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Is it a local tyrant who sends gifts to the Internet? Not simple

"Compared to how Qiao Biluo became popular, I was more concerned about the money that fans had to reward." Chia said, "can you think of that? I had a $about 4000000 reward for live streaming, only 50 thousand of them were real, and the rest were brokers.

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/08/06

How soon can I use 5G mobile phone less than 2000 yuan? The answer is coming.

5G commercial license is officially released for nearly two months. 5G mobile phones have been on sale recently, attracting many consumers who want to taste new products. 4G is up to 5G. What problems do they need to pay attention to? Will the tariff be m

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/08/02

Be vigilant! National Wei Jian Committee: about 3000 students are infected with AIDS every year.

On July 31st, the office of the China Health Promotion Action Committee held a press conference. At the meeting, Liu Zhongfu, director of the China AIDS prevention and control center of the CDC, answered a reporter's question about AIDS prevention and con

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/08/01

At the time of August 1, the troops stationed in Hongkong "declared".

In July 31st, when the army day was approaching, the Hongkong army's online "official propaganda" operation was over burning! The Hongkong army "Guan Xuan" was released at 8 p.m. on the night of July 31st. @ the Hongkong army released the propaganda film

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/08/01

"Storm" thunder!

Recently, the storm group has fallen into a whirlpool. Storm group announced on the evening of 28, the company's actual controller Feng Xin was arrested on suspicion of crime by the public security organs to take coercive measures, matters related to pend

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/07/30

Last night, news broadcast told a ridiculous story.

In July 25th, CCTV news broadcast "China News" continuously broadcast an international sharp review on the central broadcasting and TV station. " Rui commentary pointed out that more than 100 so-called hardworking people in the United States recently slan

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/07/26

Shandong University apology for overseas students' learning companion project: comprehensive assessment

Recently, Shandong University, a controversial student of "preferential treatment for overseas students", has attracted netizens' questions about the "international student's favorite partner" project, which is caused by the fact that an overseas student

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/07/12

Bear the scene! Why do strong dogs bite and have legal dogs?

Recently, the dog injury incident occurred frequently in Shanghai. In June 17th, a 6 year old girl in the six village of Weifang, Shanghai, Xiao Yu was playing in the village. Suddenly, a dog came to her to bite her neck, causing her left cheek and neck t

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/07/11

Privacy streaking? Reporters measured 50 APP, 24 "beyond the scope" to open the right.

At the beginning of June, the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee issued the "Practice Guide for network security -- the necessary information standard for basic functions of mobile Internet applications" (hereinafter

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/06/19

Spent 900 million yuan on the hot spot, the listed company was "hit the face"!

On the evening of June 11th, the announcement of Hoi Yin shares of a listed company announced that an African swine fever vaccine known as "Pearl polysaccharide" and effective prevention rate of "not less than 92%" has been "successful

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/06/15

Why is the Chinese women volleyball team always moving? This just concluded game is the best answer!

6 evening, the world women's Volleyball League Hongkong station ended the final round of competition, the Chinese women's volleyball team and the Italy women's volleyball team staged a good ending. The Chinese team won the three game in one br

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/06/07

Besides the three operators, what are the fourth companies that take the 5G license?

On the 6 day, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued 5G commercial licences to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and television. The first three companies must be familiar with each other, commonly known as the three operator

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/06/07

Are the visas restricted to the US? The official interpretation of the Ministry of education has come!

In response to the impact of Sino US trade friction on studying in the United States, the Ministry of Education issued an early warning of No. first in 2019 on the afternoon of 3, to remind students and scholars to strengthen risk assessment before going

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/06/04

Today, the Chinese defense Commissioner issued a warning.

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe: what can the PLA do if it can not maintain unification? On the morning of June 2nd, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of defense Wei Fenghe made the keynote speech at the Shangri-La dialogue conference. Many of the

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/06/02

Make an insulting action, Korean team! Apologize!

In 2019, the "panda Cup" International Youth Football Championship ended in Chengdu, Sichuan on the evening of 29. In the final round, China's U18 national team lost 0 to 3 against South Korea's U18 national team, ranking the bottom of the

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/05/30

The Chinese side reacted to the situation of the rare earth.

On the evening of 28, when the national development and Reform Commission replied, "whether China's exports of rare earth resources will become a weapon against the US's unwarranted suppression of Chinese and Chinese enterprises", it made

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/05/30

Before the college entrance examination, the peacekeepers sent a hard core photo to their son.

When the 2019 college entrance examination is about to start, all kinds of topics about the college entrance examination are also getting hot. On the 26 day, a well-known micro-blog blogger received a contribution, claiming that a third year high school s

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/05/29

Can cars run with water? CCTV reporter's interview information is super!

On the 23 day, the Nanyang daily published the article "water hydrogen engine is offline in Nanyang". It means: "this means that the vehicle water can produce hydrogen in real time, and the vehicle can be driven by adding water." After the

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/05/26

Because of this, China Mobile four provincial companies surveyed!

Buy a dual card dual standby mobile phone, can not use double 4G? China Mobile 4G+ mobile phone users will probably have this experience. In addition to China Mobile, want to buy Telecom, Unicom number used as a traffic card, but found only 2G speed limit

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/05/02

Sad! 6 China citizens were killed in bomb attacks in Sri Lanka

According to the China Embassy in Sri Lanka Embassy on April 30th evening news release, "4 - 21" Sri Lanka bombing caused a total of 6 Chinese citizens died, 5 injured Chinese citizens. 4 21, Sri Lanka and more bomb attacks caused by 250 people we

wangluoxinwenlianbo @ 2019/05/01