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Many troubles are caused by wrong comparisons.

Two, that is to say, those who are superior to those who are superior to me are always ashamed of themselves. Most of the people's troubles are caused by comparisons with others. There was nothing wrong with it. Once I heard about other people's w

xianerjiqiseng @ 2019/12/10

[project record] building project management system of a large energy and chemical enterprise

The problem of customer industry chemical industry is single, unclear, and customer evaluation. At present, our company is in an upward stage of development. How to retain key talents is our most concern. However, due to the lack of professionalism and ab

chnihc @ 2019/12/10

Is it a work-related injury that gets killed by a colleague?

He is a staff member of a livestock company in Liaoning who is responsible for the decomposition of chicken wings. At 7 o'clock in November 4, 2016, why did the iron hand splash on his colleague Hu Yidao in the process of cleaning up the workbench? Th

gongshangtong @ 2019/12/10

Recruitment! These good units recruit more than 3000 people, 2000+ posts can be reported. Let's see if there's anything suitable for you.

Long awaited Chenggui high speed railway will be opened all over the line. Many small partners are asking for no recruiting. This is not a recruitment announcement. A total of 3424 people, 2000+ posts can be reported. In addition to the Railway Bureau rec

gzgogcn @ 2019/12/10

Appetizing the spleen and appetizing the stomach can also remove heat and dryness. It is better to eat it in winter than ginseng.

There is a proverb in the public: "eat radish in winter, eat ginger in summer, do not prescribe a prescription for a doctor". Cheng Jiehui, director of the center for disease prevention and treatment in Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medic

ycwb_jkkt @ 2019/12/10

The most suitable slacker for hot pot at home in winter is not afraid to gain weight.

In winter, boring life paralyzed nerves and souls. At the same time, the desire of people to hot pot has reached the peak. In order to resist cold, raising fat has become natural. But!!! The desire for chafing dish is less than the attachment to the bed.

jianshenxiaochu @ 2019/12/10

In Beijing, what can be delicious to let you go out to support the wall, willing to gain three pounds a day?

The weather is getting colder and colder... The girls are complaining about the drier and drier skin. Daily application of mask is useless. In the season of the cold wind, the Dabao pinch pointed out that the day of the tonic patch was coming to the time

bjchihuotuan @ 2019/12/10

In Zhengzhou, only this hot food can warm your winter days.

The legend of the new white lady is an excellent memory of countless post-80s and 90s. In fact, there is another important role in the legend of white snake. The story of the white chief is "Bai Guan", whose name is Bai Fu, who practices in Mount

jrjy123 @ 2019/12/10

Before Hitler died, an order was issued. Germany had been in compliance for 73 years. Germany's rise was not accidental.

Germany was one of the axis powers in World War II. After the end of World War II, the German government began to compensate families who suffered from Nazi harm. Moreover, the German pension benefits for veterans are very good, and one foreign army has a

carranking @ 2019/12/06

Tang Xuanzong's last 6 years: power, love, dignity, freedom are gone.

The defeat of Tongguan's 200 thousand armies and the news of the fall of Gosuha brought the rebels' iron hoofs closer to Changan, the capital of Datang. This is the fifteen day (756 years) of Tianbao, a dark day in Tang Xuanzong Li Longji's li

solovehistory @ 2019/12/06

Emancipation for slavery: the anti foot binding movement under the rule of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account. Comment on topic area. How do you see ancient foot binding customs? Foot binding, an outstanding representative of the dross, originated in the Five Dynasties and ten cou

lengpaolishi @ 2019/12/06

In his later years, Zhang Xueliang commentaries on the political leaders of the Republic of China. Who are the "scorn list"? Short historical records

After his free life in his later years, Zhang Xueliang received many oral interviews and commentated many political leaders in the Republic of China. For example, he has compared the difference between Jiang Jieshi and Jiang Jingguo in their ideological P

tengxun_lishi @ 2019/12/06

K2, frozen territory

2019, August. The Indian and Pakistani border, Kashmir. Ali camp, nests in thick sleeping bags, snow outside the tent, surrounded by snow mountains, three cups of tea on the knees are detailing the magnificence and cruelty of the seal. In the early mornin

trekkinginchina @ 2019/12/10

Lingshan Park cleaning up cliff waste and optimizing scenic environment

In December 9th, Qian Lingshan Park in Guiyang concentrated on cleaning up the rubbish on the side slope of the pavilion beside the pavilion to ensure that the park was clean and tidy. The pavilion is located at the elephant king ridge of the Lingshan Par

gywbgywb @ 2019/12/10

There are not many places to live as a holiday.

