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Do you skip the hot spot? The hole of chasing stars? Private League fans ask for money, what did the former member of snh48 women's group exposed in court

Recently, the news that former members of the women's League were fined 350000 yuan for their fans of the private League triggered heated discussions. According to the people's Court of Baoshan District, Shanghai, the court recently concluded a co

zuowensucai @ 2020/08/06

Zhejiang college entrance examination full score composition exposure, experts and netizens quarrel! The first marking teacher only gave 39 points

The topic of "life in Zhejiang Province" is "life" on the third day of the "college entrance examination". "In modern society, Heidegger's saying that" all practical traditions have been disintegrated "is the starti

zuowensucai @ 2020/08/04

She will not be a good friend in the future

Source: ID: educool Author: Xia Qingfeng recently, with the release of the scores of the college entrance examination, the number one candidates in the college entrance examination in various provinces and cities have been exposed one after another. Every

zuowensucai @ 2020/08/02

Hot search | Wang Zulan cos gourd baby is convicted of infringement! I have nothing to do with emergency response

This morning, "Wang Zulan cos cucurbit baby was convicted of infringement" was on the microblog hot search, but Wang Zulan studio responded to the matter on the evening of 14, saying: Wang Zulan did not perform Cosplay with the image of "cucur

zuowensucai @ 2020/07/16

On the exam again, the subject responds to Li Zi Qi being written into the examination paper.

Yesterday morning, Li Zi Qi rushed to the heat again. The final language examination paper of a grade six grade student in Haishu District of Ningbo, Zhejiang, was posted by the parents at the forum. The essay entitled "net red" Li Zi Qi was desig

zuowensucai @ 2020/07/06

Attention! National Students issued "hate country" speech, the school said it will deal with it seriously.

At 9:30 in the evening of June 27th, @ the bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that today, in view of the misrepresentation made by the network of suspected national students in foreign social platforms, the investigation team of our uni

zuowensucai @ 2020/06/28

Hot spots are being painted by the Big Dipper today. If Robinson carries a China Beidou terminal...

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition! Take off! " At 9:43 in the morning, the long march three carrier rocket carrying the Beidou satellite was launched and fired at the Xichang satellite launch center. - the star of the Beidou ending is moving towards the sk

zuowensucai @ 2020/06/24

The latest progress has been made by the peasant girl. 16 years later, I knew that I had been replaced by a university. How can the replacement be fined?

16 years after the entrance examination, Chen Qiuyuan, a Guanxian native in Shandong, intends to apply for adult education school to fill her heart. However, she found out that "Chen Qiuyuan" had studied at Shandong University of Technology and gr

zuowensucai @ 2020/06/15

School is the exam! We plan to recruit 200 students for free to study composition classes for primary and secondary school students.

Writing diary is that every pupil and parents can not get around the "difficult problem". According to incomplete statistics, parents are most worried about their diary after homework. 1, where is the diary? A lot of parents reflect: when we do ho

zuowensucai @ 2020/05/19

The World Health Organization sent a written reply to Wuhan middle school students. Net friend: understand the intention behind the neat.

Recently, the WHO sent a letter to the middle school students in Wuhan by official micro-blog. The letter was written in Chinese hand. The letter was written by Gauden Galea, a representative of WHO in China. Not long ago, Gao Li saw a letter from the stu

zuowensucai @ 2020/05/16

Hot search "sister circle top flow" Liu Mintao: one night even five hot search, her life story is more wonderful.

Author: do not pretend that the publishing house before May 5th, Liu Mintao sister in the eyes of the broad masses of people, probably can be said to be "dignified elegance, calm atmosphere" sign! After all, she is the quiet and quiet imperial con

zuowensucai @ 2020/05/10

When Guo Qilin read the letter, he was shocked, and He Jiong sighed: the children with no sense of opinion were formed so.

The source of the novel is "boy friend of the original". The letter is written by a 25 year old graduate student: "I am 25 years old, but I feel that I am not yet of age, because my mother is too strict to let me feel independent." "No

zuowensucai @ 2020/05/10

Official propaganda is not allowed to recapture students. What does it mean to fail in the college entrance examination? The answer is far more terrible than you think!

The number of re examinees is increasing year by year. Under the current college entrance examination system, not every examinee can enter her own satisfactory University: those who fail in the college entrance examination, those who are not satisfied wit

zuowensucai @ 2020/05/08

When the hot school started, the third grade student was accepted by the University. What do children have in common?

Recently, Xi'an Jiao Tong University's "youth class" announced the enrollment list. Among them, 23 junior high school boys in Zhejiang won the gold medal list. They will skip the entrance examination, the national college entrance examinat

zuowensucai @ 2020/05/04

This formula is on fire! 30 minutes to teach children to write high score compositions. Collecting for children

The parents who accompany her writing have similar crash experiences: no words to write: they will be confused when they see the composition questions; they do not want to write: hundreds of words are written all night; write at random: they are not scori

zuowensucai @ 2020/04/02

The latest announcement: 10 days later, junior high school students will welcome major challenges! (parents must read)

Education Department's latest news: at present, 19 provinces, including Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou, have confirmed the opening time, while other provinces and municipalities continue to postpone. Children who are not in school must pay attent

zuowensucai @ 2020/03/31

Hot spots in primary and secondary schools are compulsory for labor education, but also related to excellence, promotion and employment.

Guidance: a few days ago, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the labor education in the new era of primary, middle and primary schools". According to the characteristics of each ac

zuowensucai @ 2020/03/29

This hot spot won 2 million 600 thousand praise! The wrong questions are not furnishings. The real way to use them is to send them.

A 00 year old student caught up with his wrong book and got 2 million 606 thousand praise. In 25 thousand of the messages, in addition to commending the effort, affirming the value of the error book, some netizens asked questions: @ July and Ansheng: I ha

zuowensucai @ 2020/03/25

Urgent! The high school student starts the school time to confirm the newest announcement! Countdown to college entrance examination for 80 days, high school students how to counter attack 985, 211?

According to the latest announcement of the Ministry of education, there are 9 provincial-level administrative regions in Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guizhou, Shanxi, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan and so on, which will be opened in mid and late 3 in 34 provinces of the c

zuowensucai @ 2020/03/19

Qiu Chen, the debater of the wonderful people's daily, has apologized: he withdrew from the public view.

Qiu Chen, the champion of the second season of the debate program "wonderful flower", was repeatedly picked up by netizens in 2014 to give voice to support illegal "occupy" and create related propaganda products. Qiu Chen denied it. On the

zuowensucai @ 2020/03/18