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There must be something wrong when "struggle" becomes everyone shouting and fighting

Why are they scolded for their "struggle"? There are indeed too many things in 2020 that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. For example, when the extremely positive word "struggle" only needs to be added with one word, it becomes

vistaweek @ 2020/08/07

"No money to earn college majors, only children with mines at home"

How long have we believed in the seemingly taken for granted view of "don't talk about ideals if you have a bad family"? How long has this seemingly practical idea been acquiesced to, that is, "taking such a high score without choosing fin

vistaweek @ 2020/08/06

Scolding or holding up the full score composition actually bypasses the real problem

The author of "the death of the red rabbit" in the 2001 college entrance examination. Zhejiang college entrance examination full score composition "living on the tree" is popular because it is "too difficult to read". As a student&

vistaweek @ 2020/08/05

Nothing can be as hard as a Russian bus

What is a bread that needs a chopper? It's so hard for me to get used to the soft things in the bakery. Until I met whole wheat bread. Note that the whole wheat bread here is not the gray brown supermarket bread, which has no difference from milk toas

vistaweek @ 2020/07/13

Which city in China is the best place to go to university?

Only those who have experienced the college entrance examination know that crossing this threshold does not mean that parents and teachers say "liberated". When "high score" is no longer the only goal, the subsequent choice of major, schoo

vistaweek @ 2020/07/12

95 the best moment to go to work (definitely not payroll).

It's hard to make this young man fall in love with his work. It's Monday's hard climb out of bed on the 10 alarm clock, and rush to the company to rush to the company in the sleepy rush to catch up with the company, which is enough to eliminat

vistaweek @ 2020/06/02

To make China taste the "soul out" flavor, it must be it.

There is a most metaphysical concept in the Chinese way of thinking about thousands of years of eating. No matter what flavor is mentioned in the five flavors, people can find corresponding and clear feelings in their minds. It is only tasty and mysteriou

vistaweek @ 2020/05/31

180 million, the gap between the rich and the poor of Chinese students can be exposed in an English class.

English is probably the most controversial subject in the field of education in China. On the one hand, it has long been trapped in the discussion and shouting war that should not be learned. On the other hand, under the comparison with other basic subjec

vistaweek @ 2020/05/08

What do Chinese male stars do in the face of their "male CP"?

At this stage, whether or not you want to accept or admit it, a male public figure (especially handsome) must face the fact that no one wants to run away from anyone else in the eyes of you. This is a cultural trend of scale. Just like a few days ago, 

vistaweek @ 2020/03/07

Domestic drama is no longer such a "big scale".

Whenever we see the 00 of the Internet, they are frightened to the end of their lives when they are called "Qin Qin Ming" and "white night pursuit". The 85 male leaders of the editorial department would say with one face disdain, "what

vistaweek @ 2019/12/22

How many Chinese people have argued about "do not interfere in my happiness"?

At the end of 2019, everyone was talking about "adults do not have the right to break down". More and more people have to pick up time and place to vent their emotions even if their state of mind collapses, otherwise the end will be miserable. But

vistaweek @ 2019/12/20

Everyone should be careful not to be brainwashed by the chilling love.

With the article published yesterday in the southern weekend, the suicide and "chilling love" of Bao Li, a Peking girl, immediately exploded the Internet. After the girl was declared "brain death" by the hospital, no matter whether her mot

vistaweek @ 2019/12/14

No adult can be frightened by the cold sweat.

The most prick news in the adult world is always from the children. Perhaps they are warm and sincere for their pure and sincere innocence, or perhaps they are worried about how they are covered by the shadow of the adult world. The first two days, a prim

vistaweek @ 2019/12/13

100th WeChat working groups to crush young people

What is more terrible for this social animal than 996? That's -- 007 in WeChat. For example, a recent interview with Shaw in the event, he talked about his bedtime habits, but to confirm that WeChat did not have to reply to the work of the news, dare

vistaweek @ 2019/12/10

What are those young people who are textual research and textual research?

Last weekend, the word "Lai Kang Cun" was confusing. You can see how funny it is when you look at it. This is an application essay topic entitled "national examination" at the weekend (that is, the civil service examination written by the

vistaweek @ 2019/11/29

After 90, the tragic outcome of the domestic drama was abused.

Recently, a lot of people have been smoothed out of a "meaning difficult" story. Do you remember Xu Zheng and Hong Tao starring the spring bright pig eight quit? It is the most popular piece of the piece "winding hope". It was recorded by

vistaweek @ 2019/11/24

Look at this "fairy fight" program, I hate to drive 0.5 times faster.

If I hadn't seen the full screen barrage, I couldn't believe it. Now, after 95, the most favorite variety show is CCTV's host contest. Yes, it was the competition that the grandparents used to watch every day, choosing the news anchor and the

vistaweek @ 2019/11/03

Why are we afraid of the "smart head" worn by primary school students in Zhejiang?

Now, for a raise in the final exam paper, you can never imagine a strange nodding head on the head of a Chinese child. No, there are dozens of children on the front foot to take an eye patch to participate in the quantum wave reading competition, and the

vistaweek @ 2019/11/01

Which university in China is the most stifling male to female ratio?

In the twinkling of an eye, the new college student has been enrolled in school for two months. Many young people who are full of longing for college life and feel that they can meet a "puppy love" in this school have come to school to discover th

vistaweek @ 2019/10/30

Because of this game of night screen, people all over the country have taken it.

If these two days, you find that the people around you are aggravating, dark minded and unintentional work, and they are always staring at the phone with empty eyes. Don't worry, he is not mad because he is too eager for the seven day holiday. It may

vistaweek @ 2019/09/29