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Only merchants do not support business, pit dead a group of dealers!

The annual fast track business has become an important annual work for all enterprises and new brands. Enterprises all know that if we want to develop the cake quickly, we must quickly establish a channel network. With a strong channel, the popularity of

@ 2019/05/26

Who dare to employ such a cowardly worker?

The giant panda looks like an adorable little sprout (FOG), but we all know it - this is clearly the staff wearing a black and white bear skin coat. These workers rely on what they are playing as national treasures. They are not serious about their work.

pandapia0812 @ 2019/05/26

Strong self is the key to deal with all kinds of problems.

Seeing that crying HR like a child, in addition to heartache, in fact, more still want to teach her how to be more powerful! HR this work looks bright, but in fact it is more reflected in the relatively favorable working environment, there will be no hars

chnihc @ 2019/05/26

The highest annual salary is 193 thousand! Shanghai public security bureau recruits 880 auxiliary police officers

The Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau's recruitment of police auxiliary personnel announcement has been decided by the Shanghai civil service bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau. It has openly recruited 880 public security

FalvquanZ @ 2019/05/26

The 100 year brand of ~3 in the UK churn up all kinds of ingredients, cooking and cooking with twice the result!

"Cooking utensils are not enough. Cooking is too high. A truly happy food is a weapon of choice! It can cook twice as much as cook. From the United Kingdom to focus on high-end home appliances R & D brand, has nearly a century of Morphy Richards &

xinshejiii @ 2019/05/26

From north to south, insects are getting bigger and bigger; from south to north, the appetite is getting bigger and bigger.

Source: interesting report (ID:youyisi_cn) many years later, the boy of Zhejiang can remember the first meal when he came to Heilongjiang to go to university. He asked another South freshman to go out to the restaurant. They habitually placed three dishes

xhmrdxwx @ 2019/05/26

[tomato stewed meat ball] a mother from Minnesota taught me.

Learning to cook Western food today is shared by a mother in Minnesota. It is very simple. It is simpler than Chinese style lion heads, making meat balls with meat and remaining toast in the family, stewing and cooking in tomato paste. It can be used as a

xuexican @ 2019/05/26

Breakfast is in hand, and there is no need to worry about what to eat every week. (Yeah) breakfast (at the end of the paper)

The first day of breakfast is breakfast. It's a week of new energy. Do you have a good breakfast? A new week to start, do you want to have breakfast every day? Breakfast is the source of energy for every day. Breakfast is good and work is stronger. Fo

beitaichufang @ 2019/05/26

Sorry, I'm going to Heyuan.

In Guangdong, there is a low-key city on cuisine. Its fame is not as good as Chaoshan's theory of Hakka culture. We always think of Meizhou first, but it has excellent natural environment and countless food. It also has an impressive Hakka style. Yes,

szc011 @ 2019/05/24

What kind of experience is it living in the Xiamen version of the song of ice and fire? (with red packets)

Around the East Sea, there is a life called "Tongan new town". It is the distance between you and the world. It is the distance between you and your life. It is just the same distance from the Bay, enjoying the advantaged resources. On the one han

xiamenribao @ 2019/05/24

Chengdu, next time, you must not miss the fashionable place.

Whenever I need to go to Chengdu on business trips, I can't help but be very happy. The love for this city begins with endless food, and falls into various fashionable and wonderful events, and finally designs a small shop with unique intentions. Toda


This life must take a Sichuan Tibet line, only in this lifetime!

Everyone has a dream of Sichuan Tibet. As for her legend and beauty, those who have not gone will say that they will have to go once in their lifetime, while those who have been there say that this is a place where the soul is closest to heaven. Self driv

zangdilvtu @ 2019/05/24

Two embarrassments of Hu Wenhui's early Chen Yuan's early years

In the early years of Liu Naihe (after the war of resistance against Japan), Chen Yuan bought one of his ancestors' ink, which was suspected to be a group photo, and one of Wen Wen Hu Wen Hui. My colleague and friend Deng Qiong occasionally downloaded

shanghaishuping @ 2019/05/25

Whose bear child is Sun Wukong?

