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Schedule of the third week of 2020 intelligent connected automobile course

The schedule of the third week (8.3-8.9) of "2020 intelligent Internet connected Automobile Quality Course" is coming! As we all know, at the beginning of the development of automatic driving, vehicle enterprises actively layout, the focus of the

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/08/02

Top 23 auto makers in China! Who is the new one? |China Auto News

On July 27, fortune released the list of fortune China's top 500 in 2020. The annual revenue threshold of listed companies this year is close to 17.8 billion yuan, which is nearly 10% higher than that of last year. A new component enterpri

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/29

Han Zhuowei: bright future, winding road, how AI can help the mass production of self driving cars

Like human beings, the human visual intelligence is similar to the human visual intelligence. AI can liberate not only the human body, but also the brain. It's not a panacea solution, but it's not a panacea. July 24, in China Automotive News

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/25

Local government investment craze, blowing up the bubble of new forces of car making | China Auto News

In recent days, a number of "bad luck" forces are coming. Birinshire, birinshire One by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, we are in arrears, in debt, in production. Such news has attracted people's attention. Many people are not familia

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/18

New energy vehicles are coming to the countryside! What's the difference this time? |China Auto News

On July 15, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the notice on carrying out new energy vehicles going to the countryside (hereinafter referred to as th

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/16

IPO may not be successful when the prospectus is submitted? What's the difference between ideal and Weilai two years ago? |China Auto News

In a word, this may be the worst time for Chinese companies to enter US stocks in the past decade, but it may be the best time in the next decade. On July 11, ideal auto officially submitted its prospectus (form F-1) to the US Securities and Exchange Comm

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/12

Production and sales hit a record high in June! Trucks become "sales king"! Car market recovered better than expected in the first half of the year

On July 10, the China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "CAAC") announced the latest economic operation of the automobile industry, bringing good news. In June, automobile production and sales exceeded expectations, with

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/11

Dry goods playback! Eighteenth rounds of public lecture: algorithm and application, intelligent network key points, China Automobile News

The main goal of the intelligent network is to continuously improve the automatic driving function. There are two main paths for its development. One is the Internet innovation force represented by Google. It develops and drives autopilot with open, bold

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/05

Another round of personnel adjustment of the three major automobile enterprises is to form a "national team" or a cooperative development. China Auto News

In June, when the rainy weather suddenly became clear and the weather was unpredictable, the three major automobile enterprises again welcomed a round of high-level personnel adjustment. In June 23rd, CITIC Group announced that Xi Guohua, director, genera

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/06/28

2020, the two sessions of the National People's Congress are in danger, and the new road is changing. 8 experts from the automotive industry explain the work report of the government.

Editor's note: China's auto industry is facing a new situation of unprecedented development. On the one hand, the "new four modernizations" of automobiles are accelerating and opportunities are changing. On the other hand, the downward pre

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/05/25

Two sessions' editorial review, energy storage, new impetus, foresight, new development

This year is very special. It is destined to be a turning point in history. The convening of the two sessions of the whole nation will bring together a powerful force to win the decisive battle. In terms of domestic environment, China's economic slowd

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/05/23

13 car enterprises first quarter earnings report: loss as a common phenomenon, profit growth depends entirely on subsidies? China Auto News

Car sales fell sharply in the first quarter, thanks to the slow sales season of the traditional Spring Festival, especially the new crown pneumonia epidemic. According to the China Automotive Industry Association data, the overall sales volume of the dome

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/05/18

High end interview Leo leveraging supply chain finance, upgrading and upgrading of auto industry.

On the road to the automobile power, the core vehicle enterprises are important, but only when the whole industry chain is synchronized to achieve transformation and upgrading can we better build the foundation for the realization of big manufacturing cou

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/05/07

From "take goods" to "bring popularity"? Three months intensive live broadcast, have car companies' marketing level advanced? China Auto News

It has been three months since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak. Although the spread of virus has been effectively controlled in China, people's outgoing activities are still greatly affected. Under this special period, some new market

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/05/04

Move! Dry up! The car market is warm up in April. China Auto News

In April, second months after the auto industry resumed fully, passenger car companies began to "open up territory". Whether it is the leader of the car company, the live broadcast of the live anchor, the continuous promotion policy, or the new on

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/04/27

Why do we need to "grab" these giant enterprises when the "reverse" price is bought? China Auto News

The impact of the epidemic, the market slide, the decline in profits, coupled with the recent phase of car factories in Europe and the United States cut down production, even the industry's parts giant also felt cold. Recently, Michelin plans to buy 2

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/04/18

In line with the parts business, "independent boundaries", independent brands are planning the whole industry chain.

Editor's note: with the increasingly fierce competition in the automotive industry, the profitability of vehicle enterprises is becoming more and more difficult. Starting with car companies, it is realized that if the components business is protected

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/04/05

The joint venture between BYD and TOYOTA was formally established. What will be the prospects for the cooperation between the two sales giants? China Auto News

Sales of electric vehicles are declining and market risks are increasing. In April 2nd, TOYOTA and BYD formally announced that BYD Electric Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture pure electric vehicle research and development company, was formally establis

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/04/04

Foreign capital has been launched, and the "three power" crisis of independent brands emerges.

"When government subsidies for car purchases fade out, it is the day when foreign investment and joint venture brands enter China in large numbers." The warning issued by Chen Qingtai, chairman of the China electric vehicle hundred person associat

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/04/02

Three birds with one stone? FAW car behind the completion of major asset reorganization...... China Auto News

The FAW car asset restructuring project, which has attracted much attention since June last year, has finally been settled. In March 25th, FAW car issued a notice on major asset replacement, issuance of shares and payment of cash to purchase assets and re

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/03/29