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Don't pay the probation period. It's illegal!

In 2020, social security will be adjusted, and the social security issue will be paid attention to again. No matter whether you open Baidu or microblog, I believe you will be attracted by such hot search. During the probation period, you must pay social s

zjzc625 @ 2020/07/11

How long did you carry your first job? Ma Huateng 5 years, Ma Yun 7 years, he buried himself in 16 years

What's your first job? It's very important to do your first job well. The self-made rich choose to enter the company first and then wait for the opportunity to start a business. If you don't have the ability to feed yourself, how can you chang

weixin21cbr @ 2020/07/11

The most terrible thing is not no thought, but full of standard answers

The author of this article is a real guide to thinking. In the process of communicating with some people, you will find that the most difficult to communicate is not the people who don't read a lot of books and have no ideas, but that

jiasudu12345 @ 2020/07/11

Seven pictures, help you to be a better store manager!

Question: how can I receive such articles every day? Answer: you just need to click on the "Fu Cheng Xue Tang" above to pay attention to it! The store manager decides the rise and fall of the store. How to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, imp

zc080125 @ 2020/07/11

Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, me

Main ingredients: 150g beef spinal cord, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 / 3 accessories: oil, soy sauce, proper amount of soy sauce, 1 piece of garlic, 1 slice of shallot, 1 root of starch steps: 1, prepare raw materials

haodouw @ 2020/07/12

It took 4 years to eat this strongest food list! So many people are infatuated with this popular food city in the world, but they don't eat authentic food!

Because a song "Chengdu" has been burning all over the streets of this city, hiding more charming food than singing. As a "New Chengdu person" (self appointed) who has been studying in Chengdu for four years, this food strategy is of cours

myjihelife @ 2020/07/12

Come on! Summer favorite rice noodles, spicy and delicious, taste not inferior to roadside stalls!

Rice noodles are no stranger to us. It is a snack with Chinese characteristics and a staple food that many southern regions eat every day. It is made of rice. It tastes strong and tastes very good. There are many ways to make rice noodles. They can be fri

foooodies @ 2020/07/12

Finally found the most simple way to mung bean cake, novice can also learn, than the outside to buy delicious!

Three kinds of materials, a meat grinder can do without frying, without screening, super simple!!! Find confidence! The taste is dense, a little wet, and can be eaten by old people and children! The original author Zhang Er Er LXP raw material peeled mung

junzhibake @ 2020/07/12

How is the wise man made?!

Netease's new culture wave plan signed account [historical heart discovery] original content is forbidden to be reproduced without authorization of the account. When it comes to the counselors of the Three Kingdoms, many people will immediately think

lengpaolishi @ 2020/07/11

Diplomacy (Part Two)

When Liu Heng became emperor and everything was straightened out step by step, it was inevitable to solve the problems of South Vietnam on his desk. Liu Heng discussed with Prime Minister Chen Ping, and the two people's views were very unified: the co

shimiyangtai @ 2020/07/11

Which province in China is the best? The Japanese answer is unexpected!

It is often discussed that which province of China has the strongest combat effectiveness? This is the answer. Since modern times, the greatest touchstone is the 14 years of Anti Japanese War, which is the most tragic struggle of the Chinese nation for na

LiShiZhuoJian @ 2020/07/11

Yu Yunguo and Jiang Xinmei's poems and works

Mr. Jiang Xinmei is my teacher. After I stayed in school, I spent four years with him. About him, I wrote the collation of Mengshi ruantang poems, published in the book city 20 years ago, and recorded some anecdotes about him. It has been more than 30 yea

shanghaishuping @ 2020/07/08

Extra! No duty free shopping in Hainan customs within three years~

On July 6, the General Administration of Customs issued the revised "supervision measures of the customs of the people's Republic of China on duty-free shopping of Hainan Island passengers". It is stipulated that if an outlying island passenge

hanguojiaocheng @ 2020/07/11

Under the epidemic situation, is the IPO Junting hotel a backwater battle?

