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Most men "dislike" these 4 things, a smart woman will not do!

A beautiful love, is the need to operate, and not what you want, can easily get the! First of all, you have to know the man, secondly, you have to seize the hearts of men, so men do not think you are not, so that men will cherish you, will put you in the

vtaiciv @ 2019/04/12

The more of these characteristic women, more by middle-aged man love!

People will grow up, and people's eyes may change with age. For men, in different stages will have different feeling, in a woman's feelings will change, so there will be a different aesthetic. For middle-aged men, these women are the most attracti

vtaiciv @ 2019/03/20

This summer thin shirt collocation, sunscreen and not only thin effect!

Summer is coming, so choose summer shirt collocation not only thin, and thin sunscreen effect, continue to look down on the thin shirt collocation. 1, green thin shirt + blouse + wide leg pants sleek shirt can of course summer coat to wear, you can have a

vtaiciv @ 2019/03/15

What to wear in summer? This year the best suit, help you have chosen!

In such hot weather, summer wear what in the end? This year the best suit, help you have selected, you can buy as fairies, follow the small series of steps to continue to look down. Suite 1, white T-shirt printing printing + A word skirt so feel holiday s

vtaiciv @ 2019/03/06

2019 "small volume hot" is very popular, fashion people are the first to put on, western style and temperament!

The Spring Festival is coming, most girls love toss my hair, but a single hair has been unable to meet your fashion, then follow the small series of steps together at small volume 2019 popular hot hairstyle, even the fashion people are the first to put on

vtaiciv @ 2019/02/23

What are the most popular big curly hair? For you, what kind of book?

Since the design of hot roll hair began to appear a lot of other girls, now the girls farewell single hair design, have a variety of different shapes and charming appearance, long hair girl of course design volume not hot, take a look at a set of this yea

vtaiciv @ 2019/02/12

"Rooting hot hair, less hair girl free to pick a change really super nice ~

For many hair girls, often in the choice of hairstyle bothered, but it is not believed that complex, suitable for a small amount of fat hair a lot for your selection, like the root hair, hot hair to a slightly rolled radian, not only very significant amou

vtaiciv @ 2019/01/23

In 2019, the popular "Qi mouth hair", slimmer temperament than long hair, beautiful turned!

The arrival of 2019, every time I see a nice short hair and wanted to share it with you, then I introduce this is "Qi mouth hair", refers to the length of hair Qi mouth, slimmer temperament than long hair Oh, for girls to think over! 1, this is ex

vtaiciv @ 2019/01/20

A woman with straight hair and curly hair, which is more face? Pick the slimmer, by age temperament!

Leave or stay straight hair, this is a lot of women in a tangled hair, will be more of a woman, will be more, but straight people seem more temperament, all have different tastes, but will face, straight hair and curly hair which would be better? The roun

vtaiciv @ 2019/01/08

2019 popular "hot lines" hair, beautiful and fashionable!

2019 is very popular "hot line" style, including line hot hair, perm hair line is one of the most popular, after all the beauty of lines naturally most girls will love, but also for super temperament, then Xiaobian for you to share this several li

vtaiciv @ 2019/01/06

In 2019, the popular "thick hot fire, burns the girls felt his face lost a lap!

Recently most listened to the new year, many people will prepare a new set of clothes to welcome the arrival of the new year, we felt a little excited, the clothes have been prepared, it is not less a worthy of your hair temperament? So this small share i

vtaiciv @ 2018/12/29

Every woman in this life should be a hot big wave! A back wave!

Wavy women love fashion, because, because of grace, because can all face modification. Anyway, anyway, the life of a woman should be a hot wavy, wave back. 2016 to the second half of the fall, this also means that the popular tide is also facing a new rou

vtaiciv @ 2018/12/27

In 2018 the popular long hair perm, I choose this several, do not pick the face, but also face significant!

In 2018 the popular long hair perm, I choose this several, do not pick the face, but also love the girl who was a small face, and continue to look down, you may have a love, put on the super temperament. As this volume fluffy perm, feeling very popular ev

vtaiciv @ 2018/12/26

This year the most popular fashion hair, half a circle of people are cut!

From last year to this year, we are the most common short hair, whether it is a star or a Master fashion, have their long hair, short hair looks is toxic Oh, cut one time will fall madly in love with heart, you are still short hair the way, look at this i

vtaiciv @ 2018/12/21

Beautiful but not greasy "clavicle perm"

Crane floor to send Meng Haoran Guangling Lee West by the Yellow Crane Tower, the fireworks in Yangzhou. Gufanyuanying blue sky to make, only see the Yangtze River flows into the sky. At the Mount Lu falls sunshine censer living purple smoke, a waterfall

vtaiciv @ 2018/12/07

A long cardigan, make you fashionable to fly, will love this walk with the feeling of the wind!

Autumn is more and more concentrated! We should pay attention to the warm autumn ah ~ what to buy today's long cardigan jacket, recommend to you, let you walk with the wind, fashionable windbreaker long cardigan off ~ belongs to the necessary funds, u

vtaiciv @ 2018/12/02

In 2018 the ultra fashionable "ripple" hair, beautiful people according to change!

The girls will change a few hair, if your hair is getting long, but choose to change on a super smart water ripple curls [water ripples and seaweed hot curly hair is somewhat similar, but the curve will be a little larger, when the wind blows, generated w

vtaiciv @ 2018/11/15

At midnight, his wife sent a circle of friends, travel after the night back home to see her husband, he cried...

(source network, such as the infringement, please contact to delete) you are my blue modern love Recommendation Index: accidentally slept a day male bestie, Lulu, what circumstance? Really sleep! I can play well together. When he was sleep, Sanshiliuji aw

vtaiciv @ 2018/10/31

This year the new perm hair, "chest hot", very feminine

This winter "chest perm is still hot, autumn winter, every month there is a new hairstyle hairstyle became the new pursuit of everyone, today we bring you some selected, perm chest hot, very feminine, because you really are choosing this hairstyle mor

vtaiciv @ 2018/10/24

The hair comes with gentle tone, clavicle, sexy and charming!

A fairy is formed, in addition to the normal wearing makeup, in the careful machine, also need a lovely head of hair blessing. Recently by the goddess who "made up of the clavicle" don't, introduce to you today! The so-called "clavicle"

vtaiciv @ 2018/09/03