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Open the monitor to see this picture can not help laughing, return home to know that there is a secret behind.

This day, Miss Wang went out to eat, opened the monitor, wanted to see the dog at home, and found that the empty tea table was covered by a yellow figure. It turned out that the dog at home was sleeping on the table. The whole family could not help laughi

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/22

The owner scare himself in the middle of the night. Net friend: do not lose heart on weekdays, do not fear the dog knocking at midnight!

Seeing this scene in the middle of the night, I really feel chilly. There was a sleepless sleepless night. When the urine came out, he walked out of the door. He did not expect to come out of the toilet, but he saw a sad face on the screen door of the bal

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/21

When I was lying on the counter, I swore at the veterinarian, but I didn't expect this injection to cooperate.

Do you remember this Caucasus dog "garlic"? Caucasus, a Caucasian dog who lives in Yilan, puffed on the counter and scolded the vet last year because of the poor mood of the injection. On the other day, the garlic came to the animal hospital for a

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/20

After seeing the stalls selling the roast suckling pig on the road, the greedy dogs forced their owners to do so. Their eyes were bright.

Wood dog is a very popular dog. Every shoveling officer can not resist the healing smile of a wood dog. Many netizens will kindly call the wood dog "Chai Chai". Some netizens say that they can only feel very happy when they look at the wood dog in

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/20

The hostess was ready to go abroad, and the dog seemed to know something. The next move was bright.

Keeping dogs is a happy and tangled thing. Happiness is that dogs can bring warmth to their owners and bring infinite joy. Even dogs can help people adjust their psychological pressure. Dogs, like people, like to have company with others. That's why w

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/18

The dog was not happy when he put on his new clothes. The next second scared his master to call it horrible.

When children grow up, they will have their own ideas about dressing. Parents may wish to go all the way to find their own clothes. A pet owner bought a new Bunny dress for the dog's fur on that day. I never thought that when the dog was dressed, he f

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/17

It is no wonder that such a greedy dog has such a round figure.

For dogs, apart from eating and sleeping every day, there seems to be nothing worth pursuing, but only to please the host, but what is it to please the master? Of course, to eat better! The owner raised a very greedy sausage dog "pig". Wang's

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/16

Confirmed eyes, is a very pure variety of two ha!

Speaking of husky, this is not smart, but many dogs are also controversial. In fact, the most dangerous way to get rid of a human being is probably its "commit two" behavior. Of course, netizens also say that making two behavior is related to inte

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/15

I seriously doubt that I am not like me, but to make use of me.

Do you know how lazy people walk dogs? If the dog can also type a circle of friends on the Internet, maybe he will tout the excrement Officer: I seriously doubt that the shit officials raised me to make use of me! Hum, the shit officials don't need to

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/14

The debt that is left behind will be returned sooner or later, and not the master but also the slave.

Meow stars love to pick up a lot of booty on the way, sometimes even small animals. However, this little animal seems to be coming! A netizen said that his cat had recovered from the outside a small milk mew like a cat. It seems that the debt of love that

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/13

Netizens spent a lot of money to buy an independent cat house for stray cats, but the contrast result made him laugh and cry on the spot.

The weather is getting colder and colder. If it weren't for being upright, I would probably have frozen to death for several times. But in such a cold day, there are still a group of wandering elf, helpless, do not know how to warm, that is the stray

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/12

The sled dog stood before the plastic wrap wall for help. Then Samoye's behavior made him look foolish.

Women will not be allowed to be a hero. In the age of women's power, mother Wang can also be a hero. PO faces a group of photos in the face of "sled dog". Just now, the sled dog "Michael" hesitated for more than a minute before standin

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/10

Two Kazakhstan did not let the owner go out and lay down at the bottom of the car. Finally, he used this trick to let it out.

In order not to let family members leave their side, they often come up with all kinds of methods. There was a husky Coco in Malaysia. This morning, when he found out that his family was going to work, he ran to the bottom of his car and showed a concept

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/09

The dog has two times auscultation, no lung sounds, emergency X light, how to speak the doctor's words to make her speechless!

A netizen recently posted his experience of taking a dog to see a doctor on the Internet. Because the family poodle "Pucky" had diarrhea for 3 days, the owner immediately took him to see the doctor. When the veterinary physician picked up the stet

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/08

Two ha climbed to the 5 floor immediately collapsed to the ground, his eyes lit up! Netizen: two, he is really not disappointed.

Raising a husky is not only a test of the endurance of the host, but also a test of the master's economic ability, because their irreverent behavior often causes the owner to hurt his mind. A foreign female home owner raised a husky family and gave it

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/07

Gao Yixiang loved dogs very much before his life. He was so fond of the pictures that he burst into tears.

In November 27th, a blogger broke the news. Gao Yixiang suddenly fainted to send medical first aid while recording "catch up with me" variety show. The blogger also got out the picture of the ambulance and said Gao Yixiang had been sent to the hos

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/06

The Knights found wild dogs eating their mouths, and they felt wrong.

A netizen usually liked to ride a bike to play. Recently, when he and his friends rode through the mountain road, they found a wild dog with an animal not like a puppy in his mouth. When he saw that he was not right, he immediately ran after the dog, unti

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/05

When the owner passed away, the golden hair was sent to the hospice. After being accepted, he moved millions of netizens.

Every pet is an angel and yearning for an eternal home. The Kim Mozena Rezac, founder of Goofy Foot Dog Rescue in Tennessee, USA, shared the story of the golden Spaniel Regan recently, leaving millions of netizens reluctant to give up. So clever Kim Kim&#

whcwdrc @ 2019/11/21

In the usual days, two firewood brothers and sisters suddenly fell into silence and entered the room.

The wood dog has a unique personality. Although keeping dogs together, they always leave many questions in mind. There was a family owner Ann Chang who kept a pair of brothers and sisters in the family. The names of these brothers and sisters were called

whcwdrc @ 2019/11/14

At the beginning, even the doctor was not sure of the cured cat.

Now that life is stressful, keeping pets can solve the pressure. Sometimes, when I come home to see these cute little guys, the troubles of one day are all gone, but sometimes there are some irresponsible people. When they are not in need, they throw away

whcwdrc @ 2019/11/13