If Zhejiang Junting Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Junting Hotel") is successfully listed on the gem, it will become the first mid end hotel brand with the highest direct sales rate in China's important capital market.

LvJieMedia @ 2020/07/11

Due to the lack of tourists, the net red island's value plummeted, manta rays blue tears trailing the beach, so there is no need to isolate when returning home

We all know that it is a good time to travel in China after the epidemic, because we don't need to "look at the head" when we go to the scenic spot, and we don't need to take photos with relatives. What's more important is that the tic

aifei1com @ 2020/07/08

The Yangtze River Delta is famous! Haining this 3A level scenic spot Shanghai people play Hi, rain and rain can not stop

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can see Nanshan leisurely under the eastern fence of the farmhouse cooking smoke. There is such a place in Haining that people yearn for. Zhang Jiansheng takes pictures of Wang Bin, Dong Zhijian and Ma

dachaohn @ 2020/07/08

Ten moms, eight long? Men also grow "stretch marks"? Sorry, this wave of popular science is late

Expert in this article: Zhou Xiaobo, medical doctor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, is a female friend. After all, she has to go through the stage of motherhood. But as mothers during pregnancy, the first gift many people receive is pregnancy marks. Preg

Science_China @ 2020/07/11

Pregnant women infected with new crown, to terminate pregnancy? Here comes the expert answer

This afternoon, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the work related to consolidating prevention and control achievements and ensuring maternal and child health. Can pregnant women continue

hbrbgfwx @ 2020/07/11

Is the probability of having a boy or a girl high in summer?

Although now with the progress of society, people are not very persistent in giving birth to boys, but I believe that every family hopes to have both children. Therefore, some topics about whether to have boys or girls have always been out of the hot stat

byun98 @ 2020/07/11

"Keep it for my mother!"

Recently, a teacher in Xinxiang, Henan Province, found that when students were eating watermelon, a female student didn't eat it. The teacher asked, "why don't you eat it?" With a shy smile, the girl replied, "keep it for my mother!

rmrbwx @ 2020/07/11

What embarrassing things do you have about wearing skirts?

Is there any more embarrassing research than the wind blowing? After going to the toilet, taking the subway in the skirt card underwear, when the subway enters the station, that kind of evil wind!! Yesterday's red dress, which you had to walk out of t

hahabzc @ 2020/07/12

Lisa's "Lubra photo" is embarrassing! Four kinds of collocations in summer, don't wear them!

Ding Dong, your sauce is on time! Because the public account has been changed so much recently, if fairies don't want to miss the sharing of sauce, please put my star on top. Every time the push time is 12:30 noon, remember to watch! Recently, my circ

fuzhuangdapei99 @ 2020/07/11

Look at the fashionable bags, write these names!

Recently, it's the mid year discount season, when the price has dropped to the lowest! There are too many good-looking bags, but what can't be ignored this summer? It's worth seizing the opportunity and cutting hands quickly? Whether Zhong Chu

marieclairecn @ 2020/07/11

Liu Shishi's latest blockbuster exposure, fresh literature and art, intellectual gentle, temperament as always

Liu Shishi's latest blockbuster exposure, fresh literature and art, intellectual gentle, temperament as usual, recently, Liu Shishi returned to work to shoot a magazine blockbuster again. Large area is mainly white with green plants, simple and elegan

qqss7799 @ 2020/07/11

Heavy weight! China fintech risk control report 2020 officially released (attached with full download)

Source | 01 finance and economics, with the further deepening of social digitization, undoubtedly has a great impact on the financial industry, especially in various risk control scenarios, financial technology technology with big data, artificial intelli

Finance_01 @ 2020/07/12

Surpass Buffett! Tesla concept to fire?

