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Do not put these things in the bedroom, otherwise it will be "poor three generations", decoration Feng Shui do not believe it!

1, bedroom bedside should not be a virtual bedside suitable for real, not the virtual, bedside need to be close to the wall, can not rely on the window, if the bed does not depend on the wall, then need to have a bedside board, head can not be suspended,

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/24

Feng Shui old gentleman warned you: do not choose such curtains, bad feng shui affect fortunes!

The advantage of the curtain is to beautify the space and block the sun pass, and it is also a necessary decoration for every family. People usually choose curtains according to their preferences, but do you know? Behind this is Feng Shui's taboo. Now

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/22

This balcony house, send more areas do not buy you, many people do not understand the pit.

This balcony house, send more areas do not buy you, many people do not understand the pit for housing prices, many wage earners are unable to afford, so in the design time, always feel a lack of something. Many times, we spend most of our old parents'

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/10

Instructor warned: bedside cupboard must not be placed so that the geomantic omen will lead to the discord between husband and wife.

Decoration must pay attention to geomantic omen, a bad move, to tie up the family. So in preparation for decoration or renovation, we should learn more about common decoration cases and decoration knowledge, so that the home decoration can make fewer mist

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/05

These 5 kinds of second-hand houses can't be touched. Whoever touches them will be unlucky.

For many people who are economically difficult or working, second-hand housing is a very good choice. After all, the price of second-hand housing will be much lower than that of new houses. But there are some second-hand houses in the market used to be ha

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/04

The experience of two sets of houses is summed up in the experience of blood and tears.

It can be said that no matter who is decorating, there will always be such a pity. We can not escape from it. We have made ten mistakes. It is a lesson of blood and tears, and this is the premise that we have done a lot of homework. We can imagine how muc

zhuho168 @ 2020/04/30

New house decoration fengshui, starting from the installation door! Do not make this Feng Shui taboo.

New house decoration fengshui, starting from the installation door! Do not make this new house decorated with Feng Shui taboo. Geomantic omen is a special ancient culture in China, but they are also given new missions in the new era. In family decoration,

zhuho168 @ 2020/04/26

18 years, sales ladies revealed: when buying a building, you must check these places. Don't cheat any more.

Of course, it is a pleasure to buy a new house. After all, it has solved one of the biggest burdens of life. Now it just wants to enjoy the warmth brought by the house, but don't think that after buying the house, everything will be fine. When we hand

zhuho168 @ 2020/04/18

Do not buy this type of toilet, waste money and effort to decorate and lose geomancy, regret to know late.

Do not buy this kind of toilet, wasting money and struggling to decorate and lose the geomancy. Sorry to know that late buying a house must be a very important time for everyone's life. There are too many things in the house, such as the quality of th

zhuho168 @ 2020/04/04

Remember to do these 5 things before you move to a new home. You can protect your home and thrive.

The most exciting thing to move to a new home is the joy of moving. There are many customs to move in the countryside. However, more choices are made to move a good day. The following 5 rules need to be observed when we move to a new home. 1, choosing a l

zhuho168 @ 2020/03/15

Many of the rich bedrooms do not put their bedside cupboards. No wonder they are getting richer and richer.

Many of the bedrooms of the rich do not put their bedside cupboards. It is no wonder that they are getting richer and richer in Chinese families. People pay great attention to Feng Shui in the house. The quality of family feng shui will not only directly

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/22

Do not buy these 4 kinds of apartments any more. Listen to the old experts, they will know that they have been pits.

Today's housing prices are just like a rocket, the rapid rise, resulting in many people can not afford to buy a house, buying a house is more and more need to be cautious. Once accidentally bought the wrong apartment, then in the next few decades, man

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/21

Decoration ceiling can not be installed like this, in the home feng shui is a big taboo, bad luck.

Decoration ceiling can not be installed like this, in the home feng shui is a big taboo, bad luck is very high along with the modern society housing prices go all the way, buy a house is getting more and more difficult, it is hard to end up buying a set o

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/20

It is necessary to install the threshold stone in these places at home, so that we can know its advantages after occupancy.

At home these positions must be installed on the threshold stone. After occupancy, we know that its advantages are so great. When we do house decoration, we believe that the threshold stone is definitely indispensable, because the doorway inside the house

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/19

Miss, who was dismissed from the sales office, said: "these houses are not to be sent to you.

Miss, who was dismissed from the sales, said: "these houses are not sent to you, so the houses have been smashed in their hands. After graduation from University, they stayed at the local jobs and their husbands were already together on the university

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/18

Balcony just sealed, the property said that I illegally built, they spend money to buy a house! I don't want to tear it down!

The closure of balcony has always been a very difficult problem, especially for high-rise owners. Seal it? It's dangerous to buy a cheap one. It's dangerous. Maybe a gust of wind blew away the clothes. If it is sealed, it is a dilemma. In fact, th

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/17

Does the kitchen choose integrated cooking stove or lampblack machine? If the workers did not secretly remind them, they would almost have bought the wrong ones.

Now the kitchens are all equipped with integrated cooking stove, while the traditional lampblack machine is not so popular, but is the kitchen integrated kitchen stove or traditional lampblack machine good? My home decoration workers secretly reminded me,

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/15

Developers say: this kind of house is better than half bought and half delivered.

When we buy a house, we may pay more attention to the size of the apartment, whether the space layout is reasonable, including kitchen, toilet and so on. But although we are very concerned about it, we often miss a lot of details. Only when the decoration

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/14

If you want to have more and more Feng Shui in your home, don't choose these colors for household curtains.

Feng Shui is something that we can not see and touch. It seems not important, but it is related to the happiness index of every family. With the improvement of living standard, we have become more and more aware of the selection of furniture and ornaments

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/13

Why can't these 4 things be placed under the air conditioner? Fortunately, the master told me that smart people knew that.

Why can't these 4 things be placed under the air conditioner? Luckily, the master told me that smart people could understand that many people didn't know how to install their own air conditioners. In fact, the installation of air conditioning is v

zhuho168 @ 2019/12/12