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5G new entertainment salon China Mobile Wei Chenguang: "double Gigabit + cloud" foundation business standardization work should press accelerator.

In the early days of 5G, entertainment business has been considered by the industry to be one of the first applications to break through and give play to the goose goose effect. During the epidemic period, the "home for all" mode also led to the s

CWW-weixin @ 2020/05/31

Scientists create a new type of electronic Sunglasses: traceable brain, eyeball and other activities.

According to foreign media reports, recently, a test Sunglasses came out, it can monitor the health of users, let them control the game and convert it into Sunglasses according to their needs. It is reported that the prototype is developed by a team led b

opticsky @ 2020/05/31

Light Reading commented: even if HUAWEI falls, it will not stop China's rise.

After the US government announced further sanctions against HUAWEI this month to cut off the global chip supply of the Chinese communications equipment giant, HUAWEI and China's government response has become the focus of the industry. According to th

C114-weixin @ 2020/05/31

During the epidemic, mobile game week downloaded 1 billion 200 million times, apple pushed iPhone XR official turn over machine.

Game headline micro signal: gametoutiao (long by copy) China's first consultative new media customization is your own media content introduction: the Chinese mountaineering team carries honor X10 to the top of Mount Everest, realizes the first 5G call

gametoutiao @ 2020/05/31

"Youth has you 2" into a group night scene: why do you love Jing Mei failed to become a group?

Wu Ruirui, editor of the icons in the industry transition, editor of Hong Hong Hu, the source of Iqiyi. When Li Yuchun ran to Liu Yuxin, the winner of the first neutral trend in the draft history, completed the historic meeting with C, the first short hai

wow36kr @ 2020/05/31

THE NINE debut, choose women group or who more accident?

"Youth has you 2" has come to a close. The group name is THE NINE, Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin, Xu Jiaqi, Yu Yan, Xie Keyin, An Qi, Zhao Xiaotang, Zhao Xiaotang and Qi fire have successfully made their debut. Starting from the afternoon, all the big ques

yulechaichuanjie @ 2020/05/31

Zhao Liying changed his face after marriage. William Feng was worried about his gains and losses: the charm of new women is more than a sense of maiden.

Author: kapok elder sister source: kapok (ID:mumianshuo) Zhao Liying has been back for a long time after her birth, and the new drama she has taken recently has also been destroyed. I just returned to filming until now, but her complexion is still very go

qnwzwx @ 2020/05/31

South Korean entertainment circle redetonation scandal! South Korean actress suspected of luring South Korean famous beauty anchor to accompany a representative of entertainment company was reported!

The Korean model BJ, a model and Internet beauty anchor, recently reported to South Korean inspection authorities that Bian Xiumei, a Korean actress, was suspected of pimp (introductory trade). As soon as the news was reported, it quickly entered Korea

oneshotzg123 @ 2020/05/31

After Liu Qiangdong left office, Akizawa, 27, was the youngest millionaire in the world: there was a woman who would create cash flow.

Some time ago, Liu Qiangdong left the post of Jingdong, and he picked up the rich list with Zhang Zetian on the other day. This once again focused on the young woman rich man. She had been questioned, abused and taunted, but you have to admit that she is

gaoduncpa @ 2020/05/31

Zheng Shuang has been torn apart for four years, but that's the reason.

By the author, Lin Wan Wan, the woman of origin, the woman of map, from the network, if infringement, please contact delete Zheng Shuang has been searching for a few days recently. I can't imagine that after four years of breaking up with Hu Yanbin, H

Apple1990-kun @ 2020/05/27

Wang Xiaobao's 15 classic quotations, sentences and thoughts, pierce the truth of life.

1. All human suffering is essentially anger against one's inability. Wang Xiaobao [2] does not want to be sober, preferring to indulge in indulgence. I don't know where to go. -- Wang Xiaobao [3] I gave you my whole soul, with its quirks, playing

shijingqinghua @ 2020/05/24

520 sisters' Declaration of love

When Qing you 2 and create 3 of the younger sister need a neat smile to greet the producers, before the first stage of the Hunan TV station, "the sister of the wind and waves" is not popular for everyone. In the absence of the broadcast, it will r

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/21

A picture of 2019 middle school students in China

Adolescence is an important stage to develop good behavior and lifestyle. Its health concerns the future of the country and nation. Smoking among young people will cause serious harm to physical health, especially respiratory and cardiovascular systems. T

qg12320glzx @ 2020/05/31

Which constitution is most susceptible to cancer? Experts expose three kinds of cancer prone Constitution!