US stocks soared overnight, and Nasdaq set a new record. Tesla, whose stock price soared recently, rose 10.78% again. Boss musk also surpassed Warren Buffet, the "God of stocks", to become the seventh richest person in the world. Due to the sudden

eastmoneynews @ 2020/07/12

It is strictly forbidden to participate in the off-the-counter insurance institutions! China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: strict investigation on illegal leverage and speculation

Click on the top of the "economic reference newspaper" to focus on why the bank's profit in the first quarter is increasing by 6%? How to promote the capital supplement of small and medium-sized banks with special bonds? How to deal with the r

jjckb-wx @ 2020/07/12

The US dollar tightening or gradually approaching, the Federal Reserve issued a new signal, things have made new progress, Rogers: there may be a way to survive

Not long ago, a group of 153 economists signed a letter calling on the United States to continue to provide cash delivery strategies to Americans until the economy strengthens. Once this call is accepted, it means that the US economy will release more wat

bwchinesewx @ 2020/07/12

Why is your car's endurance so empty? Tell you the secret of an industry!

"Are you empty?" "You're a fool!" "I mean, your electric car's endurance is not virtual." "Oh, this, this... Virtual, virtual, virtual, Huiyuan Shenbao can not be cured." speaking of electric vehicles, the range is

diandongbang2014 @ 2020/07/12

SUV or Honda? |Y Car Review

The price of small SUV is not too expensive, and the space and performance of the vehicle are enough for home use. The first car for a young person or the second car at home is appropriate. How do you choose microblog users? The editor suggested that the

liyangpingche @ 2020/07/12

Why is it so difficult for cable companies to make some money in the trillions charging pile Market?

I remember that at the end of 2017, the head players of charging piles in China held a press conference, and the keynote speech was "Rixin is the way, stability leads to the future". Why can we change the title of "water charging" to "

cdzvision @ 2020/07/11

Mercedes Benz's latest 4 recalls: involving C-class, E-class, S-class, GLC and other models!

According to the regulations of the State Administration of the people's Republic of China on the recall of automobile defects, the General Administration of China has implemented the regulations on the management of recall of automobile products at t

benzzjia @ 2020/07/11

This is the real minimalist design, the more the taste!

Enjoy Yirong design, customize your exclusive scheme, what is your first feeling of emptiness? Cold? Not warm? In fact, to define it as a more humanized, environmentally friendly, relaxed and pleasant lifestyle is more incisive and precise. Minimalism is

eronhk @ 2020/07/11

Muse patted your head | from the taste of summer!

Summer is hot, the most suitable is to have a little rural simple style of design style, here you can find free breath, enjoy the beautiful quiet moment. The interior space echoes the simplicity of the house, is suitable for intimate family gatherings, an

miusi_design @ 2020/07/11

2020 Heim langchen luodmont S60 imported quality enjoy luxury travel

"Lodmont" is a high-end RV brand released by Heim lanchen in China and Europe at the same time, focusing on the introduction and production of European high-end RV. "Lodmont S60" is a high-end C-type RV specially designed and developed by

cncaravan @ 2020/07/11

Good places to visit in 10 cities this week Chengdu

"Mars" is a good place to go every week. From the cities and cities, we should search for the places that are worth to visit. We hope this concise list will be your reason to explore the next city. This week's "10"

mars-app @ 2020/07/11

Go to your friends, maybe you'll have a boyfriend.

Laugh at me, go to your friends, maybe you'll have a boyfriend.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2020/06/12

Joke: a cigarette from the doorway was pointed out by a couple who were quarrelling.

Joke NO.1 just took a cigarette at the door of the Internet bar, and saw a couple quarrelling. I looked at it nearby. Suddenly the woman pointed to me and said, "if you want to have him 1/10 handsome, I can't quarrel with you." the man said, &

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/17

Tell me about the embarrassing experience on the bus.

In the last row of the study, a roll of flowers rushed to the front row of the first row of aunt, and the aunt looked calm and asked, "whose flower roll?" When I was riding with my classmates, many people had no hands. I grabbed my classmates'

hahabzc @ 2020/05/17

The woman LZX played a lot of sports with her boyfriend at home because she was too big for her neighbor to call the police.

Tai Niu broke off a big house rented by a sister who lived in China, and he often played parties at home. Dialogue between contributors and friends: dialogue between contributors and girlfriends. Follow up (photo is not the younger sister in the story). I

gaoxiaokuaile @ 2020/05/17