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Joke: a cigarette from the doorway was pointed out by a couple who were quarrelling.

Joke NO.1 just took a cigarette at the door of the Internet bar, and saw a couple quarrelling. I looked at it nearby. Suddenly the woman pointed to me and said, "if you want to have him 1/10 handsome, I can't quarrel with you." the man said, &

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/17

Joke: three robbers are more famous than others.

Joke NO.1 three robbers are more famous than anyone. Robber A: "I have robbed a merchant ship with silver and girls on it. I am a famous pirate." Robber B: "I have robbed an official ship with treasures and princesses on it, but I am a pirate

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/11

Jokes: This is just summer, and there's a guy who wants to...

Jokes NO.1 just got to the summer. There was a guy who wanted to give me a red envelope when I didn't pay attention. I slapped it on the slap. Dead mosquitoes! NO.2 a boy was beaten by his father. He cried to his mother and said, "mama, what will

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/10

Joke: Cock silk can buy a drug to make people misunderstand...

Joke NO.1 fell two days ago, has been wearing long sleeves, arm this lump does not disappear, just went to the drugstore to do some medicine, do not know how to describe, go in, I am ready to start to undress, let the drugstore sister paper to help see wh

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/04/29

Jokes: sending cards to send information to my wife, I seem to know something...

Jokes NO.1 went away for a long time and bought a new mobile phone card. If you want to amuse the two wife, send a message to her. Me: Hi, beauty. Are you free at night? Wife: what are you? Me: I am yours. Wife: I have a husband now, do not do! Hei hei, I

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/04/28

Joke: when the thief saw his wallet, he cried.

Joke NO.1 took a thief beside the bus and followed it all the way, trying to touch the phone. But I kept playing and wanted to touch my bag. I saw it, and there was no way anyone could get stolen. He was afraid that he would retaliate and scrape me two ti

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/04/21

Funny picture: what's the difference between the previous sketch and the present sketch?

What is the difference between the previous sketch and the present sketch? "It's a bit contradictory. Where should I go? "Master, you should be happy when you cut it". "

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/04/19

Joke: I had an awkward experience in shopping in the first two days...

Joke NO.1 went shopping two days ago, bought a pair of underwear, bought it and then went to a haircut. After finishing, he went straight home. At this time, the boss of the barber shop followed up and shouted at the back, "handsome boy, your underwea

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/04/17

Joke: everyone else is proficient in piano, chess, painting and calligraphy.

Joke NO.1 others are all proficient in chess, chess, calligraphy and painting. I am terrible. I fry and fry everything. NO.2 just bought a cake and went to eat and eat. Half of them came to ask me where I bought the cake. It looked delicious. I ruthlessly

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/23

Joke: the boss will put a sailing model on his desk. What does it mean?

Jokes NO.1 many big bosses will have a sailing model on their desks, which means that everything is going smoothly. How can I feel that it is against the wind to shore. NO.2 woman's wife came home and shouted at her meeting: "husband, a thief on t

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/22

Joke: there is economic pressure outside the house, there is mental pressure in the house.

Jokes NO.1 live outside with financial pressure and mental stress at home. NO.2 "how to describe the bus congestion in one sentence". "Originally wanted to fart, just hiccup". NO.3 husband will go to a party with his friends. The wife said

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/21

Jokes: why can't I always get lucky?

Joke NO.1, "why can't I always get lucky?" "Because good luck is not as bad as you are." NO.2 there is a dove on my roof, flying every day, and on the balcony are all dove shit. I couldn't bear it. I ran to the top floor last night

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/20

Joke: I practiced piano all night, and finally learned...

Jokes NO.1 practiced piano all night, and finally learned little star. Feel a little more effort, work hard, and keep yourself in your room for hours every day. I believe that it will soon become deaf like Beethoven. NO.2 some fat wife looks at a piece of

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/19

Joke: this hot summer is doomed to...

Joke NO.1 this hot summer I am doomed to be unable to leave the air conditioning and the watermelon, I repair the air conditioning during the day, sells the watermelon in the evening. NO.2 interviewed a newly graduated college student today. I asked him h

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/18

Joke: Mandarin is not accurate, it is misunderstood.

Joke NO.1 scholar is burning the midnight oil, a beautiful woman knocks on the door, the student is very surprised, the beautiful woman says with affection: "you have saved me in your last life, you are a good person, I am to give you welfare." &#

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/17

Joke: a small question. How much is 108+125? And asked three women to answer all of them.

Joke NO.1 a small question. How much is 108+125? Asked three women, they answered 133. You can go back and try... NO.2 when the girl of my kindergarten teacher collapsed, he said to me, "the twins in the class are long and interesting. They are called

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/16

Joke: the man said to the woman, "do you know what my dream is?"

Joke NO.1 man: "some people's dream is to become a painter. Some people dream of becoming a writer. Do you know what my dream is?" Woman: "what is it?" Man: "get married with you." NO.2 just picked up a cell phone on the road,

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/14

Joke: it's only hot to meet such a landlord.

Joke NO.1 today the landlord came and entered my room: "it's really hot. How can you sleep? " I thought the landlord was going to help me install the air conditioner. He said, "the hot room is small, and the window is hot." The landlor

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/13

Jokes: I have a date in the afternoon, I'm late for nap, and I'm anxious to go out.

Jokes NO.1 had a date in the afternoon and took a nap at noon. As a result, I woke up late, turned out of bed, combed my hair and rushed out of the house. I was walking in confusion. The little girl downstairs shouted behind me, "Mom, sister is like a

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/12

Joke: your nephew will pick up his younger sister when he is young.

Joke NO.1 yesterday, a beautiful little girl threw her nephew's Frisbee into the seam and couldn't get it out. The little girl apologized and compensated. Nephew: I don't need to apologize or compensate. The little girl was in a hurry: what sh

xiaohua8864 @ 2019/12/11