Do you know which constitution is most susceptible to cancer? How do you tell whether you belong to these three groups? If you belong to these three types of cancer, how can we improve our physique and increase our immunity through recuperation, thus prev

iphoenixtv @ 2020/05/31

Tianjin has added 1 cases of asymptomatic infections. Implementation of closed loop management

Reporters learned from the city CDC, from 6 to 31 May 30th, 6 hours, our city has no additional reports to import new crown pneumonia cases. A total of 56 confirmed cases were imported from abroad (52 cases in China, 2 in the United States, 1 in France, a

audiotj @ 2020/05/31

Eat vegetarian every day, unexpectedly get high blood fat! How to eat to be healthy?

"Doctor, I really can't think of it. I eat vegetarian all year round. How can I get high blood fat?" Aunt Wang was puzzled by the recent physical examination results of retired workers. Aunt Wang's triglyceride level exceeded the standard.

DDM-labmed @ 2020/05/31

When a new puppy is raised, how will the puppy react?

It is said that dogs should be kept at least two, one is too lonely, two can be together, and they can love each other in minutes to warm you. Is this really the case? Boredpanda has recently collected a wave of "what happens when a two born dog has a

eee3387 @ 2020/05/31

Meow stars have their own logical way of thinking.

You can see that I can walk backwards and give me a doorknob. I can rest. Do not save me, really! Isn't the Christmas tree my toy? This angel is struggling to get out of trouble. My son has a strange relationship with my cat. It's a good place to

mmggmcw @ 2020/05/31

Amazing animals airborne Chengdu! 39.9 bring your baby, hey, play for a day!

The old fairy tale world that people love to go to Chengdu has been upgraded this summer. You can not only go to the alpaca and small pigs in a short distance, but also go into cartoons to find the animals in the story, catch fish in the lotus pond, catch

all028 @ 2020/05/31

When three large families of firewood and a cat were raised, were they four cats or four dogs?

Recently, a big family member has been watching the dog's meal at home. Many netizens are paying attention to it. What strange things do they seem to mix in these four dogs? But to say that this is the four "dog", but this picture below, the m

gougou2016 @ 2020/05/31

Steam two time limit free! "The gate of boulder 3" forerunner! Heroes League tour June. "Tai Wu painted volume" development progress! Star Wars: Frontline 2 will be free!

Steam two timed free PixARK (pixel ark) closed in June 2nd into a mysterious, dangerous world full of ancient dinosaurs and mythical monsters and cube blocks. You can explore independently or form tribes with friends, collect materials, make tools and obj

steamcommunity @ 2020/05/30

The story of the lovable wolf and the blind Prince is a candy game with hidden poison.

These two days online game is a bit much, so in view of my "the final version of the ultimate sword" is still on the road, so here is the first recommendation of the following paragraphs, there is a single online: a hidden poison of sugar, a Japan

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/30

You are addicted to the glory of kings.

Titanium media Technology leads the new economy. We find that preventing minors from indulging is not only a technical problem, but also intertwined with social and human nature. Titanium Media Editor Xiao Huang chicken in May 15th, "King

taimeiti @ 2020/05/30

6.2, the new hero on the line, and a limited legends level skin exposure! Special effects burst!

Hello hello, everyone, this is the strange guest king! At noon yesterday, the government finally released a micro-blog, indicating that the new hero Meng Tian will be on the line in the near future. This time, Meng Tian will not run online next week. He h

djgk99 @ 2020/05/30

There are four points to be seen in reference to the fast commentary, the US political attack on China.

On the morning of May 30th in Beijing, US President Trump held a press conference devoted to Chinese issues at the White House, announcing several "sanctions against China". Trump, the White House has been threatening to launch so-called sanctions

ckxxwx @ 2020/05/31

Xisha Island guard sailors grow hot dishes! Behind it is a black technology.

The officers and men stationed on the island of Yongxing island in Sasha city grow vegetables on the saline alkali sandy land, half a mu of beach and harvest more than 1500 pounds of vegetables. The "Sandy Land" changed to "fertile fields"

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2020/05/31

Exclusive video! One arrow, two stars, launched successfully!

