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In 18 years, the dog was abandoned and was dying in a car accident! However, the owner was summoned to punish the dog

When I moved, I found that the pet dog that had been kept for more than ten years was old, so I abandoned it Eventually, the dog was suspected to have been hit by a vehicle and suffered pelvic fractures. Recently, Pudong police investigated and dealt with

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/08/09

The man was nearly amputated. The murderer was a fish! Just because of ignoring this detail

Uncle Li, suffering from diabetes, nearly amputated a fish What's going on? The foot is almost impossible to protect by the Yellow bone fish bone! As a coastal city, Guangdong has a variety of seafood products. Uncle Li has been running a seafood stal

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/08/02

Women drink 20 bottles of mineral water every day, even going out is a problem! Doctors say it's not diabetes, it's

The symptoms of polydipsia, polyuria, polydipsia and so on appear. The first thing we think of is diabetes. However, in addition to diabetes, there is a disease that can also have the above conditions, even more serious. Hangzhou citizen Ms. Xu (not her r

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/31

The latest news! Guangdong Province 2020 general college entrance examination results of each score segment data released

Guangdong Province 2020 college entrance examination candidates to fill in the volunteer time from July 25 to August 2, in order to facilitate the candidates to fill in the application, to ensure the smooth progress of the volunteer filling work, we now p

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/25

Guangdong college entrance examination score has just been announced! How to check scores and fill in volunteers? Keep this complete strategy

Guangdong college entrance examination! Guangdong Province has just announced the results of the college entrance examination in 2020 and the minimum control score line for each batch of colleges and universities. According to the research and decision of

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/23

Just now, Zhejiang University responded!

On the afternoon of July 21, the official microblog of Zhejiang University issued a notice on the event that "students involved in rape were detained for inspection": Recently, the incident of nuxx, a student of our university, was detained for ob

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/22

A year and a half probation for raping a student in Zhejiang University

On July 20, the Party committee of Zhejiang University decided to punish the students on the website of Zhejiang University. On the morning of July 21, a staff member of the duty room of Zhejiang University responded to the media that Zhejiang University

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/21

The man's left liver was hollowed out and the wall was covered with eggs! The culprit is this kind of food, which many Cantonese love to eat

Xie, a 55 year old Sichuan native, has been working in Hangzhou for more than 10 years. At the end of last year, his father died and returned to his hometown for a short time. After returning to Hangzhou this Spring Festival, he suffered from anorexia and

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/20

newest! Guangdong Provincial Tourism Department: resume! Increase in tourist reception

Today, the Department of culture and tourism of Guangdong Province issued the notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of culture and tourism on promoting travel agencies to organize inter provincial tours (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/19

This dish of cold dishes makes a family of four fall down! The doctor suggests cooking before eating! And these dishes are not cooked. Don't eat them

In hot summer, there is no appetite, appetizer and antipyretic has become the main dish in some families. There is no dish that can not be solved by a cold sauce. If there is, then two! Preserved eggs with cold sauce is a dish that many families have on t

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/19

Worry! Shenzhen a woman in the car nap, but never wake up! You may have done it

It's so hot in Guangdong today that you must turn on the air conditioner when you get on the bus in such a hot weather. However, the car air conditioner you can't leave may be the culprit. The woman can't wake up when she sleeps with the air c

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/17

Hit the scene! Guangdong college entrance examination paper marking officially begins today! Netizen: leave points for your subordinates

On the afternoon of July 8, the two-day college entrance examination in Guangdong was successfully completed. 674000 people applied for the examination, but 36400 were absent. The actual examination rate was 94.6%. 55 isolated examination centers were ope

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/12

@College entrance examination students: 2020 national list of colleges and universities coming out! All the ones off the list are "pheasant universities". Don't be cheated

Today, the Ministry of Education released the list of 2020 national colleges and Universities: as of June 30, 2020, there are a total of 3005 colleges and universities in China. Among them, there are 2740 ordinary colleges and universities, including 1258

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/07/09

Ministry of Defense: the Sino Indian border conflict occurs on the Chinese side, and the responsibility lies entirely in the Indian side.

On the afternoon of June 24th, the Ministry of defense held a regular press conference. The director of the information bureau of the Ministry of national defense and Wu Qian, the spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, answered reporters' ques

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/24

Just now, the National Health Council has issued important notices.

The national Wei Jian administration website published the 10 key preventive measures for the college entrance examination in June 24th. The following is the full text. 10 of the key preventive measures for the college entrance examination in 2020 are hea

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/24

Just now! Star of the Beidou ending up, go straight to the sky! One picture understands the influence of Beidou navigation system on your life.

Ending up! Beidou global system network completed! In the morning of June 23rd, China launched the long march three carrier rocket at the Xichang satellite launch center, successfully launching the fifty-fifth navigation satellites of the Beidou system an

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/23

There are special arrangements for the 2020 college entrance examination. Must not know

Is there any adjustment in the difficulty of college entrance examination this year? Do candidates need to wear a mask test? What should I do during fever during exams? On the 19 day, the Ministry of Education held a news conference to introduce the epide

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/19

A spokesman for the Western Theater, Zhang Shui Yu, issued a statement on the conflict between the border area of China and India in the valley of the valley of calvan.

A spokesman for the Western Theater, Zhang water conservancy, issued a statement on the conflict between the border area of China and India in the valley of the valley of vallevan. On the evening of June 15th, the Indian army broke its promise and crossed

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/17

Burst! The Korean liaison office building was demolished. Voice of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs

South Korea Unification Ministry: the DPRK liaison office building was demolished, according to Yonhap news 16. In the afternoon, the North Korean Kaesong industrial park exploded and exploded with smoke. There is speculation that the DPRK liaison office

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/16

Because of the heavy rain and water, the Guangdong boys are poisoning the body. The doctor reminded: serious can be fatal...

In the near future, the rain in Guangdong is frequent. It's not easy to clear the weather for two days. Typhoon "parrot" will arrive in Guangdong next evening. It is estimated that it will enter the pattern of "rain and rain and rain"

wanbaoweixin @ 2020/06/13