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Using lotus root as dessert, the entrance is sweet. It's really warm.

Lotus root starch is a gluten free powder. It is made from dried lotus roots and used as thickener in Chinese food and Japanese cuisine. In addition, it is also a traditional nourishing food with long reputation. Lotus root powder has a high nutritional v

xfhongbei @ 2019/10/15

6 kinds of toast, fancy eating, quick hand and simple breakfast.

There are many kinds of toast that you can't eat. You can make simple versions of pizza, toast and so on, but the most popular way to make it is to make yogurt pudding toast. So once you follow suit, you find that this method is not only simple and qu

xfhongbei @ 2019/10/09

Chinese traditional pastry peach blossom crisp, crisp, delicious, high face value, clear layers, one drop.

Traditional pastry peach blossom crisp, a classic romantic Chinese dim sum, the skin is crisp and sweet, the filling is fine and soft, and it is very popular at all levels. The Chinese traditional pastry is crisp and tasty. The key is the highest value of

xfhongbei @ 2019/10/04

Potatoes turn into small snacks, sweet to no friends, tasty and fun.

Potatoes are a common food. The most common way to eat is to stir fry them, especially to make a meal. Today, 6 small snacks made of potatoes are introduced. They taste very fragrant. After they are done, they are absolutely the favorite of children, deli

xfhongbei @ 2019/10/03

Eleven idle at home, lazy people must have five baked rice, one mouthful down the wire.

Baked rice, as the name suggests, is a kind of food covered with strong cheese, which is the perfect combination of cheese and rice. Add seafood in it and enhance the overall taste to a taste, so that the taste buds are full of taste and mouth satisfactio

xfhongbei @ 2019/09/26

6 small snacks made of sweet potatoes, one bite, sweet and delicious, worth a try.

It's the season for sweet potatoes to go on sale. Every day, you can smell the aroma of baked sweet potatoes on your way to work. It's tempting. Besides baking, sweet potatoes can also have many kinds of ways to eat. Today, we recommend 6 kinds of

xfhongbei @ 2019/09/25

The 6 pastry snacks are full of color, aroma and taste.

All kinds of pastry snacks are easily tempted by the crispy taste of a bite that falls on the ground. When the weather is cool, the crisp success rate is high. The little partners who made pastry snacks know that in the past, when we made pastry pastry, w

xfhongbei @ 2019/09/11

Mid Autumn Festival, fruit dessert, fresh and refreshing greasy.

At this time, Xiaobian is very upset. How can he not control his mouth? However, it's okay to send you five fruits and desserts to eat up the big fish and meat to get rid of it. The Pearl made by yourself is very Q, the material is visible, the food is ve

xfhongbei @ 2019/09/10

6 peach mountain moon cakes, teach you the most detailed way, low oil, less sugar, more healthy.

Now it's time to make mooncakes. Today, I introduce a way to make the moon cake, which is very attractive. The moon cake made by Peach Hill skin is soft and delicious. The taste is sweet. Compared with traditional moon cakes, it is also less oil and less

xfhongbei @ 2019/09/02

I teach you to make egg yolk crisp, with a sense of smell and a super detailed formula.

Traditional Chinese crispy egg yolk crisp, yolk fragrant oil, red bean sand is sweet and dense, and the pastry is dregs on the chew, the taste is overflowing, the super detailed matching method, the hand teaches you to do, can not refuse the delicious. Te

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/18

The most authentic Suzhou style moon cake is rich in stuffing and full of crisp flavor.

Speaking of moon cakes, they are really dazzling and colorful, but the traditional Suzhou style moon cakes have always had a very high popularity. They like their skins very much. They are crispy and refreshing and can properly neutralize the sweetness or

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/13

6 flavors, 6 styles. Afternoon tea is the first choice. This dessert is delicious.

Scone is a particularly easy to make dessert, with various shapes, sweet taste and salty taste to satisfy different needs. It is especially popular for breakfast and afternoon tea. 6 different styles of Si Kang's practice, the inside crisp is soft and del

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/11

Made of 5 kinds of mulberry desserts, cool, refreshing and refreshing, giving you the illusion of purple.

Mulberry is a rare purple fruit. Its natural antioxidant content is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can make women postpone senility. Every woman loves beauty. She hopes to become an old goddess. Don't miss C. Fresh mulberry boil fruit sauce, then make froze

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/10

Simple version of crisp pie method, do not need to save more time with noodles, 5 minutes easy to do!

When it comes to crispy skin, many people find it difficult to make crispy and crispy dough. Today, we teach you a simple and delicious crispy crisp pie that is simple and tasty. Here is the skin of the egg tart as a crispy skin. Now, as long as pineapple

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/04

The 5 snack foods that are essential for summer drama are delicious and delicious.

Vacation is to eat, eat, play, today introduced 5 popular small snacks, do it at home, eat more assured, one day a day, not heavy, not too heavy, even if it is a small gathering with friends, to entertain friends are also very face! Potato chips are a mag

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/03

A few fermentation methods for grilled bread are too practical!

The key to making bread is flour fermentation. Different methods of fermentation make bread feel different. Let's introduce some common bread fermentation methods: direct yeast method, soup type method, medium seed method, natural yeast method, etc. The f

xfhongbei @ 2019/08/02

Yam cake is so simple and delicate as jade that it is hard to lose.

In summer, ice cream, air conditioning and watermelon are indispensable. There are actually more refreshments than these. Not only is nutrition healthy but also cool and refreshing, and the taste is also a class bar. Let's try it now. Today's honey bean y

xfhongbei @ 2019/07/29

Honey crunchy bottom bread, zero difficulty, fragrance floats the whole street.

For some time, all the streets and alleys were selling this honey brittle bottom bread, with a fragrant and crisp bottom, and a small bread containing honey. Every time I bought a bag, I went home to eat it for a while. Today I teach you how to taste the

xfhongbei @ 2019/07/28

Unlock the new function of rice cooker, 5 fancy cuisine, simple and convenient, delicious, too practical!

The rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that is owned by all families. The most commonly used kitchen appliance is to steamed rice, but its function is not only that simple. Unlock 5 kinds of rice cooker food, simple and delicious, learned to use oven is c

xfhongbei @ 2019/07/10

6 old bread, the taste is too loose and soft, the more chewing, the more fragrant.

Old bread is really tasty, full of milk, high gluten, good elasticity, tough and chewy. Friends who like chewing can try this kind of bread. The taste of bread is very good. When you break it, you can see the rich sense of layers, and the more chewing, th

xfhongbei @ 2019/06/23