At 16:53 today, China launched the Long March two Ding Yunzai rocket at the Jiuquan satellite launch center, and successfully sent the high score nine satellite 02 and the four satellite to the planned orbit, and the launch was a complete success. Seeing

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2020/05/31

8.6 mm general-purpose machine gun is imperative in order to pierce the modern bulletproof vest.

Figure: General Company's 8.6 millimeter gun LWMMG, in the performance of firearms, under the same technical level, the growth of range and power always requires the larger size and weight of guns and missiles as the foundation. After World War II, be

qqmiljwt @ 2020/05/31

If the season starts again, will the Clippers become the biggest beneficiaries? The 76 became the biggest loser?

As the epidemic has been gradually controlled, apart from the fact that all teams have opened their training facilities, the league is also studying various plans for the restart of the season. At present, it is the most feasible and the most widely sprea

NBA_Today @ 2020/05/31

Public number recommendation 3 Lian Hong! Zhang Juan: the Bundesliga focuses on whether the pony can twist the magnificent steps.

Zhang Juan, VS, Berlin, United Arab League, and I am also a member of the United States. I have a lot of research on the small league, and the result of the recent recommendation is also ideal. The last 20 games won 15 games. I will make further efforts i

Winpowerdata @ 2020/05/31

Too TM show! Million yuan to substitute! This season, the most garbage management is not one of them.

Did the 76 management begin to release themselves? Mike O Connor said in a report that if the season restarts, the 76 will probably let sheik Milton replace her first place. According to reports, before the suspension, Hough and Milton played together fir

NBALQRD @ 2020/05/31

Blast! Greens usher in the new 40 million! Hayward's victim

In the case of the United States now, the NBA team can also give the players a big contract, which is basically true love. According to Khost, the green army is likely to give Tatum a top salary contract after the end of the season. "The Celtics trade

nbadatu @ 2020/05/31

The most competent teacher in junior high school: I only teach these 1 methods in junior high school English. Half of the students in the class get 115 marks.

Are you still worried about having to take 2500 words in the mid-term exam? Are you still suffering from reading comprehension and cloze words when you do not understand the topic and choose the wrong answer? Do you doubt that your English talent is out o

yuwenrikan @ 2020/05/31

Many universities in Wuhan announce the return time. Is there a school for you?

Guided by omni-directional killing and simulating emergency drills, Wuhan colleges and universities recently entered the peak of returning to school. At the same time, many universities in Wuhan announced the return schedule of graduates, and made specifi

qingchunhubei @ 2020/05/31

The college entrance examination is coming! Height, weight and eyesight are not up to standard. These professions can not be reported. Don't wait until you are left behind.

Immediately enter the June, the 2020 college entrance examination students will have to take a college entrance examination. Height, weight and eyesight have always been the three indicators that are most prone to problems. Many specialties have rigid req

gaokaoquan @ 2020/05/31

A pupil in Guangzhou was corporal punishment to vomit blood? Latest developments: police intervention

Today (May 30th) morning, the micro-blog netizen @ the sea in the island published a long article, reflecting that a teacher in Fangyuan Experimental Primary School in Guangzhou was suspected of corporal punishment, and aroused widespread public concern.

beijingqingnianbao @ 2020/05/31

(monthly traffic) Penny's horoscope in June 2020

Penny Thornton, a famous British astrologer, was a good friend and astrologer of Princess Diana in the early days of the world. The main style is event guidance. Please note the footsteps of translators and translators. Aries warriors may have to wait unt

astrotrans @ 2020/05/30

2020 the top 6 stars in the second half of the year.

The author of this article: teacher Angus tips: Susan Miller's May fortune has been updated. Please reply to "Susan Miller" on the front page of the public address "xingzuoshenpo". More articles recommend: (click the title to view) rec

xingzuoshenpo @ 2020/05/30

4 major constellations in recent years!

2020 the first 4 constellations of the second half of the year are the most powerful. See you in 2020? Red line Wedding Book: can you and TA be together in 2020? ARIES: there is a lot of development in Aries recently, because they are usually more attenti

xingzuoshenpo @ 2020/05/30

The most favorable constellation in 2020?

Leo Leo is a smart person and a very decisive person. It has brains. Whatever happens, Leos have their own opinions and opinions, do not like to drift with the tide, and Leos perform very well. When they are calm and calm, they will try their best to do w

nznylove @ 2020/05/28