then points to the upper right corner. The selection of "set star" has gone through the "Qingming Festival" one of the four traditional festivals in China this week. In many peop

idiabetes @ 2020/04/06

This is the most effective anti epidemic measure from Zhang Wenhong.

People's health, all for the sake of people's health, all for the happiness of the people. Beijing time 18:00 April 4th (12:00 Paris time April 4th). The Chinese Embassy in France invited Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the infectious disease

rmwjkpd @ 2020/04/06

"Asymptomatic infection" will lead to the two outbreak of the epidemic. Many experts to answer

With more and more imported cases and related local situations, the "asymptomatic new crown infection" group is attracting more and more attention. The international famous scientific journal "science" and "nature" have recently is

jiankangbaoyoung @ 2020/04/06

Two dogs fought in Shanghai, the dog was not hurt, but the owner of the dog broke up. But also ten grade disability!

The woman went out to walk the dog, and the other dogs came to fight with their dog. The two dogs were all right, but she was injured because of a dog fight and was still ten grade disabled. What's going on? He led the dog out for a walk, but because

shquan001 @ 2020/04/04

Because there are no people in the aquarium, the two dogs are excited: will they be able to eat?

Because of the impact of the epidemic, many places of entertainment and entertainment have been closed, except for amusement City cinemas, and Zoo Aquarium. Some aquarium and zoo will put small animals out and let them visit each other. It is also a very

rcw2888 @ 2020/04/04

Because it was too silly to be euthanized.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. Content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day, who says that naturally born defects, can not get love? Every day is a happy life if you meet the right person. People alwa

menggoukong @ 2020/04/04

After 7 days of keeping a puppet cat, I really can't help boasting about it. What kind of immortal breed is this?

The first thing to declare is that the author does not sell the puppet cat, but this article is just a feeling of having a puppet cat. There is a saying that no field investigation, there is no right to speak, this sentence is very suitable for use in the

mumu8com @ 2020/04/04