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Through the fundamental logic of speculation, we can understand the true meaning of trading.

Source: Sina blog is worth reading by all futures people, no matter what level or stage we are in, if you want to live in the futures market for a long time, until the day you want to quit. It is possible to reach the state of the author of this article.

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/22

407 projects funded by science and technology in Shenzhen were overdue and some were lost or closed.

Due to inadequate supervision in the implementation process, as of the end of April 2019, 407 projects funded by science and technology in Shenzhen were overdue, while some of the project undertakings had been lost, liquidation or liquidation, of which 68

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/18

2019 the annual meeting of the Chinese American Finance Association held in New York in November 10th many heavyweight guests interpreted the new opportunities and trends of global financial market an

In 2019, more than half of China's trade relations have been strained, but new opportunities are also emerging. In this new era and the new global business environment, what opportunities and challenges are there for China's financial industry to

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/16

Interpretation of new rules on NASDAQ listing

The SFC approved the revision of NASDAQ's first listing standard in July 5, 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "new regulation"), and the new regulation came into effect in August 5, 2019. The new rules of NASDAQ's entry into force can b

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/15

Ma Yuhua: the best combination of industry and finance is in the supply chain finance of industry.

Now the integration of production and finance is proposed. In fact, the best combination point is in the industry supply chain finance. When we did TO C, the Internet was dominated by consumption. At that time, it was mainly traffic flow, focusing on eyeb

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/09

What did American agriculture teach for 5000 years in two hundred years?

When I went back to my hometown, I met a uncle who had not seen me in the bathhouse for a long time. I asked him to take a bath. He told me about the half life he had been wandering outside for more than 20 years. He went out to work for half a lifetime.

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/05

High and new technology valuation in cross border mergers and acquisitions

In recent years, more and more Chinese enterprises have gone abroad to buy high-quality assets abroad. Among them, acquiring international leading technology is often one of the important driving factors of mergers and acquisitions. When Chinese enterpris

wallstreetclub @ 2019/09/30

Manipulation of financial crisis

Last time, I wrote an article about the Korean movie "the day of national bankruptcy". Then, a reader friend asked, what is the precursor of a country's financial crisis? Is the financial crisis at hand? The problem is simple and simple. "

wallstreetclub @ 2019/09/28

HSBC: a giant lion in danger

Summary - high level concussion, falling share prices, layoffs thousands of... HSBC's crisis is not simply started in a particular event, but in the current complex situation, its position, based on its own strategic positioning and wind control manag

wallstreetclub @ 2019/09/25

Sino US financial game prediction

After Shao Yu's G20 summit in Osaka, the United States promised not to levy new tariffs and return to negotiations, but after a few days, it was deadlocked. Trump has announced tariffs on the remaining 300 billion dollars. When trading tools were used

wallstreetclub @ 2019/09/22

The evolution and supervision of Chinese enterprises' overseas listing - direct listing

Tsingtao Brewery (0168.HK) was listed in Hongkong in 1993 and became the first Chinese enterprise to list overseas. Since then, it has opened the door for Chinese enterprises to go abroad to raise funds and gradually formed its scale. According to the lis

wallstreetclub @ 2019/09/17

Ruihua: the price of a barbarous growth

Wen Yu Yu editors, Liu Xiaoying Kang De, a new 100 billion profit making fraud, the big family laser 1 billion doubted the construction project, and the Fu Ren pharmaceutical industry 1 billion 800 million cash evaporated, together with "financial acciden

wallstreetclub @ 2019/08/27

Hundreds of millions of market value securities dealers have been severely punished. Overseas investment exploded 900 million, and two businesses were limited to 6 months!

The overseas company's investment in the "exploding thunder" has not dissipated. The 100 billion market value broker once again received the regulatory ticket. In August 5th, GF issued a notice that the SFC decided to take 6 months' restrictions on the in

wallstreetclub @ 2019/08/26

Spend 80 thousand on a summer vacation! Nowhere to escape, to become tiger mother, chicken blood mom, is your life......

ID:caimao_shuangquan, 01. China has a sports event that attracts many people's attention. After many years, it has spent a lot of money, but its effect is getting worse and worse. It has fallen into the miserable situation of "beating drums and beating pe

wallstreetclub @ 2019/08/18

Chen Hu: fraud economy takes the place of credit economy. The depth and breadth of this debt crisis will be far beyond imagination.

Looking back at my August 21, 2017 WeChat public number, the article predicted that what is happening now is nothing new. In fact, China's debt crisis has already begun to erupt in parts. China's stock market has been in a state of continuous collapse, an

wallstreetclub @ 2019/08/17

The strongest trader of the year! 1 billion 900 million of the year's auto dealers took 15 billion 800 million of their German counterparts.

This is a wonderful story of the management of overseas auto parts companies to resist the "barbarian" acquisition and introduce the Chinese colleague Jifeng company as the "White Knight". Jifeng shares real control family Wang family use a variety of fin

wallstreetclub @ 2019/08/08

How to build a reliable investment logic?

Articles about methodology are generally obscure. In order to be more readable, this paper takes financial technology (Fintech) as an example to explore how to build the logic of investment. 1. Methodology 1. What is the logic of investment? The landlord

wallstreetclub @ 2019/07/29

Trillions pay the chaos: complaints are the top three of the industry, and fast pay is a malicious deduction of "umbrella"?

Trainee reporter Yan Jun Tian paid, Yang Shi Shenzhen. Recently, a complaint was released in 2019. The third party payment industry has become the top ten complaint in the disaster area. Trillions of payments are flooded with malicious c

wallstreetclub @ 2019/06/21

The US government banned all programmers' freedom with a ban.

Last week, HUAWEI's "entity list" went on to make us realize that the means of trade war in the United States were "meticulous". Originally, globalization is a product that encourages everyone to share technology and work together to develop new products.

wallstreetclub @ 2019/06/05

Registration system: a reform that touches the soul -- A Comparative Perspective of stock market supervision between China and America

Text: Hengda Research Institute Ren Zeping Cao Zhinan Ma Tu Nan Huang Jia guide A shares "registration system" was first put forward in 2015, 2019, the science and Innovation Board pilot, not far in the future will also be promoted, is China A sha

wallstreetclub @ 2019/06/04