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Clockwork: how can we win in a single T-shirt?

Although it's just a plain T-shirt, everyone who wears it is trying to get to know all these icons for WeChat. In the northeast, there is nothing that can't be made into rock candy. I said this color match is so familiar that I have seen a phone c

webgame07073 @ 2019/12/20

Clockwork: how to show off a new car without embarrassment?

Today's fried dough sticks are a little hard to screen and a little split. Recently, the price of fruit has gone up so much that they can't afford to buy the Shaxian County snacks. It's really cheap. Recently, the pancake fruit has also increa

webgame07073 @ 2019/12/19

Clockwork: the first wife is the sixty birthday.

? my dad is goblin Ru Ping. How do you double???? All of a sudden, I thought I hadn't peed up the previous period: clockwork: if it all broke up, I would never believe in money again.

webgame07073 @ 2019/12/18

Clockwork stop today, the National Memorial Day, let us remember history.

December 13, 2019 is the Sixth National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing massacre. Remembering history is not for continuing hatred, but for those who love peace, taking history as a mirror and facing the future. Clockwork will stop for a secon

webgame07073 @ 2019/12/13

Clockwork: I prefer green. Do you not break up enough to love you?

In the subway, I heard a sister roar with a phone, "I prefer green, you do not break up with you, and not enough love you?"! Can be seen by the princess is not unreasonable. Every meow is a veteran of post-war stress disorder. I suspect you are dr

webgame07073 @ 2019/12/09

Clockwork: how to determine the true working hours of a company?

How to judge the real working hours of a company? Observe the interview: the office is silent, the desk is neat and clean, the conference rooms are mostly empty, the employees are expressionless, that is 965, the office is noisy, the desks are chaotic, th

webgame07073 @ 2019/11/27

In terms of the number of fans and the number of raffle prizes, it is almost inevitable.

In order to give back to the majority of fans, we will enjoy the lucky draw and pay attention to our little buddies. First prize: the value of 1999 AirPods Pro one. Two prize: 11 yuan for 1000 yuan and 11 games. Three prize: 111 yuan for 500 yuan and 11 g

webgame07073 @ 2019/11/07

Clockwork: what do triads usually do?

Last review: clockwork: This Halloween COS seems like the king fell to the bronze board.

webgame07073 @ 2019/11/01

Clockwork: This Halloween COS seems like the king fell to the bronze board.

This little pot friend, your COS is very good, and the little pots next to you are jealous, so can you take off and take part in the activity again? There is a dripping drop on WeChat, when I get on the bus, I talk with the driver brother. The driver said

webgame07073 @ 2019/10/31

Clockwork: my family's moles seem to have broken the dust.

The moles of my family seem to have broken the dust. Am I hungry? I just want to make an advertisement. I want to know who is using the electricity. The progress of the reward is 50%. By choosing the hero, what is the upper side of the matter? What is the

webgame07073 @ 2019/09/18

Clockwork: if life is a game, what do you think is the biggest BUG?

If life is a game, what do you think is the biggest BUG in the game? Please find out the Xu Zheng and Shen Teng in the picture below. No wonder the NS platform sells expensive games by switching the Tetris, the ancient scroll, the island crisis three game

webgame07073 @ 2019/07/12

Clockwork point: Jeremy Lin champion, Oriental mysterious force dominating NBA

As Yue Sun and Alan left one after another, the Lakers' empire collapsed completely. After losing the Ding Yanyu voyage, the lone ranger also fell into the playoffs. The warriors did not sign Abu Salam in the summer league match and missed three conse

webgame07073 @ 2019/06/15

Clockwork: what humble words do Sichuan people say to save their partner?

What about my arm? Which one is white? Which one is yellow? Hu Jian's revenge is how hard it is to brush water with water. At the age of 72, it can also be used for marriage. Really, lame, the elevator players in Chongqing said that the operation of P

webgame07073 @ 2019/05/31


Yesterday evening, Ubisoft Shanghai studio micro Bo said, Ubisoft will donate 50 million euros for the repair work, Notre Dame in addition, immediately from within one week of the game player can receive the "Assassin's Creed: Revolution" in t

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/18

Notre Dame de Paris fire Assassin's creed or to help repair the Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris fire, the spire collapsed, caused widespread concern of global users, the fire has been basically controlled, the scene fighting and follow-up work is still in progress, 800 years of monuments has been hit hard, now temporarily unable

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/16

Spring Music: subway across the beauty suddenly come up smelling slippers

Now the mobile phone shell, I thought the girl dragged his shoes off the smell last night announced the first pictures of a black hole, many users have seen this deja vu said...... This is not before burning the honeycomb briquette! Of course, some people

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/11

A: how to prove the music had a good nap?

When you think of yourself the most intelligent organ is the brain when you suddenly find the brain to tell you, even you are suddenly found the brain makes you suddenly found. The dog licked: spare not greeting describe runaway suddenly change main immor

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/04

Spring Music: find a good girlfriend fat

What are the benefits of a fat girlfriend? Roommate in college physics hang - up, he stays up late to review at half past four in the morning, accidentally fell asleep, missed eight points before make-up... In the canteen to buy a bottle of ice Black Tea,

webgame07073 @ 2019/04/02

Spring Music: how Wu Song declined Pan Jinlian?

How should Wu Song tactfully refused Pan Jinlian will decent? "Really wanted a daughter gave birth to a son is what feel?" "want to buy it back to the cat, dog, or a ha" last month I eat is at least a month, because the month only 28 days.

webgame07073 @ 2019/03/22

Spring Music: fart after will say a word

What is the fart after will say a word? A friend: 90 young employees of our company are home very rich, most of them are turtles. I: your company is really tall. Friend: No, because our company opened low pay, poor children do not apply. I think the most

webgame07073 @ 2019/02/28