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Clockwork: if life is a game, what do you think is the biggest BUG?

If life is a game, what do you think is the biggest BUG in the game? Please find out the Xu Zheng and Shen Teng in the picture below. No wonder the NS platform sells expensive games by switching the Tetris, the ancient scroll, the island crisis three game

webgame07073 @ 2019/07/12

Clockwork point: Jeremy Lin champion, Oriental mysterious force dominating NBA

As Yue Sun and Alan left one after another, the Lakers' empire collapsed completely. After losing the Ding Yanyu voyage, the lone ranger also fell into the playoffs. The warriors did not sign Abu Salam in the summer league match and missed three conse

webgame07073 @ 2019/06/15

Clockwork: what humble words do Sichuan people say to save their partner?

What about my arm? Which one is white? Which one is yellow? Hu Jian's revenge is how hard it is to brush water with water. At the age of 72, it can also be used for marriage. Really, lame, the elevator players in Chongqing said that the operation of P

webgame07073 @ 2019/05/31


Yesterday evening, Ubisoft Shanghai studio micro Bo said, Ubisoft will donate 50 million euros for the repair work, Notre Dame in addition, immediately from within one week of the game player can receive the "Assassin's Creed: Revolution" in t

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/18

Notre Dame de Paris fire Assassin's creed or to help repair the Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris fire, the spire collapsed, caused widespread concern of global users, the fire has been basically controlled, the scene fighting and follow-up work is still in progress, 800 years of monuments has been hit hard, now temporarily unable

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/16

Spring Music: subway across the beauty suddenly come up smelling slippers

Now the mobile phone shell, I thought the girl dragged his shoes off the smell last night announced the first pictures of a black hole, many users have seen this deja vu said...... This is not before burning the honeycomb briquette! Of course, some people

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/11

A: how to prove the music had a good nap?

When you think of yourself the most intelligent organ is the brain when you suddenly find the brain to tell you, even you are suddenly found the brain makes you suddenly found. The dog licked: spare not greeting describe runaway suddenly change main immor

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/04

Spring Music: find a good girlfriend fat

What are the benefits of a fat girlfriend? Roommate in college physics hang - up, he stays up late to review at half past four in the morning, accidentally fell asleep, missed eight points before make-up... In the canteen to buy a bottle of ice Black Tea,

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/02

Spring Music: how Wu Song declined Pan Jinlian?

How should Wu Song tactfully refused Pan Jinlian will decent? "Really wanted a daughter gave birth to a son is what feel?" "want to buy it back to the cat, dog, or a ha" last month I eat is at least a month, because the month only 28 days.

webgame07073 @ 2019/03/22

Spring Music: fart after will say a word

What is the fart after will say a word? A friend: 90 young employees of our company are home very rich, most of them are turtles. I: your company is really tall. Friend: No, because our company opened low pay, poor children do not apply. I think the most

webgame07073 @ 2019/02/28

Parents in the "3" collapse Mobile Games anger spray group game harm why the game always when the back of the pot man?

If what happened recently this time the game circle is the most discussed, it must be a fire ring Collapse 3 parents scolded for group events. In the evening of 2.13, the mother of a log in the child's QQ, and in the "3" collapse Mobile Games

webgame07073 @ 2019/02/20

Faker knife tower self playing chess? IG President zangma micro-blog confirmed

The open turret moves from the lineup as Faker simulator in the LOL project, made so far no one beyond record player, actually appeared in the self playing chess (DOTA2 in RPG)? There is doubt that Faker game player not himself, but said zangma video comm

webgame07073 @ 2019/02/14

Beijing board of education for the primary and secondary micro channel investigation group banned red envelopes

It is reported that 1 29, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission released "on the strengthening of primary and secondary schools, APP Internet Group, public account management notice". Notification requirements, the district should be in March

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/30

IG spring tournament first defeat IG team lost 1:2 to JDG.

In the recent League S9 spring tournament, IG team also met their first defeat in the spring season, with a score of 1:2 lost to JDG. In this game, the IG team also made some mistakes, eventually lead to their failure. In the first inning, IG chose the sa

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/28

Spring Music: from dawn to dusk a year did not do a fish

To work a year did a variegated carp these days! A quarrel with his girlfriend, is in the cold war. So I asked my colleague: "dude, you have no way to get what my girlfriend." He said: "you go home and turn off the total gate to tap water, the

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/17

"Dota2" update yingshuang section II line contains a collection of very rare.

"Dota2" update yingshuang section II line contains a collection of very rare. Today, the "Dota2" in the update, launched yingshuang Festival collection II, including 15 2, a common set of extra rare suits and a very rare. Among them, the P

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/17

Spring Music: I, by the power of the sun to motivate yourself

A buddy to IELTS oral when seen after the customary title said, my day. I know a little Chinese asked, what do you mean. He said this is our Chinese in the event of a major problem, with the power of the sun to motivate yourself! A female colleague was ve

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/15

AppStore Mobile Games silver price "caretaker" price of 6498 yuan

A cool cow from Shenzhen R & D Tencent, animation IP genuine authority Mobile Games "silver grave keeper" price reached a staggering 6498 yuan in App Store, in addition APP purchased items also include gifts ranging from 6-648 yuan. The price

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/14

Spring Music: wife badgering me to child, I had to do......

My wife even the doings of ghosts and gods you want a second child. My violent temper, an almost can not afford, but also want a second child? With my JJYY for a long time, I finally unable to control in the field of force, she said: are you sure you real

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/09

A music: I always put people easily into bed.

I found that I always can easily put people to bed -- three days after the fever, my skin is better, eyes bright, the delicate rosy and shiny, presumably because a good rest and drink plenty of water to speed up the The new supersedes the old.. So the Int

webgame07073 @ 2019/01/08