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Reading: the anti domesticating crenker family of Exxon Claudius

Yan Qiang took you to read the news international, Ai Kesen, on the morning of August 21st, the Chinese Football Association announced the latest list of men's soccer, and naturalized player Ai Kesen (elkson) was selected. Insight: according to the latest

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/21

Reading: Pogba lost his contract with Sanchez.

Yan Qiang took you to the news, Berg, who missed Manchester United to challenge wolves. In the first half, Marshall broke the door and scored the 50 goal of Manchester United. Yi Bian fought again, Neves scored a long shot and levelled the score. Pogba mi

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/21

Column: what is luck in football?

What is luck on the football field? Is it a refraction goal scored on defenders' feet? Is it a misjudge for offside or foul ball? Is it a red card? Is it a mysterious injury? We can find many special cases which are accidental, unimaginable and difficult

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/10

Reading the Premier League season: new faces, new rules, new winter windows

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news Premier League new season: the new face, the new rule, the new winter window Beijing time on the morning of August 10th, Liverpool's home court meets the promotion horse Norwich, the new season Premier League will star

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/09

Read: Maguire, the most expensive guard in the world.

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news body transformation, the national security ticket is hard to find Beijing time in August 5th, the domestic media disclosed that the work body transformation has already put on the schedule, after the transformation, th

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/07

Reading products: the world preliminaries "do not say anything".

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news world preliminaries, "just do not say" in August 5th, according to the well-known journalist Ma Dexing, the Chinese Football Association has submitted a list of the top 40 preparations for the Asian Football Associatio

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/05

Column: who is doing what he likes?

"There are 4 clubs in the world that can buy whatever players they want at any time." If you say this from Mourinho's mouth, you won't be surprised. But this is what he said. You can't help worrying about the Champions League's new season. Liverpool has a

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/03

Reading products: China Unicom's "unified retail price" Pepe arrived in West Liga to transfer to the Premier League.

Yan Qiang took you to read the news super "unified retail price", "sports field new vision", said that 20 million yuan seems to have become a Chinese domestic player's domestic transfer of a dead stick, was dubbed "unified retail price". Insight: the phen

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/02

Yan Qiang gunner Zhou Ji: look at Pepe on the right side.

Ivory Coast's two wings and two outstanding wingers. One grew up in London and wanted to join Arsenal. Unfortunately Arsenal can't afford it. Another grew up around Paris and was a goalkeeper at the age of 14. Now it is likely to become the most expensive

yanqiangsports @ 2019/08/01

Reading: Wu Lei European Union cup Guoan emergency, Asensio seriously injured

Yan Qiang took you to the news Europa League Europa League Beijing time in July 25th, the Spanish announced the European Union qualifying tournament list, Wu Lei was selected. Insight: the second round of the Europa qualifying round is about to start, and

yanqiangsports @ 2019/07/25

Gunner Zhou Ji: progress and training brought about by growth

Buying, buying, buying, failing, encountering problems, shortages, depression, and bumpy road... Buy whatever you want! If life is so simple, if the world is so ordinary, if you have me, you can't catch up with the heights you reach. When you walk on the

yanqiangsports @ 2019/07/24

Reading: A Senna captain rebel tradition Solskjaer Becker bankruptcy

Yan Qiang took you to read the news captain of the July 11th news, the Arsenal official issued a statement, Koscielny refused to go to the United States to participate in the pre - season competition. On Insight:7 11, when Arsenal went to the United State

yanqiangsports @ 2019/07/12

Gunner weekly: Edu took office

61 upgraded to No. 24, 59 upgraded to No. 28, 49 upgraded to 30... These are the new numbers that Chis Nelson, Jo Wheelock and Eddie Enketiya acquired in the first team after the summer training. With Smith Lloyd 32, the average age of these 4 new numbers

yanqiangsports @ 2019/07/11

Reading: Kicking sudden death

Yan Qiang took you to read news kicking sudden death recently, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily, a student at Huijing experimental school in Guangzhou suddenly fell to the ground in a football match at school and died after rescue. The parents b

yanqiangsports @ 2019/07/10

Column: what to wear? That's what football weekly covers.

There is a grey windbreaker hanging in the club Museum of Standford bridge. The coat that Mourinho wore in the 2004 to 05 season. It was Chelsea's first glory season after half a century, which was the season when Premier League Fans recognized Mourin

yanqiangsports @ 2019/06/23

Reading: Callas's farce, Ou Qing tournament, England exit

Yan Qiang took you to read the news Callas's farce, Beijing time on the morning of June 22nd, due to the training attitude problem, Dalian's foreign aid Callas branch was punished by the club for stopping training, the player himself responded to

yanqiangsports @ 2019/06/22

Reading: Women's football needs to release women's football match against Italy and Manchester United.

Yan Qiang took you to read the news women's football needs to release Jia Xiuquan, who led the Chinese women's football team to qualify for the top 16 of the world cup, and accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency. In the interview,

yanqiangsports @ 2019/06/21

Gunner Zhou Ji: Yong Berri is in attendance.

Yong Berri, 42, replaced Steve Paulde, 56, to become a team assistant coach. He had no news in the news. Bald heads, at least most Arsenal fans, remember who the new Swede is, and remember that he was in the unbeaten season of high gloss. I remember he us

yanqiangsports @ 2019/06/20

Column: Why did superstars go to Spain?

He said this is the realization of a dream. It seems that every player who joins Real Madrid will say so. Zal has been in London for 7 years, and he will surely become a legend of Chelsea. When he was a boy, he was an Arsenal fan. He got the best choice i

yanqiangsports @ 2019/06/18

Reading: bog asked Xu Genbao to visit the Fuli predicament.

Yan Qiang took you to read the news, Pogba asked for it. According to the guardian, Pogba interviewed in Tokyo on Sunday. He said that it is the right time for him to find new challenges. Insight: when he took part in business activities in China and Japa

yanqiangsports @ 2019/06/17