Source of Sun Jisheng's sunjisheng0309 (01) who is Sun Wukong's bear child? In my opinion, this is the biggest mystery in journey to the West. The first time in the book is to say: "there is a land overseas, known as" proud land ". Nea

taohistory @ 2019/05/25

Why do we not forget the old liberated areas? Look at the Soviet Area after the long march. Mountain pass

First: Guan Shanyuan, Xinhua Daily Telegraph weekly, the author of the new China Daily Telegraph: (Xinhua Daily Telegraph columnist) on the work of tackling poverty and tackling poverty, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC, repeatedly stressed that b

xhmrdxwx @ 2019/05/25

Kong Ziyue, a Sinology comic: sitting on the table: Poetry of nature

Welcome to the Kong Ziyue column! On this day, Confucius inspects the aspirations of his disciples. I wonder whose answer he most appreciates. Let's take a look at today's comics. The document is based on the Analects of Confucius: Zicheng, Zeng X

zhanghuangguoxue @ 2019/05/25

You can't understand the pain of nipple chap.

Finally, I survived the first three months of the baby, and ended the day and night, insomnia, hair loss, nervous weakness, depression and dryness, but the days of artificial milk feeder. Lactation nipple chapped, come on, the beginning is the surface of

cuirushidejia @ 2019/05/25

"Wife, I want to have a son?" "Roll!"!

ID:iiimum has heard that her daughter is more intimate and more happy to have a daughter. There is one child and one daughter in my family. My answer is: Oh, no! Boys and girls are the same! Just as upset!!! Whether they are boys or girls, they can bring

jjkkczj @ 2019/05/25

"Mom, please give me a good father!" Children's jokes hide the truth of marriage.

Source: the author of ID:baiduren6: the ferry -1- saw a passage on the Internet, which was very interesting. A child asked, "Mom, why didn't you notice his allergy to cats when you first asked your father?" It turned out that children like cat

jrnbweixin @ 2019/05/25

After helping 10000 families to get bear children, I summed up this method.

The title is from Pexels. Based on the CC0 agreement, a small incident happened on May 1 holiday, which touched me very much: several of our girlfriends, "May Day", went out to play. Children love to play on the swing. When a group of children run

jiaojiaoma8 @ 2019/05/25

Both the movie king and the "warm uncle" pay tribute to the high and ungrateful life.

Huang Boceng said, "the best state of life is fourth. "Sober and open-minded. Even if he is smart, even if he is aware of the overall situation, he will not be able to live up to his high attitude, so he can be both a movie king and a warm uncle.

esquirecn @ 2019/05/26

Put down is also picked up.

"Maybe, at the beginning, I was just happy. Guan Hu once said to Huang Bo, "the greatest charm and ability in the body is actually a tragedy deeply explored outside comedy." Playing the bullfight, he developed feelings with the bull, and acted

esquirecn @ 2019/05/25

Shop display skills, designers must see

With 5 minutes of soft tune and soft touch everyday, yesterday, aunt LAN saw a cute little girl in the background. There are many kinds of things in the shop, and there are many color sizes in each category. What should I do? It's easy to learn how to

decorcn @ 2019/05/25

How about the waist of the bucket? To avoid Jiang Xin's clothes and "traps", they can still be beautiful.

How can people wear buckets waist to look good? If we want to give a real example, Jiang Xin is a good example. We can see that Jiang Xin's waist is relatively thick, and the limbs are relatively thin, so her waist is in a typical bucket waist. We can

dapeijineng @ 2019/05/25

[green plants] husband and wife like the forest, build 5 courtyards in 300 homes, invite 3 servants to take care of {064 period}

Reply to the number of "0" to get 10000 sets of soft materials. An old couple in Taipei, Taiwan, moved out of their homes because of their children's families. They decided to rebuild their home on 300m. The green space was used to combine dif

ixdesign @ 2019/05/26

90. Leisure northern Europe style, teach you to use simple black and white ash to create lively and fashionable decoration effect.

Area: 90: Style: Nordic: three rooms and one hall. This case is a simple Nordic style with black and white tone. Though it is black and white, it is not dull. On the contrary, creativity and vitality can be seen in detail. The black and white grey classic

jiufujiaju @ 2019/05/22

[furniture] such a kitchen is better than the living room. {104 phase}

The reply number "0", get 10000 sets of soft materials, open kitchen design, kitchen is a place for cooking and delicious food, but it is very important for a family. Today Xiaobian will join us to see how we can have an open kitchen design with a

ixdesign @ 2019/05/22

72, two homes bring home theater, do not envy, your family can also install this!

