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Quantifying the evolution of private placement in ten years

How did the development of China's quantitative hedging strategy go through twists and turns in the ten years? Where will the future go? Source: interface reporter: Liu Lilong's strategy of quantifying hedging is very popular this year. In Septemb

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/27

The foreign companies Accountability Act and the Chinese stock market

This article introduces the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act act and its potential impact on the stock market in the US. I the theoretical basis for US Securities Law disclosure and the tradition of market-oriented law enforcement need to be unde

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/26

The history of TSMC "forced" to the US

TSMC actively chooses to invest in the US. Many people doubt whether TSMC is in line with the United States, whether it will discontinue supply to HUAWEI and even the entire mainland enterprises, and whether it will reshape the global chip manufacturing s

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/25

Jia Yueting's Chaoshan capital Godfather had no money.

Liu Xiaoying, editor of November 15, 2016, Jia Yueting sent a micro-blog, wrote: "touch ING! Thank you for your full confidence and strong support for all the students in the class CEO six of the Yangtze River on the ecological dream of LeEco and supe

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/19

The tragic hero of Zhi business

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has been officially established since 1919. It is a Mutual Organization owned by a member. In those days, you could only buy a membership Office of Chicago and pay special rights to enter the trading pool if you only

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/18

The ethics of private property and the origin of virtue

Where are all the virtues that exist, such as self sacrifice, charity, crisis, honesty and fraternity? The answer is private property. Private property is the origin of virtue, and all virtues are based on it. David Hume said, "man is selfish, but mea

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/10

Hesitation and self remission of Qiao Shui and Dario

Good at analyzing the crisis of bridge water, why in this financial crisis can not "be alone"? Half a month ago, when the bridge dropped hundreds of billions of dollars into Europe, was it to hedge or to make profits in a steep fall? Since the beg

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/07

Power, mathematics, money

Author: Seventeen, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the mapping of power and mathematics is not tit for tat, or fate. In April 16, 2020, there were two major events in the field of mathematical currency. The Cent

wallstreetclub @ 2020/05/06

Be declared bankrupt and liquidated. Tengbang is in danger.

CITIC Bank can't wait. On the night of April 21st, tengbang international business service group Limited by Share Ltd ("tengbang international") issued a notice that the company received the "notice" of the intermediate people's Co

wallstreetclub @ 2020/04/28

Din Holdings "backdoor" cloud clothes, the new shareholder was the Chinese Miss champion, the new dress for finance.

J sister has been reading since 2020, and in only 4 months, the Hong Kong stock market has completed seven comprehensive offer cases. Among them, the backdoor listed company's cloud clothing is especially attractive to the eyeball. "Buying the she

wallstreetclub @ 2020/04/23

Building a car is a bottomless pit for burning money.

Chart / visual Chinese writer / Song Jiating editor / Zhang Shuo, due to a series of "buy buy buy" layout in the auto industry chain, Hengda health lost 5 billion 636 million yuan in 2019 compared with an increase of 79.9% over the same period in

wallstreetclub @ 2020/04/13

The biggest scandal in the stock market was born: who is the beneficiary of Rui Xing coffee 2 billion 200 million financial fraud?

The author, Xue Fang, editor of the company, the editor of Kang Xiaomi, the Tencent, Xiaoman studio, made a sudden financial fraud, which made Rui Xing coffee the biggest scandal in the development history of China. Last night, Rui Xing coffee announced t

wallstreetclub @ 2020/04/09

Rui Xing flash collapse will face 75 billion 400 million huge claims

Pay close attention to PE breakfast and the young people in the capital circle, and grow up the new media platform of "Zhongke Venture Capital Research Institute" to share the fresh information of the capital circle daily. Li Xiaomu, Sina Financia

wallstreetclub @ 2020/04/04

Who is the behind the curtain of US stock melting?

The spread of overseas epidemics and the overfall of crude oil hit the risk appetite of investors, so that the already very fragile sentiment is on the verge of collapse. With the help of indexed funds and procedural transactions, the liquidity stampede,

wallstreetclub @ 2020/04/03

The history of crude oil price war, causes and subsequent development

Mr. Zhang Longxing, an oil trading center, has provided some inspiration for this article. Report on the summary of local time on March 6th, OPEC and Russia at the Vienna Conference on the negotiations on the yield reduction negotiations broke down, Russi

wallstreetclub @ 2020/03/19

What links are needed for the long distance office?

About telecommuting, what are the differences between us and the market? The traditional video conference system is difficult to deploy and has a high threshold. Cloud office, cloud video use threshold is relatively low, such as nails, Tencent video, Zoom

wallstreetclub @ 2020/03/06

In the new ten years, can A shares return to shareholders?

Author: yaxa Jiaxin: from the past ten years in the Ya Ya Hong Kong Stock Exchange (ID:Victoria-hk-stocks), the US stock market has gone through a huge bull market after the financial crisis. If we take January 1, 2010 as a benchmark, the three major inde

wallstreetclub @ 2019/12/16

The fundamental reason why overseas Chinese can not integrate into the mainstream society

1 recently, WeChat's circle of friends was called "piercing a most ignorant lie: Chinese can not integrate into the mainstream society abroad" (by the public "sea side" original, author Mr Hai, released in June 4, 2019). According to t

wallstreetclub @ 2019/12/09

The MBA tour of ShangHai Railway Station, which is full of information, is finished. Let's take a look at what activities are harvested.

Figure 1:B-School Insider group photo education is a major event in determining the trajectory of life. The road to success is long for everyone, but there is no doubt that reading is the shortest one. With the improvement of China's national income,

wallstreetclub @ 2019/12/06

Double plate "11. 22 white horse Massacre"! Market value loss of 200 billion, chips are picked up by foreign capital, who is in the market? Two big public offering to throw a pot, 10 billion p

At the end of every year, there will be some moths in the market. In November 22nd, a good stock market suffered a surprise attack in the early morning. Many high white horse stocks suddenly focused on selling, and a good bullish atmosphere was disrupted,

wallstreetclub @ 2019/12/04