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Comment on RMB exchange rate "breaking seven" and China's foreign exchange management thought

Source: the main points of national rejuvenation network: This article points out that the RMB exchange rate breaking seven is caused by the intervention of the central bank, which means that the United States levies tariffs free from China, which is not

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Li Guangman: restarting the nuclear arms race, is mad Trump going to burn himself or destroy the world?

Source: Kunlun strategic network, transferred from "Li Guangman freezing point review" in August 2nd, the US State Council issued a statement that it formally withdrew from the "guided treaty". Secretary of state Pompeio announced the news: "Russia is the

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Mao Zedong's Pro Military History: an oriental epic expressing the great revolutionary war.

Source: the book of Kunlun Liberation Army and the liberation army newspaper enjoyed such a high reputation in the history of our army. Chairman Mao Zedong wrote the title of the book and marshal Zhu De wrote the preamble for it. Which book bears such a g

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Talking about the great breakthrough of China's diplomacy

Source: current affairs first beacon original title: China's diplomacy has made a major breakthrough. When foreign minister Wang Yi did not speak well at the press conference, I would like to tell him that Wang Yi had interpreted the great power diplomacy

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American shyly announced: HUAWEI has won!

The original title today focuses on: American shyly announced: HUAWEI won! HUAWEI, like you look like this! Source: Feng master's home HUAWEI, really too cattle! The world's most successful American has made an advertisement for HUAWEI in the world. The a

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Analysis of China's economic situation in the next ten years

Source: global point of view starts from last year's trade war. The great power competition has been keen to see out the great pattern and the profound language. The most classic is the next ten years' analysis of China's economic situation. Repeated read

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/23

Is the time to liberate Taiwan?

Source: one of the biggest events in the whole network. There is no so-called "mature opportunity" in Taiwan. There is a consensus among many people about the possibility of peaceful reunification. But in terms of timing, the controversy is enormo

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/18

Once again, the US Fighter flew to Nansha, but it was all out of control.

Original title: the US fighter plane flew to Nansha again, but it was all out of control. The United States finally admitted one thing: army horse commented that the US CNBC website reported that there were mysterious attacks on several US roaring fighter

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/17

HUAWEI inspiration: every wall is a door!

Source: Kunlun policy network turned blue blood research ban lung said: "to get rid of a HUAWEI is more effective than signing 10 trade agreements." The extreme pressure of the United States has made HUAWEI's future ambiguous, and it has cast a shadow ove

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/15

With Trump's Cliff tactics, he pushed Trump to the edge of the cliff.

Source: Kunlun strategic network, from the "dynamic big reference" Trump came to power, the U.S. government has been taking strong external pressure strategy, known as the "extreme pressure" of the cliff tactics. This kind of "extreme

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/13

How to break through the "China core" behind the ZTE and HUAWEI events?

Source: People's Daily overseas network chip art map, Baidu Ni Guangnan's close shadow Baidu, "lack of core and less soul" is a major problem in the development of China's information industry. ZTE and HUAWEI have suffered from the 

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/13

Global Times editorial: what exactly is China and the United States playing? This is a major issue.

Source: Global Times read: the Sino US trade war is in deep stalemate, the strategic mutual suspicion between the two sides is further strengthened, and the political power to break the deadlock is seriously lacking. The HUAWEI incident has greatly streng

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This is a good combination battle. I hope to continue to fight and fight to the end.

Source: the combination battle of China's counterattack against the US trade war is not only a blow to the US government, but also to the Chinese liberals who surrendered to the US and even the government officials. Since Trump launched a trade war with C

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/11

Yin Guoming: a major signal, Xinhua News Agency issued a serious warning to the "capitulation" theory.

Source: Kunlun CE net (transferred from "Ming Ming Jian") has been banned from high-tech enterprises such as HUAWEI from state power by the United States. Since we declared war on science and technology in China, we are very glad to see that China

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/10

Zhang Zhikun: what kind of "Romance" is being carried out in China, Russia and the United States?

Source: from the global strategic pattern, the red and song association network is prominent and decisive in the world today. The three big powers seem to constitute a new strategic triangle. Therefore, there are Chinese people who say that a new "Rom

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/06

History tells us: Crazy beauty is not so terrible.

Source: Trump has been in the United States for more than two years since he became president. Today, we will punish this country and suppress the country tomorrow. We will rub up with the country today, and we will have a dispute with that country tomorr

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/06/05

United Nations "four regular" tacit action, three measures to pressure the White House!

Source: Xiao Jian observe the original title: the anti American wave is coming! The United Nations 4 often acts tacitfully to take action. The 3 trick is to put pressure on the White House. The 4 nations of the United Nations, second, the economic powers,

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/05/27

The Chinese warship escorted the Iran tanker all the way, and the US aircraft carrier avoided.

Original title: Iran's exports of oil to China's warships throughout the escort, the United States aircraft carriers have been avoiding, Russia: to the world as an example source: inter military analysis, according to Russian Tass news, this week,

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We should be vigilant against the fear of the United States and objectively examine the merits and faults of the United States.

Source: Guangming Daily adopted unilateralism in the United States, and went back on its own to provoke a trade war against China. China did not want to fight or fight, but had to fight back in self-defence. In this period of wits and wits, the national s

wsqszdxzdx @ 2019/05/25

Why did Trump leave?

Source: Liberation Daily review: in the United States launched a third wave of sanctions against Iran, it is worth noting that, although the Trump administration to terminate both exemption, but also give 5 sanctions exemption to allow the renewal of 90 d

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