Zu Sanchez Photography/Getty Images does not take life as a festival day. When you walk into a crowded street in the middle of the night to see the carnival scene, or when the flamenco dancer touches your soul at the moment, you can feel it. No matter wha

LonelyPlanet-CN @ 2019/12/10

A friend circle, a ginkgo golden yellow.

Friends circle, a ginkgo golden yellow author Huang Ping uncle Chengdu in December, a golden yellow; so, you have, my friend circle is golden. All the photos in this article came from Ping's circle of friends. Some people say that Chengdu in December

psxt818 @ 2019/12/10

Ten years later, all the promising children come from these 7 families. Please read them all!

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university", a good teacher, perhaps affecting the children for 35 years. But a good parent can definitely affect a child's life. For teachers, your children are only one of dozens of students,

muqindaxue @ 2019/12/07

This is probably the best decision you made in the countdown on 2019.

Every happy mother has found strength in her mother's University. One small step in her parents' growth, and one big step in her child's growth, I am the root of all. Love is the best answer.

muqindaxue @ 2019/12/05

Winter warm heart campaign! Magic capital, this medical center is crazy about welfare, free consultation on pediatric health problems, gift free collar!

How difficult is it to raise a bear child in Shanghai? Since they have children, parents have been around the children for almost 24 hours. This is the first Chinese mother's "anxiety index" report. Shanghai has no suspense to get NO.1! Among

Mordor0007 @ 2019/12/05

80% of the yogurt in the supermarket can't be given to the baby! How to choose? Remember these 8 words!

There are answers to common diseases in Cui Yutao's education park. Our family will take the baby to the supermarket on weekends. Every time we go to the drinking area, my baby will cry like this. Let me buy him yogurt. Children like some specially pa

cuiyutao2015 @ 2019/12/05

NEWS, new mainland finance won the "special contribution to industry" and "excellent wind control Award".

This issue: Guangzhou Small Loan Industry Association recently announced the "Guangzhou micro credit industry innovation and Development 10th anniversary evaluation first prize activities" award list, the new mainland finance was awarded the "

newland000997 @ 2019/12/10

China XinDa is awarded the two awards of "China top 100 enterprise award" and "China moral enterprise award".

In from December 6 to 7, 2019, the nineteenth hundred Summit Forum of Chinese listed companies was held in Shanghai. China's XinDa has won the two awards of "China top 100 enterprise award" and "China's moral enterprise award" with

chinacinda @ 2019/12/10

The latest and the most complete! Brokerage performance in November ranked first, CITIC fourth, the first is!

According to the November net profit ranking, GF Securities ranked first in 592 million, Merchants Securities 5.51 ranked second, Guotai Junan ranked third, CITIC fell the top three, ranked fourth. Brokerage performance in November ranked as the evening o

zhitongtouhang @ 2019/12/10

Focus 2020: will the world economy be all right?

There are 1643 words in this paper, and the reading time is 3 minutes. Key points: in 2019, the global economy and trade are facing downward pressure. Experts admit that the global economy is still in a downward orbit, and it is hard to change in the shor

ydylgov @ 2019/12/10

Ni Ni bathing suit "wet" provocative; Edison Chan "fried shoes" to lead the group; Muji decoration; [design stew 275 period]

Hello, everyone, I am a small sauce! Welcome to design stew! Design the circle every day. See here is enough! 1- Ni Ni bathing suit "wet" provocative. Recently Ni Nideng "Yue Cond ye Nast Traveler" opened on the cover of 2020, including a

multidesign @ 2019/12/10

Yang Mi's here... Really lost to Zhong Chu Xi!

