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Score! Right answer! In July 2020, the real questions and answers of CET-4 and CET-6 will be put on line with heavy weight!!

4、 CET-6 is over. CET-4 and CET-6 will end in July 2020. It's hard for us to wait for a long time! After the test on the answer to this matter, small in case sure the first time online, reluctant to let you wait! Level 4 and 6 real question & answ

xyCET46 @ 2020/07/11

Did you start reviewing in July, and could you attack the shore? This set of 21 postgraduate research points free resources sent to help you fight a war!

Speaking of the most questions asked by the postgraduate entrance examination, "is X still available?" is definitely the first place. Seeing that June will end, July will begin to review. Is there any chance to attack the shore? Of course, but you

xyCET46 @ 2020/06/28

Do you know how to learn English well? Is there any need to memorize words?

Recently, there is a topic that knows fire: is there any need to memorize words in learning English well? The most popular answer turned out to be the word Tracey, a natural pedagogy advocate, that words are crucial to understanding and output. With enoug

xyCET46 @ 2020/06/13

The 46 examination is postponed and the postgraduate entrance examination is arranged. There are only 500 copies of the postgraduate entrance examination.

The delay of the 46 level examination is uncertain. Many small partners will slowly stop learning English. Xiaowan sincerely reminds that the 46 grade candidates who have the postgraduate entrance examination can start preparing for the postgraduate entra

xyCET46 @ 2020/05/28

School big welfare! CPA [paper assistant] customs clearance strategy + extreme questions, free to send!

The last activity was sent to the 100 set of paper assistant immediately. But during the last weekend, Xiaowan received many students' inquiries. When did the next book delivery activity begin? Do you have any activities to send books? Can Xiaowan add

xyCET46 @ 2020/05/16

Speed up! May edition [21 postgraduate course resources] the first 500 free collar! Attached to the postgraduate entrance examination.

21 little friends of the entrance exams for postgraduate schools! How did your review go in May? Xiao Wan sends welfare to everyone!!! Today, "ten thousand questions library" combined with "orange education" has brought you the May edition

xyCET46 @ 2020/05/04

46 levels have not passed. Can I still graduate students?

Recently, everyone has received the notice of starting school. Many sophomores and juniors have begun to plan for postgraduate entrance exams. And many students are asking in the background about Xiaowan's question about postgraduate entrance examinat

xyCET46 @ 2020/04/22

After the outbreak, the most prospective professional TOP5, do you have a look at your major?

Not long ago, your professional could be able to catch up with micro-blog's fever. In addition to the huge role played by front-line health care workers in the battle against epidemics, many professional friends are making use of their expertise and s

xyCET46 @ 2020/04/13

Can graduates sign up for the first half of the 46 level examination? Official reply!

Recently, we should be most concerned about when the 46 level can be enlisted. In particular, graduates who are graduating this year are responding to the official response that graduates can sign up for the first half of the 46 level examination, but the

xyCET46 @ 2020/04/09

Come and score! Answer! 19, December, four, six level real questions and answers on the latest online!

Four, the six level examination has ended, everybody is laborious! After the exam, you want to see the answer! Ten thousand storehouse for everyone to prepare the real question and answer analysis, live analysis commented, for everyone to answer, referenc

xyCET46 @ 2019/12/16

Come and score! Answer! In December of 19, four questions and answers are up to date.

The four level examination is over. Everyone is working hard! After the exam, you want to see the answer! Ten thousand storehouse for everyone to prepare the real question and answer analysis, live analysis commented, for everyone to answer, reference and

xyCET46 @ 2019/12/14

Four grade 425 points all rely on Mongolia? How did he do that?

~ and the last 7 days will take the 46 exam. How about Yu Xi? Is reading wrong? Can't write? Translation is all right? So I came to rescue you again. Yes, today's update is the most powerful version of PS.. This strategy is purely metaphysics. I&#

xyCET46 @ 2019/12/09

Printing time for College English 46 level admission ticket

College English Test Band 46 time four level written examination time: December 14th morning six levels of written examination time: December 14th p.m., printing time, College English 46 level written examination admission ticket printing time: please poi

xyCET46 @ 2019/12/04

46 level ticket printing

This weekend, you will be required to take the College English 46 level oral test. You should remember to print the ticket accurately and take the exam on time. First, the exam time, College English four level oral test (CET-SET4) examination time is Nove

xyCET46 @ 2019/11/23

In June 2019, the average of the 46 level examination was divided out. Did you drag your feet behind?

So what is the average national college student achievement this year? What is the passing rate of universities? Does the overall grade rate increase? For these questions, we analyze the data of the whole network and get the following conclusions. Let's t

xyCET46 @ 2019/09/10

Why are my grades lower than predicted? The 46 level calculation method is very revealing.

Click learning "class four / six English free quality course. Yesterday's 46 grade results were small, and the comment area was very lively. The first group to take the comment area was a group of lucky ones, followed by a diligent young brother who final

xyCET46 @ 2019/08/22

Africans teach English too magic! The English teacher was so good at that time, ha ha ha!

Hello, everyone. I am a small and clear little girl who has been conquered by an African English teaching video on the Internet these four days. "Six," After reading, I just want to say that learning English for more than ten years is also worth t

xyCET46 @ 2019/06/06

How do you learn English words? Teach you three tactics!

Click learning "four class / six level English free quality course, memorizing words should not be allowed to hold a vocabulary book, from A back to Z, a memory effect is not good, and many students will give up halfway. Here are three ways to finish

xyCET46 @ 2019/05/24

Magistrate: primary accountant list has a test center

With exams approaching, many students began to anxiety, time is tight, difficult to mention, material thickness, knowledge wife too much...... The last 2 days, if there is a primary accounting test list, it would be perfect at the beginning of "~2019

xyCET46 @ 2019/05/09

The countdown for two months, they said: this must have......

The distance of CET and 2 months, although shortly before the students just finished the examination of the application, but estimated that most people have forgotten this exam... As everyone knows, about 46... The difficulty of the examination, has alway

xyCET46 @ 2019/04/11