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Wechat chat, which adults hate most, ranks first

"Social skills for adults" is "social skills for adults". For example, when you are in a hurry to deal with the work, colleagues suddenly smile and ask you "ppt should do" question, immediately with a "you can't Baidu it

yilinzazhi @ 2020/08/04

The fastest way to get rid of a junior high school student is to let him spend his summer vacation like this! Don't want the children's grades to regress, look!

Summer vacation is coming, how to arrange children's summer vacation life determines the children's grades in the new semester, even the results of the high school entrance examination! Parents have gradually realized that the high school entrance

yilinzazhi @ 2020/07/23

The waves are just ten years, just for you! He Yilin 2020 again creates the university entrance examination composition to carry on the miracle!

In 2020, "Yilin style" rearranged the college entrance examination questions: Volume I, Volume II, national Volume III, new national college entrance examination volume, Beijing volume, Tianjin volume, Shanghai volume, Jiangsu roll, Zhejiang volum

yilinzazhi @ 2020/07/07

Zheng Junqu, Liu Yun, is it really a great custom to cure Wen Qing?

Source: I am ID:qingchangaixiaoyang. Liu Yun, AI Xiao Yang, 01, every time he goes to a variety show, he will trigger a discussion on why Zheng Jun will marry Liu Yun. This time, "why did Zheng Jun, who was a veteran rock artillery, marry Liu Yun?"

yilinzazhi @ 2020/06/29

Ouyang and Nana's relationship with Wang Yuan openly came true.

Source: FashionNote (BeautiGGG) author: Fashion elder sister himself 01 recently, Ouyang and Nana exposed the relationship with Wang Yuan in the variety show "refrigerator", so netizens were sour and fans were jealous. In the program, He Jiong cue

yilinzazhi @ 2020/06/21

WeChat takes a new look: I only take the initiative for the people I like.

Source: monadashu77: how difficult is it for Uncle Wang and his favorite people to say "miss you"? In a short film, Dongyu Zhou secretly secretly loves a person; always pays attention to each other's state on the Internet; secretly rehearsals

yilinzazhi @ 2020/06/20

"Congratulations to those who do not go to the party."

Source: ID: DJ00123987 Author: insight Anna Bei Su 01, a young man in the project department complained to me that the company had too many meals and could not afford to eat it. Every time I go there, I get drunk and can't carry it. I don't worry

yilinzazhi @ 2020/06/14

I'm sorry, but I really don't want to go back to WeChat.

Source: Kyle (ID:kylehello) author: Kyle wrote in the end do not know whether you will feel the same way? The meaning of "good night" is no longer "I want to go to bed", but implicitly expresses that today I have closed, I want to have my

yilinzazhi @ 2020/06/12

Zhang Yuqi: wish Chinese girls to realize "ambition freedom" at an early date.

Source: entertainment new youth ID:iiiquan: Chun Li's latest hot search was contracted by Chen Zhuoxuan, a member of the creative camp. Chen Zhuoxuan, who is dissatisfied with his advertising time too short, shouted the sponsor from the air: "am I

yilinzazhi @ 2020/05/31

Girls like to have shelf-life.

Source: Cheng Yi (djchengyi) author: Cheng Yi does not know from what time, there is a date on everything. The saury will expire, the canned meat will expire, even the fresh-keeping paper will expire. I began to wonder if anything else in this world will

yilinzazhi @ 2020/04/19

About sex, this education is not a child, but an adult.

Source: iiidaily: Luo fa cai 01 years ago, three years ago, Lin Yihan, a writer in Taiwan, finished his own life because he could not bear the psychological trauma brought about by his experience of being sexually assaulted by a wolf teacher. She left a c

yilinzazhi @ 2020/04/17

Urgent! If your class is not in the top 6, you must read this article, which is very influential.

Do you complain about the following questions when studying math or English: stay up late: in order to review, brush up at 12 o'clock at night, get up early at 6 o'clock, pick up words at the same time, do not understand the meaning and memory of

yilinzazhi @ 2020/04/09

Yes! The college entrance examination is postponed for 1 months. There are primary and high school students. Please spend 3 minutes to see them.

The Ministry of education has notified the college entrance examination that the college entrance examination is officially postponed for 1 months. The delay of the latest college entrance examination means that there is more time to rush to the college e

yilinzazhi @ 2020/04/01

Adults chat taboo, each sentence is sent a proposition.

What is the experience of this authorized growth from the public slot number (ID:caozhi163)? Rewarding yourself for a hot pot with the first paycheck; for the first time, feeling lonely is also good; no longer willful, and learning to consider the feeling

yilinzazhi @ 2020/03/23

2 million 10 thousand annual salary! The 27 year old doctor was scrambled by HUAWEI, Tencent and Ali. He said: poor children need 5 kinds of strength.

Author: Liu Na source: ID:xsha369 to talk about the 5 forces of poor children. There is a truth in this world: between us and excellence, there is still work and salary in addition to hard work and talent. When a lot of people earn 3000 yuan a month, they

yilinzazhi @ 2019/12/21

Urgent notice: now 569 points below, you must read this article, great influence!

The mid-term exam is over, and many people say they have not done well. In fact, there are the following problems in learning: in mathematics, I pretend to understand: when I listen to a class, I will understand, I will make mistakes when I do a test. I w

yilinzazhi @ 2019/12/07

What are the easiest mistakes women make in love?

This article is reproduced from the blind girl of ID: selfcomcn in WeChat public. The most likely mistake is to deceive oneself "he will get better." Men are the same, the most commonly used is to deceive themselves, "I still have opportunitie

yilinzazhi @ 2019/12/05

This is the most enviable love of friends.

Author: Koi youth source: ID:iiijinli, written in the final: what is the best look of love? When you love someone, you don't need to answer, you can feel the way of love. Many fine things in life can make you feel this love clearly. Fromm tells the es

yilinzazhi @ 2019/12/02

Buds are domestic violence: timely stop loss is the highest standard of self-discipline for adults.

The authorized source: ID:shiyi201633 is a timely stop loss, which is the most advanced self-discipline in adult emotion. 1 many people may not know that Yu bud is the girl of the Papi sauce company who has been popular in Monalisa and Einstein. At 5 o

yilinzazhi @ 2019/11/29

After buying a house, he advised me to find a new boyfriend.

Author: the source of the talk society president: txs163 recently, a breakup statement detonated the hot search. A Qin, a beauty blogger with about ten million fans, used six Zhang Changtu and a number of chat records to expose boyfriend Liu Yang derailed

yilinzazhi @ 2019/11/22