Halo fairy good evening ~ 20 days will enter 2020. Are you beautiful this year? Speaking of Yan value, clothing and fashion, the online female star Zhong Chuxi must have her name. She is fresh and young with light makeup. The air on the red carpet is full

fashioncousin @ 2019/12/10

She is the first Chanel to sign a supermodel, and the 26 year old bullying fashion industry is now 60 years old.

This article is produced by Pinterest, the most loved public figure, ID:pintchina. Last week, the 900 million women dream, grandma Xiang, has just completed the early autumn 2020 advanced hand workshop series. Although the old Buddha has gone, CHANEL'

Pintchina @ 2019/12/10

Girls' temperament UP! Is it a shoulder and neck line?

Shoulder neck top student NO degree / 52Tuesday, Dec 102019 female star's kill and recruit part one neck is a stepping stone to support women's beauty. A beautiful woman must have a beautiful shoulder neck line as beautiful as a swan's neck. T

minazazhi @ 2019/12/10

Intimate design + rich configuration = comfortable journey, sedan beluga series RV for you to create comfortable travel new formula!

A year ago, Nanjing Iveco match officially unveiled a new generation of IVECO's 8AT chassis in Guangzhou. This chassis has been favored by major RV manufacturers since its debut, and many models have been launched. The sedan car launched their latest

cncaravan @ 2019/12/10

185. Dark private houses, even pots and pans are designed by designers.

APP Store is the number one home magazine, which is the whole case hosting project of home design. The design, construction, building materials, soft clothing, jewelry and pots and pans are all designed by home language. The owner is a typical "bag ch

PChouse2012 @ 2019/12/10

Two worlds apart

Modern living space is endowed with too many artistic forms, which makes people rethink space. What should a family look like? I think home should return to its original form, free and comfortable, and touch our hearts. The living room and dining room wil

miusi_design @ 2019/12/10

Unified international home with different design! Restaurant and living room "soul swap" ~

I have seen so many "serious" design cases. Today, we will unite the international home sword to take the lead, and recommend different designs. Here, look for different inspirations. Recently, I love American style only because of its freedom and

Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/10

In November, some new energy vehicle enterprises: subsidised off the slope for nearly half a year, BYD / Geely is still affected?

In December, the major car companies gradually released their sales report cards last month. In 2019, the new energy subsidy policy has been implemented for nearly half a year. Some car companies have been slow, while some car companies are still affected

aimaiche @ 2019/12/10

Unlock the old flavor of Yu Yuan Road and restore the new fashion of Cadillac XT6

In late autumn of Shanghai, from the beginning of the fall of Chinese parasol trees, I started to pick up a car every month. The old and fashionable fool garden road has a history of 100 years, spanning two districts of Jingan and Changning. It connects J

EngineCode9 @ 2019/12/10

What will be the size of China's car market in 2020?

Entering the December, the auto industry has also reached the critical moment of next year's annual inventory plan. The coming 2020 is not only the year when many car companies realize their ideals and goals, but also the end of the national "13th

autocecn @ 2019/12/10

Dongfeng Kai Chen launches the first pure electric SUV T60EV and the new car manufacturing enterprise is positive.

Economic Observer network reporter Zhou Ju five years ago to test the water in the pure electricity market with the morning wind, but the Dongfeng Kai Chen, who had been defeated, opened the strongest electric vehicle offensive after five years. In Novemb

eeo-com-cn @ 2019/12/10

[cool rabbit funny] real star's speech

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] William Chan really spoke his mind.

lengtoo @ 2019/11/21

I only need 8 requests to find a boyfriend. Is it hard to find a man who does not prostitute, or is not green?

Welcome to today's cold daily, or the source of happiness that the original formula must suck everyday! I only need 8 points to find a boyfriend. Is it hard to find a man who does not prostitute, or is not green? ? (via. confusing behavior reward) for

lengiii @ 2019/11/21

A boyfriend who laughs generally dies faster.

A boyfriend who laughs generally dies faster. (content comes from network, attack and delete)

WeiGaoXiao @ 2019/11/21

Standing in a trance on the subway, I suddenly noticed a man looking at me.

1 I was laughed at by myself. Ha ha ha ha was so sleepy that he didn't want to play on the subway station. He suddenly found out that there was a man looking at me from a distant seat. His eyes looked pretty good. After a while, he found that he was s

@ 2019/11/21