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Smart family robots

The concept of robot can be traced back to the 1920 Czech writer Carrel Capek's science fiction Rossum universal robot. But after 100 years of development, most robots are still facing industrial applications. They brandish several mechanical arms, eq

zkyzswx @ 2020/07/03

How much do you know about the versatile "virtual anchor"? Wisdom and wisdom

Editor's note: Wisdom reveals the future, and sees new knowledge. The voice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly set up a science column for intelligent words and wisdom, to intr

zkyzswx @ 2020/06/24

"I was blackmailed" - Buran virus column

Xiao Bai theatre, Xiao Bai: brother Dadong, I was blackmailed. Dadong: you... What's the matter with you? Xiao Bai: surrender the ransom and save the hostage! Dadong: boring! Xiao Bai: Hey, big brother Dong, have you brushed up a video about "smar

zkyzswx @ 2020/06/06

What is a "logic bomb"? Column

1. Introduction: can you help me buy some shirts on a treasure? I have a choice disorder. Dadong: don't mention a treasure, just opened a treasure today, suddenly popped out a pop-up, which shows that the current version is an internal version, please

zkyzswx @ 2020/04/19

Progress in basic research on glial cells transdifferentiation to neuron diseases

In April 8th, the journal Cell published online research entitled "transdifferentiation of glial cells into neurons through CRISPR-CasRx mediated neuropathic diseases". The research was carried out by the Institute of brain science and intelligent

zkyzswx @ 2020/04/09

"Nano brushes" outlines future optoelectronic devices

Nowadays, people's pace of life is speeding up, and the demand for electronic equipment is higher and higher. All kinds of new electronic devices are changing their ways to show that they are stronger and lighter. However, the more abundant the functi

zkyzswx @ 2020/03/11

The most thoughtful virus column

First, the prophecy said Xiao Bai: ouch, the genuine software is so expensive! Dadong: ha ha, that's natural. Xiao Bai: Hei hei, has there been a shortcut for me to torture me? Dadong: This... Bad? Legitimate software needs to pay, but protection of i

zkyzswx @ 2019/12/21

There are also "men and women" in the human flora.

In the human body, tens of thousands of microorganisms are symbiotic. In addition to intestinal tract, oral cavity, skin, respiratory tract and female reproductive tract, microbial flora is also found in tear, semen, breast milk, tissues and blood. Accord

zkyzswx @ 2019/12/09

CIH virus outbreak

One, the world computer virus day East: I come to test you, do you know what is the annual holiday in April 26th? Xiao Bai: I know this! It's World Intellectual Property Day! Dadong: Yes, what else can I do? Xiao Bai: and? Emmmm... I don't know. D

zkyzswx @ 2019/12/07

Security column for block chaining

First, the origin of small white: Dong Ge, recently, "block chain" appeared on the Internet very frequently. Once I opened my cell phone, I could see this word in news headlines all along. Dadong: Xiao Bai, do you know what the hot words of block

zkyzswx @ 2019/11/30

The controlled "good man" column

Gray dove virus incident: Xiao Dong: I have recently got something new to control my home appliances, such as air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, etc. Dadong: Well, this is good! Mobile remote control air conditioning. The picture is from the We

zkyzswx @ 2019/11/23

If you turn on the lights in the air, you can also.

To mention human-computer interaction technology, we should not be unfamiliar, such as wearable electronic devices, telemedicine monitoring and so on. Human-machine interaction technology can effectively transform signals from human body into information

zkyzswx @ 2019/11/14

Master of fraud

First, the prophecy said, "big east: Xiao Bai, have you ever heard of a master of fraud?" Xiao Bai: a master of fraud? Emmmmmm... Is it the great master in the amazing crowd? Dadong: Oh, I mean the famous scam master in 1993! Xiao Bai: 93 years of

zkyzswx @ 2019/10/26

"Why can't we do that?"

Many years ago, academic circles began to pay attention to the publication of English articles, that is, SCI papers. At that time, the Internet had not yet been popularized, and there was no online submission system in academic journals. At that time, the

zkyzswx @ 2019/10/17

"Sexiest" virus -- MSN sexy chicken column

One, the prophecy said, "big east: Xiao Bai, do you know what MSN is?" Xiao Bai: MSN, the full name Microsoft Service Network, is the portal website of Microsoft Corp (Microsoft). I am right. Dadong: you are right. Do you know the MSN cheat event and the

zkyzswx @ 2019/08/24

In the future, robots can help you "clean up" blood vessels, artificial intelligence + medical treatment.

In recent years, the global mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases has been increasing. The number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases has increased from 17 million 500 thousand in 2012 to 17 million 900 thousand in 2016, accounting for 31% of the

zkyzswx @ 2019/08/23

"Learning power", the Chinese Academy of Sciences learning platform online

In August 20th, the "learning power" learning platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (APP) was launched on line, and became the second national learning platform for the construction and operation of institutions directly under the State Council. The

zkyzswx @ 2019/08/21

The world's "top" hacker conference column

First, the World Hacker conference, Xiao Bai: I feel that our network security is very popular in the public. Dadong: why, have you watched the TV series recently? Xiao Bai: Yes, but actually I would like to say that I have heard recently that the world's

zkyzswx @ 2019/08/10

In addition to "chicken and rabbit cage", "Sun Zi Suo Jing" also introduced this problem.

"Sun Zi Suo Jing" is a very famous book of ancient Chinese mathematics. In addition to the famous "chicken and rabbit cage" problem, there is also a widely circulated classical mathematical problem -- "unknown number". What is the problem of "knowing noth

zkyzswx @ 2019/07/30

The baby is infected because the immune factor is "kidnapped"!

Neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn): transmission from mother protection, with increasing emphasis on breastfeeding today, "maternal antibody" is not an unknown term. These immune factors from mothers are the initial weapon for mothers to give birth babies to fig

zkyzswx @ 2019/07/12