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"Wizard", Baylon

The most emotional football is here. When Juan Sebattisan Veron just entered the La Plata University team, he had the nickname of "little wizard", not because talent was unique, but because his father had dominated the "Wizard" reputation.

txzqwx @ 2020/07/07

Spaniards, dangerous

The most sentiments of football are here, no miracle, no surprises. At home against Real Madrid, the Spaniard did not play a miracle like gatderby. Wu Lei was not the leading player, and the team lost the ball. The Spaniard has had a lot of setbacks this

txzqwx @ 2020/06/29

Liverpool is the champion!

What is the most meaningful football in the 30 years? Children grow up to be fathers, and young people can become late. For the devout Liverpool fans, 30 years is a long wait, waiting for the return of the king, waiting to win back what once belonged to h

txzqwx @ 2020/06/26

Who is the champion in your mind?

The most emotional football is here. Messi has just passed his 33 year old birthday. C Lo has crossed the threshold of 35 years old. Football in the past ten years has belonged to the era of Melo's contending for hegemony. And football continues to de

txzqwx @ 2020/06/25

What happened to Juve?

The most sentiments of football are here. After the four major league matches, there are probably two fans who want to stop again: A Senna who suffered two defeats and Juventus who lost the Italy cup. This mood is understandable. After all, no one wants t

txzqwx @ 2020/06/21

The way to the ocean is not a smooth road.

The most sentiments of football in the European Championship after the rematch are always lively, in order to make up for the "stolen" time of the epidemic, a week's double matches become the norm. This morning's story is especially striki

txzqwx @ 2020/06/17

Is the hope of four major league matches still far behind?

The most emotional football is here. Juve and Naples join in the Italy Cup final. Barcelona easily won the first round of the rematch. Bayern was only one step away from winning the championship after winning ten league matches. Wu Lei also used the goal

txzqwx @ 2020/06/14

Great match, insipid?

The most emotional football is here. 17 years ago, Juventus and AC Milan were at the top of Europe, but now they can only compete in the semi-finals of the Italy cup. After three months of football in Italy, the smoke from Apennines finally ignited. As a

txzqwx @ 2020/06/13

The celebration of his arrogance is known to all.

The most emotional football here is called "Warcraft", the Champions League's 11 big goal!

txzqwx @ 2020/06/12

He is a legend and a story.

The most sentiments of football are here. The former German team, Bremen, has fallen deeper into the relegation circle. It is getting closer to "sentiment not Germany". In fact, during the League suspension, Bremen conceived a timely stop loss. Th

txzqwx @ 2020/06/09

This pass is wonderful!

The most sentiments of football are here, the king of gold.

txzqwx @ 2020/06/08

Undervalued forward

The most sentiments of football are here and there. More goals!

txzqwx @ 2020/06/06

The most underrated player!

The most sentiments of football are here best?

txzqwx @ 2020/06/05

The earth's surface is strongest after 00?

The most emotional football is here. The 20 year old Havets has created the record of "the 30 player of the Bundesliga". But Sancho, who is 9 months younger than him, is also making a new record. The 00 England players who scored 17 goals and 16 a

txzqwx @ 2020/06/04

Elegant and advanced

The most sentiments of football are here in the 1999-00 Champions League 1/4 finals, the Real Madrid dream of the theater retreat, although the player is Raul, but the starring role is Redondo, his quick and clever heel knock, from Manchester United playe

txzqwx @ 2020/06/01

Another superstar?

The most sentiments of football are here. Lavon is in the competition of European golden boots. Because of the 8 round of the failure of the brimley Lai, who is on the verge of being demoted, Bremen, Glazer has won 3 games in 2 games. The Bundesliga has i

txzqwx @ 2020/05/24

It may not be the next Pirlo, but it must be the famous fried chicken.

The most sentiments of football are in Brescia, which is far away from the bottom of the Serie A scoreboard. Baggio has devoted his last four years of his career here. He once thought that former European golden boy Balotelli could be nirvana in his homet

txzqwx @ 2020/05/15

Real Madrid is the best number in the new century. Which is your dish?

The most emotional football is here, the epidemic is raging, the league is stagnant, but the topic of football has never been interrupted. Last month, the official number of Spanish Real Madrid chose the best number in twenty-first Century, which is prese

txzqwx @ 2020/05/10

Finally, there's a ball!

The most emotional football is here. In May 16th, it was originally the day of the Bundesliga, but now it is another beginning. On the evening of May 7th in Beijing, the Bundesliga officially announced that the League will be restarted after 9 days, which

txzqwx @ 2020/05/08


The most emotional football is here. In May 7, 2016, Juan Valeron announced that he would hang out his boots at the end of the season and bid farewell to the 20 year old green field. That year, he was 41 years old. In the starry La Liga, his story is not

txzqwx @ 2020/05/05