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Huawei shengteng AI full stack software platform for the first time full interpretation! Heavy AI calculation of nuclear warheads

Highlight: Huawei's "soft power" of super AI computing power: all four secret weapons are revealed. Zhidongxi reported on August 10 that at today's Huawei Hai 2020 conference, Huawei released the most abundant AI full stack software platfo

zhidxcom @ 2020/08/10

Tok sued Tik in America the day after tomorrow! Microsoft's "cut off supply to China" is misreading, and the situation of science and technology war is intensifying

Highlights: after the upgrading of Sino US science and technology ban game, different actions and coping strategies will be released in the next week. Zhidongxi reported on August 9 that the Sino US conflict is still fermenting. The US media reported that

zhidxcom @ 2020/08/09

Heavy weight! The national artificial intelligence standard system is coming out, and five departments work together to benefit all AI enterprises

Highlights: the policy has begun to comprehensively promote the development of artificial intelligence. The Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology, Min

zhidxcom @ 2020/08/09

Jio, India's public enemy in China's science and technology circle: self research 5g challenges Huawei, boss wealth surpasses Ma Yun!

What to watch: build base stations, make mobile phones and 5g, and raise 100 billion yuan in three months. What's the origin of this Jiu? At the end of July, India Telecom Company reliance jio announced that it would develop a complete 5g system, whic

zhidxcom @ 2020/08/06

Beidou-3 networking completed! Benefit from GPS

Highlights: Beidou has officially completed its networking, and will no longer rely solely on GPS. The Beidou global navigation system was opened and completed on July 31 in Beijing. General secretary of Beidou also attended the Beidou system construction

zhidxcom @ 2020/08/01

Huawei presents new infrastructure Troika to build the enabling base of Henan Digital Economy

Focus: Henan push digital economy program! Huawei and other science and technology enterprises gather to innovate data infrastructure. According to Zhidong news on July 28, at the "2020 innovation data infrastructure summit" held in Zhengzhou, Hen

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/29

Chip investment feast: 26.7 billion hit 72 semiconductor companies, the youngest established less than half a year

Highlights: Huawei Hubble has emerged as one of the five capital drivers behind the chip investment boom. The recent capital market has been brilliant. IPO in the secondary market continued to be hot, chip stocks rose significantly, SMIC international and

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/28

New infrastructure + 5g, 188 page report on China's hard power

Highlights: China 5g has become an indispensable force in the world communication industry. In the 4G era, mobile Internet is booming. According to the statistics of Ericsson and the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, the monthly ac

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/27

China and the United States compete for supremacy, 3000 commercial satellites are launched into the sky, revealing the truth of Satellite Internet

Highlights: the satellite Internet has been brought into the "new infrastructure", and the second wave of global satellite internet construction has started. Since 2014, China has successively issued relevant guidelines and development plans to gu

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/19

After the rise of smart city! What is the magic key to release the growing force?

Highlights: urban new infrastructure war 2.0! Second tier cities grab the C position, and the urban operating system becomes a growth driver! Zhidongxi reported on July 17 that Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, and Jingdong digital science and Technology Co

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/17

China's capital hunting overseas semiconductors: Twelve classic acquisitions and five defeats

In 1901, Carnegie, Steel Corp, Consolidated Steel Corporation and more than a dozen enterprises merged to establish the United States Steel Corp, the "start-up company" came from the giant, not only produced 2/3 of the United States steel, but als

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/03

Uncover the status quo of the local IC industry! Domestic alternative to the three golden track, the best way to catch up with the Premier League

Attention: domestic power and analog devices are promising, and RF and consumer chips have broad prospects. China's domestic semiconductor market demand accounts for 1/3 of the world, but its supply capacity is obviously insufficient. Under the US tec

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/27

Qualcomm HUAWEI fairy fight, a comprehensive analysis of the baseband chip industry [Download]

Aspect: how will the baseband chip develop in the 5G era? In every mobile communication device, there is a baseband chip, which is a digital chip for transmitting and receiving radio data. Baseband chip is mainly divided into 5 sub modules: CPU processor,

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/14

Ali's 200 billion new infrastructure is such a flower! Recruit 5000 people this year, build millions of servers IDC

Look at it: one article looks at Ali Yun Feng will dry goods! Push the city brain 3, seven big plan six new technology products. Smart things reported on June 9th, and the annual Ali cloud summit. Affected by the epidemic, the summit was held online. Ali

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/09

China 5G commercial 1st Anniversary most complete report card: weekly base station tens of thousands, tariff reduced to tens of dollars!

Point of view: 5G licenses issued 1st anniversary, four major operators have delivered what kind of report card? In June 6, 2019, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued the 5G commercial license to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/07

Over 35 years of Sino US technology pursuit! China FPGA eight King Kong rise

Aspect: FPGA chip technology is catching up with the US! Can these eight become the hope of the whole village? At the end of May, the Nikkei Asia commentary quoted industry sources as saying that HUAWEI has been storing the key chips of the US for 2 years

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/03

Hard core IoT platform breaks the "information island", the IoT blueprint and ambition of graffiti intelligence.

Aspect: how does graffiti intelligence create AIoT standard unified Noah's Ark? When you enter a room covered by Wi-Fi, the switch on the phone is light, and the curtain slowly opens automatically when the lights are on. This series of simple actions

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/02

Japan US chip friction apocalypse, how to break through China's chips? [Download]

Look at: the US Japan trade war in the history, and which American way of Japan has gone through. Recently, the US has increased its blockade on Chinese companies such as HUAWEI, and the trade dispute between China and the United States has entered a new

zhidxcom @ 2020/05/30

Depth: the age of small chips is coming!

Aspect: small chips are red! Six years of growth history, to solve the chip cost soaring problem. 10nm, 7Nm, 5nm... As the chip processing nodes become more and more advanced, R & D production costs continue to rise, and yield decreases. Physical bott

zhidxcom @ 2020/05/26

The three major base areas have been reclaimed. HUAWEI machine vision continues to launch 16 new products, opening up a new battlefield of 100 billion security.

Attention: HUAWEI and security giants are going to fight together! 16 new products have been launched, thousands of rows of AI new infrastructure. Smart things reported on May 25th, HUAWEI machine vision today launched six new HoloSens cameras and ten app

zhidxcom @ 2020/05/26