House owner information: tranquility comes from the heart, because the man's house is exhausted because of busy work and body and mind. He hopes that the family can bring comfort and warmth to him. The female homeowner is a teacher, and the simple and

Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/05/22

The details are strict, technological and rich in configuration. How to make the electric vehicle "geometric A" high-end?

"Geometric A" has attracted wide attention since its appearance. It seems that the "casual" model name and simple shape design have made the "geometry A" full of consumers' eyeballs. In fact, there are electric cars on the ausp

yuguo20141021 @ 2019/05/26

Audio & amp; fuel private car withdraws from Chongqing before 2030 & ten new rules for traffic management Chongqing landing

This audio is jointly launched by car power and heartbeat FM. Please remark the source. China's first timetable for the ban on fuel vehicles has been released with the rapid development of new energy vehicles. Although China has yet to put forward a &

chedonglicq @ 2019/05/26

2018 modern evaluation report of Beijing

Beijing modern Yue can be said to be a "old friend" of Chinese consumers. It has nothing to do with the new movement of the Elantra car department and the previous Elantra movement in the products. It is a new model driven by Korea modern group an

qichezhiliang @ 2019/05/26

Red flag first luxury SUV running in the market, the price is lower than half of Audi Q5.

Today (May 26th), the red flag HS5. 2019 Changchun international marathon was held. Running and running, without any listing ceremony, the red flag announced its first luxury SUV HS5 listing: 5 models, selling 18.38-24.98 million yuan. Such a price is hal

cheyiquan2016 @ 2019/05/26

Market value has shrunk by 16000 billion in one month. Baidu micro-blog Sina... What is the reason for the failure of the stock market? US technology stocks are also hurting each other.

The obscure "India stock market" has gone out of record because of modi's re election as Prime Minister of India. In contrast, the stock market in China and the United States is not ideal. In the past month, the Shanghai stock index has been a

quanshangcn @ 2019/05/26

Wudaokou forum Guo Shuqing, silver Security Supervisor: unswervingly promote the opening up of the financial industry

Guo Shuqing (data, photo source: visual China) source: Tsinghua Wudaokou Forum Global Financial Forum today (May 25th) morning, 2019 Tsinghua Wudaokou global financial forum in the industry focus, opened in Beijing. Although Guo Shuqing, chairman of the C

FMBA2012 @ 2019/05/26

Chinese buyers have cancelled U.S. pork orders for soybeans, and 498 US farms have gone bankrupt.

Over the past few decades, agriculture has been a dominant industry in the US economy, especially in the global market. It has achieved the prosperity of the American agricultural economy and the comfortable life of the American farmers. Recently, however

bwchinesewx @ 2019/05/26

Strategy focuses on bottom line market bottom line

Wen Qin Peijing, Qiu Xiang and Yang Lingxiu contacts: Yao Guangfu's "300 billion dollars" tax increase list has little chance of landing in June. Japan's G20 will once again open up the 2~3 month's negotiation buffer period. Under the

@ 2019/05/26

This is only 32 | make complaints about God's will of God skill days in Hainan!

12 this technology only Hainan this will...? Tang: not less expensive dental evaluation of God, old to look empty tears porridge! 11 I don't know what it is? I don't dare to say I did not dare to ask Tang God comments: Pepper marries a banana, 10

big322 @ 2019/05/09

Classic joke, laugh stomach pain, to your solution decompression

The 01 night did not sleep, has been thinking about a problem, journey to the west to play for over thirty years, what is the burden of the sand monk pick? To say is clothing, four people never change clothes; say to eat, but each time they were not going

aqxw66 @ 2019/05/03

Humorous novel: selling watermelon

From the source, the mini watermelon is ripe, and the farmers are selling the baskets of watermelons on the side of the road. The size of these melons is almost the same, so you can save your heart and sell them on a single basis, with three pieces of mel

idu365 @ 2019/05/02

Since the security door, no one steal to eat shit!

1 this is a story of an inspector 2 since the door, no one steal to eat shit! 3 properly labeled 4 read this is eight Chinese. 5 is really a good father!!! Hope that the students in the naughty must Caution! Oh a nice big brother Bai ~ soared to lead the

dabiaogedailu @ 2019/05/02