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WeChat's new function reveals who has always loved you.

As early as June 5th, Android has been implemented, and IOS is in the expectation of everyone. The heat of this incident has never been lowered. The hot comments are: "thorough and past stupid say goodbye!!!" Some people get entangled: "at las

viphcj88 @ 2020/06/19

The greatest pain in marriage is not quarrel, but...

At eight o'clock every night, you can see the news on the Internet, and many people are afraid of getting married. They watched the dismal marriage, for fear that they might encounter it. In fact, marriage itself is not right or wrong, it depends on w

viphcj88 @ 2020/05/10

Congratulations to those who do not make friends.

At eight o'clock every night, I will never leave you. In the strange tale, there has been such a topic: do you want to vent negative emotions in your circle of friends? Ma Dong and Kevin Tsai had a heated debate on this matter. Although their views we

viphcj88 @ 2020/04/27

"I am 31 years old and abandoned by 4 men."

At eight o'clock every night, when I talk about love with you, there is always a naive longing for women. They are all eager to be loved. The difference is that some women have dignity love, while some women give up dignity for love. The former has a

viphcj88 @ 2020/04/22

Halfway couples, each one of them, will always have their own hands.

At eight o'clock every night, when you brush the news hotspots, you accidentally see a hot search, which is the marital status between Vincent Chiao and his wife. As for Vincent Chiao, I don't think we are all strangers. I didn't know how many

viphcj88 @ 2020/04/20

No matter how good the opposite sex is, don't call each other the same on WeChat.

Is there any pure friendship between the opposite sex? This has always been a controversial topic. A survey was conducted on micro-blog, and more than 70% believed that there was no pure friendship between the opposite sex. Another 30% of the people, thou

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/22

From today on, be a person who doesn't know anything.

"Love you very much" has a saying: "don't frown, I will go." The listens think this is a sensible person, and the talent knows how much tears are gathered in these 8 words. Afraid to cause a little trouble to others, so choose to quit.

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/21

Why do men cheat? This is the truth of extramarital affairs.

Derailment in marriage is no longer a new topic. Even if everyone knows it is wrong, it still can not prevent some people from going wrong. Every time anyone in the entertainment circle gets caught up in the rails, it will cause a frenzy of public opinion

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/20

Those who return your message are looking down on you.

Everyone's friends circle is very lively, but those people are not necessarily friends. Recognize your friends, some people are not worthy of deep friendship, do not enter the circle, do not insist. Those who return your message like this will clearly

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/16

A man has changed his mind. These are the most obvious places.

The world's most difficult to maintain is the feelings of the bar, no matter how enthusiastic at the beginning of love, the final separation will be beyond recognition. How good it is to you when you are together. Some women do not respond until they

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/12

How lovely you are, how lovely the marriage is.

Marriage is a branch of love, and all the love in the world does not necessarily point to marriage. Some of them end up winding up, and some enter the grave after marriage. Many people feel unhappy when they are unhappy in their marriage. The most regretf

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/11

Women who don't like WeChat heads are mostly because...

A person's character is sometimes seen through the head. Those women who do not like to change WeChat heads are mostly of these kinds of characters. 01 do not like the self timer self timer is anxious all day long circle of friends are their own photo

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/08

Recognize a person, these are enough!

As the saying goes, "painted skin is difficult to draw a bone, but a man knows his face but not his heart." It is not easy to see a person thoroughly. Many people encounter Tucao men on the Internet, or friends who encounter wonderful flowers. No

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/08

The "three no" in marriage, especially the last one, may hurt both feelings and hearts.

Introduction: feeling marriage is actually a very complicated thing. It does not mean that two people live together, and then save a little money. In my opinion, marriage is more like every one of us in the life, and as to how to practice, it is entirely

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/02

Whether it's a couple or a lover, the other person wants to leave you.

A cup of tea will never cool in the hands of those who love it, because it is given the warmth of love. A person who loves it will never be desolate because it is endowed with the color of love. Love doesn't need too many times, it just needs true lov

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/01

The 77 year old man declared a derailment, but cried with his wife's photo: "wait for me for another ten years!"

Yesterday, on the micro-blog, my little sister brushed up an advertisement for SONY. This advertisement tells a story. An old man returned to his wife's first meeting to recall their love in this life. From the students' green contacts to the whit

viphcj88 @ 2019/11/27

The best investment in life: choose husband.

Peng Yi brother hello to everyone, you can point in and listen to it! It is easy to ask for money. As the saying goes, "men are afraid of going wrong, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man." The so-called choice of husband, of course, is not

viphcj88 @ 2019/11/25

Is it true for men to see you clearly? These 3 things are enough to see clearly!

Peng Yi brother hello to everyone, you can point in and listen to it! In love, when a woman loves a man very much, he will give it to him foolishly. He gives all his own to the man. But he doesn't know if the man really loves you. Sometimes, he is foo

viphcj88 @ 2019/11/24

No matter whether it is a lover or a husband and wife, do not do it again.

Love is an everlasting topic. Unless someone is born with cold and cold nature, who has not yet suffered and suffered injuries in love? Two people love each other is fate, especially when the feeling is right, can be good with a person. But there is a lim

viphcj88 @ 2019/11/13

The more men love you, the more they are unwilling to do these 4 things.

The word "love" is a very heavy topic. How many people say it easily, but what they do is not so. When you are with a man, don't believe the "I love you" in his mouth. It depends on how he works. She once said, "love is the history

viphcj88 @ 2019/11/11