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His high school math class is 1200 yuan / hour, and now you can learn it for free.

Famous teacher online mathematics open class 0 yuan free learning! Who will learn the senior high school course with 3 days' mathematics Full Score training camp, learning content 1. [teacher] Zhao Li, the national college entrance examination mathema

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/19

China has officially entered the era of double carrier. Shandong ships are listed. Live video is coming!

China's first domestic aircraft carrier Shandong ship was delivered to the Navy at a naval port in Sanya, Hainan on the afternoon of 17. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/19

The universal formula for writing! Just do it. The composition is so simple. (video plus information)

If your child makes sentences with the word "confiscation", how will he write it? "Mom confiscated my cell phone"? "The teacher confiscated Xiao Ming's toy"...? There are still some answers like this: time confiscated my youth

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/17

Hot debate about the two generation of the students who came back from abroad to study the story of eating steak, don't you create it?!

In the past few days, I believe that most of our partners are being cleaned up by a piece on the Internet. Looking at the above examples, you can basically find out the general pattern of this style: a rich two generation of girlfriends who have returned

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/16

The only advantage of girls is good grades.

Recently, the topic of "China's first male class graduating from university" has been continuously heated, and the key word of gender has not become an accident again. Should we promote the teaching of boys and girls? What kind of influence do

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/12

2020 the college entrance examination situation is not optimistic. How can I do it in the last 180 days? This article can help your children.

With the continuous promotion of the new college entrance examination reform, the difficulty of the 2020 college entrance examination is further upgraded, and the situation is not optimistic. Physics, mathematics as the biggest change subject, its long ex

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/11

The English language awards are being ridiculed by netizens: English is just a tool for communication.

This year, Gu Li Na Zai attended the ceremony as the only invited domestic female artist, and presented awards in English for the winners. As a result, a large number of netizens were tucking online. Let's first feel: (source: Tencent video) most of t

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/09

Zhang Jie was admitted to the Film Academy of Shanghai Univer.

Wen watchman Yan Shanshan December 4th, singer Zhang Jie entered the Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai Univer, which triggered a heated debate among netizens. Some netizens questioned whether Zhang Jie's undergraduate degree was eligible to be a unive

zuowensucai @ 2019/12/07

4 days, 800 words in high school. This burst of learning resources to share with you, slow hands!

Do you also encounter these troubles in learning English? There are too many words in the 3500 required English tests, and words that can not be memorized and memorized are forgotten in the twinkling of an eye. Don't worry, today, I will share with yo

zuowensucai @ 2019/11/22

Hot spots give up Tsinghua and Chinese Academy of Sciences! Xue Ba twins made the same decision.

The same hairstyle, the same glasses, the same lattice shirt looked the same height. The twins who were in senior four in Wuhan recently made the same decision. The two brothers went to catch up with each other, and when they entered the tutorial team, th

zuowensucai @ 2019/11/06

Hot spot people's Daily: rocket team Murray "eat China and curse China" will pay the price, Pudong FA, Lining hard gas response!

In October 7th, NBA official micro-blog responded to moraI's improper remarks. At the same time, Morey reissued tween 1. I have no intention of making my tweets offensive to Rocket fans and my friends in China. I only express my own thoughts on a comp

zuowensucai @ 2019/11/05

Hot discussion kindergarten recruit students "recruit cadres only within three generations of direct children"? Net friend: privilege or normal phenomenon?

These two days, a "kindergarten recruit recruit cadres children" news triggered hot debate. According to Taiwan News Network October 22nd, the affiliated kindergarten of Minnan Normal University will face 100 children in the small town class in th

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/27

The headmaster meets the "difficult problem"! Ask the whole school for help: who can solve one week's homework?

The headmaster found two stray ducks in the fish pond on campus, but the ducks who had grown up had eaten the water lily in the pond. Recently, Yuan Weixing, principal of the first experimental school of Shenzhen Xin'an middle school (Group), sent an

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/20

Do not pay attention to these 2 subjects of high school students, later difficult to enter a good university!

All provinces and autonomous regions of the country have introduced the new college entrance examination reform plan. Mathematics, English as the biggest change subject, its long existing problems are difficult, slow points, big points, has become the con

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/17

Why do the Japanese thank the Chinese navy? This super typhoon breaks the "secondary wall".

Author: Bian Lei, Zhang Aolin, Meng Xiangjun, recently, the super typhoon "Haibei Si" landed in Japan, the waves were raging, the wind was howling, and Japan was hit hard. In the short span of 15 days, nearly 70 people have lost their lives in thi

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/17

Hot spot "song of five rings" has been accused of infringement. Yue Yunpeng's name is on fire.

After the movie "pancake man" was released, Yue Yunpeng, MCHotdog's chorus of the movie "five rings" has been popular. However, the film production Fang Wan film and television media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanda"

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/15

China's hard core technology breaks the American record!

According to ScienceDaily daily, in October 2nd, the international authority for processing performance Committee (TPC), the industry authority, disclosed the latest TPC-C database benchmark performance test results on the official website. The distribute

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/07

A hero and a flag are an epic, a special team appearing in parade.

In October 1, 2019, before the beginning of the battle, the flag team of the army's honorary merit troops came in great numbers. To celebrate the founding of new China, 70th anniversary, 100 flags are regrouped and windswept; 100 heroes are strong and

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/05

National Day! Parade shocking massive map! The two plates rushed into the heat search.

Coming! It's really coming! This morning, at 10 a.m., we all looked forward to celebrating the establishment of the 70th anniversary congress and the grand parade. The mass parade finally came. This parade is the first National Day parade in the new e

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/01

The new youth is the youngest group in the reading field. After 00, the Navy: we grow up after 00, and we can protect our homeland.

Mom, I am grown up! Motherland, I will guard! 00 after being read by the youngest group in the reading field this year, the navy soldiers sent tears to the parade training ground. The sailors were especially bright. Nearly half of them were "00 after&

zuowensucai @ 2019/09/28