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Yan Qiang: at the darkest moment of the Gunners, we love football, but it doesn't mean that everything can be accepted.

This is the most difficult week to write. I must gather enough courage and determination to start writing. The weird situation happened at this moment. I started writing the opening, four hundred or five hundred words on iPad, and then pressed the wrong o

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/20

Reading products: Champions League, West Germany, Britain and Germany against the European Union Chinese capital theme, the Serie A monkey's image, anti discrimination, Tevez's regret.

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news Champions League: Ying Xi and Ying De against Beijing time on the evening of December 16th, the 2019-20 season Champions League in Switzerland won the knockout ceremony, Manchester City drew Real Madrid, Liverpool to f

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/17

Reading: East Asian Cup, gunners, no winners, Champions League draw.

Yan Qiang took you to read the news of the East Asian Cup two consecutive defeats Beijing time in December 15th, the East Asian Cup second round of the Chinese team and the South Korean team's competition, the Chinese team 0-1 defeat South Korea, meet

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/16

Two old cigarette guns Vol.4 are American bosses. What's the difference between Arsenal and Manchester United?

The two line of the old smoker is on the fourth stage. If Benitez doesn't come, Rodgers won't come. Pochettino won't come. How should management choose the best? Professor Pan Tsai Fu said that the two "wage earners" Sang Lei + Edu wer

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/11

Reading: Sun Xingmin, the best goal winner in the season, the new 38 year old hat is unstoppable.

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news Sun Xingmin, the season best goal, in December 8th, the South Korean star Sun Xingmin in the Premier League Hotspur and the Burnley competition's Dragon Gate breaks the gate to explode the network. Insight: Sun Xin

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/09

Two old cigarette gun Vol.3 emery is gone, but it's not yet bright.

The two line of the old smoker is on the third stage. The two bar old cigarette gun was upgraded to three musketeers today. The famous Premier Liu Chuan, Professor of the Premier League, joined the discussion. Anchors: Yan Qiang, Pan Caifu and Liu Chuan w

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/04

Gunners weekly: Farewell to innocence

People who talk exaggerate are actually ignorant; those who do not speak are always in control of the overall situation. This is an English proverb and a description of a well ordered era. People are divided into three or six equal categories, which are o

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/03

Some people came back, some of them were late. Super face theory

Guests of this season: senior British commentator Zhou Feng sports + chief editor Luo Ming North London continues to attract all the Premier League traffic. Some people have left, but he still received many applause and blessings. In this part of the disc

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/29

Two old guns Vol.2 we need a more caring coach.

The two phase of the second phase of the old cigarette was formally launched. From this stage, we will officially start the week of stability, every Tuesday evening in my micro-blog and Himalaya app, every Wednesday on my public address. Guest of the year

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/28

Zhou Ji, a gunner, is more disabled than ever.

It was a very elegant purple sand teapot. A former colleague presented it with a specially cooked grain, like a silk thread woven with bamboo ware. Unfortunately, the lid of the teapot was broken carelessly at a time. Although glued together, it is diffic

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/13

Super Yan theory, Japan and Korea are everywhere, are you sour?

Guests of the sports field: Jia Tianning, a permanent journalist in the sports media, Wu Yi fan, AFC A-level coach and football commentator, after spending the "honeymoon period" in the five major league matches, Wu Lei is facing more and more cha

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/09

Reading: Chinese children can't kick the ball. Rodrigo

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news, Chinese children can't kick the ball. Kevin - Wei Da Ya, a Spanish football coach who teaches in Guizhou, said in an interview: "Chinese children are not lacking in talent, so they can't play football with

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/07

Week of gunmen: the sorrow of kitsch, the bird that laughs and laughs.

Some people seldom speak, but a look and a move can frighten the audience. Some people are always talking, but he talks too much, but he can't get into many people's ears. Those who do not speak much and have strong will are confident and strong.

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/05

Reading: Cannavaro is on duty again, Kovac is going to class, Gomes is seriously injured, Sun Xingmin is crying.

Yan Qiang took you to read the news and Cannavaro went on duty again. In the evening of November 3rd, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao football club announced that "Mr. Fabio Cannavaro will return to the club from now on and continue to perform the duties

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/04

LPL hero group: eight years trail eight years old

Wen / jiangnun LPL is known as League of Legends Pro League. It is the top professional league of the League of heroes in mainland China. It is also the only channel for mainland China to enter the annual championship and the world finals. The new army of

yanqiangsports @ 2019/11/02

Reading: no good bye, VAR adjustment

Yan Qiang told you not to read the news, good-bye, according to the "football newspaper" live reporter, Carla Shuo shook hands with the media people after he heard the news that night, and whistled the famous singer Alan Tam of Hongkong. Insight:

yanqiangsports @ 2019/10/30

Gunner Zhou Ji: Captain's next move, Wan Fu's reference.

The mood of anxiety and madness spread from the stands to the sidelines, and then eroded onto the scene, and finally emerged on the captain's face. This is an infectious disease. Is the public always right? The public is a mob in many scenarios. The p

yanqiangsports @ 2019/10/29

Gunner weekly: Wenger's coat

Wenger welcomed his 70 year old birthday in October 22, 2019. One day before his former coach's birthday, Arsenal defeated Sheffield in the field. 0 to 1. The game is not over yet. The teasing on Twitter is: "is this Wenger who changed his coat?&#

yanqiangsports @ 2019/10/24

Reading products: Hengda Asian champions, life and death, Champions League goals, rain, Wenger

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news Hengda Asian champion life and death war Beijing time October 23rd 20 when, the Asian champion semi-final second round Hengda home matches against the Pu red diamond, after the match 0-2 loses the match, Hengda this fi

yanqiangsports @ 2019/10/23

Where did the captain of super Yan Ling go?

Guests: the famous football commentator, Su Dong "Beijing Evening News" reporter Li Ge, a famous financial expert and expert Lv Jianzhong, said that the first time we could think of Maldini's loyalty, Kahn's iron blood, Roy Kean's pers

yanqiangsports @ 2019/10/18