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What do you want to say to yourself in the year of college entrance examination?

The college entrance examination in 2020 is over! I don't know why, although the middle school era has long passed, but one to the two days of the college entrance examination, I also become nervous, others will have a feeling of vacation after the co

xiaomajia999 @ 2020/07/11

Have you been traveling for a long time?

It's weekend again. How's it going? I remember when I asked micro-blog in late February this year, did you plan to wait for the epidemic to end and make friends to travel? The review found that many friends have chosen places early, some want to g

xiaomajia999 @ 2020/06/13

How much do you play in games?

When it comes to playing games, I actually have some say. Last year when I was playing a game, I invited a teacher. Maybe you would be wondering why we should invite teachers to play games. Do you want to improve your game skills and become a professional

xiaomajia999 @ 2020/05/23

I finally found the best way to improve family status.

At the time of spring and summer, the family sometimes gets into small flying insects. So the Dragon Boat Festival is always watching the worms jump up and down, and I'm afraid that it is hurt. I have caught it and let it catch up. This house is angry

xiaomajia999 @ 2020/04/17

Click to check: today's little lucky and little surprise.

In recent days, every day in Shenzhen is overcast with rain. There is no sunshine. There is still a hint of autumn coolness. Looking at the calendar, it is clear that it was clear and clear. On rainy days, the fat girl who could not go out was worried too

xiaomajia999 @ 2020/04/05

A little secret in the palm of your cat to catch the cure today!

Hopefully, there will be only two days left. I think you should have been suffering from the preganglionic syndrome: you don't want to go to work, you don't want to work, you want to say "after the holidays", and just want to celebrate the

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/09/29

Hit precautionary needle two small children of poor appetite......

It estimates were also at this time, it will be loss of appetite...... More exciting content... Our love to eat fruit, really with me...... this is the diary of a small dragon girl a sensible daughter...... We see the world's most dangerous game......

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/04/04

Our love to eat fruit, really with me......

After testing, watermelon is the most love in this life our fruit, with my more exciting content... This is the diary of a small dragon girl a sensible daughter...... We see the world's most dangerous game...... The Dragon Boat Festival love face, see

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/03/28

Lemon, you sour?

Imperceptibly in 2019 more than a month has passed, today ushered in such a holiday, lemon, is also in February 14th, as everyone knows, this is a festival of love and romance, lovers in this day to send gifts to express love, and then about a dinner, sen

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/02/14

The girl is too good, both of our training results

The girl is too good, our training results, end fat can not be saved, what work when people eat snacks it ran faster than anyone else...... More exciting content... This is the diary of a small girl dragon boat a master of real life... No one back home...

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/02/01

My friend, your domestic cat?

My friend, your domestic cat? Is not thought is that it will raise a cat: on the sofa watching TV, the cat curled up to sleep in his leg, rubbing the cat belly, it emits slight grunts, years of quiet good...... Or is this: open eyes, the cat jumped on the

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/01/18

How to say, in order for me......

I believe everyone watching this video, I have some understanding of the status at home, how to say, in order to me for more exciting content... The girl of small game diary is the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival on the outside at the door

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/12/12

Little diary of Niu Niu's Dragon Boat Festival

Give you a confident smile after a shower and a smooth duck for a day! Tidy up the old album, turn to the first acquaintance... Can we still get to you now? On Friday afternoon you myself... Tonight, it's the happiest night in so many days. I met Xiao

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/12/06

On the game, the Dragon Boat Festival on the outside at the door......

On the game, the Dragon Boat Festival outside scratching the door, it is every day to check a few times, no specific thing, it is not allowed to have any home a room for it to go into more exciting content... How to make small diary of girl dragon boat an

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/11/22

How to make an angry cat as your hand warmer......

[Lu cat tutorial]: how to make an angry cat as your hand warmer and more exciting content... Fat girl, the best girl in a small alarm clock...... Dragon Boat Dragon Boat diary and small carton, love very reluctantly... A strong wind in the past, the whole

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/11/05

To give you a shovel shit officer with a family status upgrade guide......

We want to complain with complaints, so, recently it both feel increasingly less stick with me, to my attention than before. How do you say, before bed call a girl, not his fat face to three seconds in front of me; now, call for a long time to shake ass c

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/11/01

You believe that you can meet love?

We find that our this generation doesn't seem to be on a generation of people that believe in love, when all kinds of social software increasingly developed, traffic is also more convenient, but we seem to be more difficult to meet love. We do not kno

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/10/19

The Mid Autumn Festival, but they are homeless......

The Mid Autumn Festival, where is everybody? Not with your family? Mid Autumn Festival this year was old, girl I and my parents together with the Dragon Boat Festival, they also took advantage of the holidays, right and proper plus meals. Also eat a lot o

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/09/25

You love someone the most obvious manifestation is what?

Before chatting with a friend to a topic, she said that in recent years, with the first reaction, a person is inferior, in the feelings often feel Nothing is right., until adulthood slowly better, learn to get along together to keep calm and comfortable t

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/09/01

The Dragon Boat Curve Wrecker turned end, the family finally reliable point...

The Dragon Boat Festival recently at all like a graceful small for me Restroom her squatting yogurt also licking the ground while drink out here, I know this is it for the old father sincere love, I want to save, do a sweet and sticky little cat, but this

xiaomajia999 @ 2018/08/27