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Original Liwen RF (TM) radiofrequency ablation and myocardial biopsy system bring innovation strategy for diagnosis and treatment of fatty heart disease

Liu Liwen, director of the center for diagnosis and treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Xijing Hospital of the Air Force Military Medical University, has jointly developed the Liwen RF radiofrequency ablation system (hereinafter referred to as Liwen

top-trust @ 2019/10/19

National initiative! Quzhou joint nail to create a new model of medical community and family doctor

"Tube doctor, I want to ask, the BCG injected by the baby in July 20th, accidentally broke when taking a bath today, there is bleeding. Please tell me how to deal with it. At 7:30 pm on August 25th, a novice mother in the Lotus Street of Kecheng District,

top-trust @ 2019/09/12

High level turbulence, a large number of employees leaving, Apple's "health care dream" to be broken?

In August 21st, in the past year, Apple's health team has undergone a series of changes in leadership and internal differences in the direction of development, resulting in a large number of employees leaving. Since 2016, Apple Corp has expressed its inte

top-trust @ 2019/08/23

The new version of the national health insurance drug catalogue released a total of 2643 drugs and 892 Chinese herbal pieces, and identified 128 drugs to be negotiated.

China Medical Technology Network click on the top "China Medical Technology Net" to pay attention to us, and keep abreast of domestic medical policy, market overview, enterprise dynamics and other information. In August 20th, the National Health Insurance

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Just 106 days! Appreciation 30 billion! MINDRAY firmly sits first in the field of medical devices!!!

On the 106 day, MINDRAY's market value increased by 30 billion. According to the latest market value of 184 billion 800 million, according to cypress blue equipment observation, the latest market value of MINDRAY medical closes after June 14th was 184

top-trust @ 2019/06/18

2018 top 100 outpatient clinics in large hospitals in China

Recently, the hospital ranked the first ranking of outpatient and emergency visits in China's large hospitals in 2018 (according to the official website of the hospital), and the list changed significantly over 2017. According to the list, the 1st Aff

top-trust @ 2019/06/10

Dozens of hemodialysis patients infected with hepatitis C in a hospital in Jiangsu have not yet stopped working in hemodialysis room.

Dozens of hemodialysis patients in Jiangsu Dongtai people's hospital have been infected with hepatitis C, and the hemodialysis room has not stopped working normally. Recently, there were ten hemodialysis patients infected with hepatitis C virus in the

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国外,3M公司大手笔收购行业巨头 ; 国内,奥美医疗稳居首位,2018年营收超20亿。 450亿大收购 据外媒报道,美国东部时间5月2日上午,3M公司以67亿美元的价格(约合人民币456亿)从Apax Partners手中买下Acelity

top-trust @ 2019/05/11

Newest! Results: appliance giant, Huarun, Kyushu...

Inventory of medical circulation of the "Big Five" medicine, Chinese medicine, Huarun, Ruikang, Jointown intensive and meticulous farming 2018. Sinopharm, medical revenues of nearly 50 billion and 4 month 25 days, Chinese medicine Cmi Holdings Ltd

top-trust @ 2019/05/05

The hospital of large earthquakes! The country suddenly iron command!

Ground thunder! "Internet plus medical health". Once sounds, all this is how far away. However, today, it will no longer be science fiction, is no longer the reading comprehension is no longer news headlines, most of the Internet is no longer a by

top-trust @ 2019/04/25

In line with international standards! The clinical trials of medical devices to the system default!

4 1, the State Drug Administration issued "on the adjustment of medical devices in clinical trials program approval notice" pointed out: since the medical device clinical trial approval and acceptance of the application for 60 working days from th

top-trust @ 2019/04/02

HUAWEI entered the medical device, so the layout of medical ecology!!!

HUAWEI to change the company's business scope, new medical equipment sales business. This is two months to third capital giants in the medical device industry to enter. According to eye check information, HUAWEI terminal company in March 21st changed

top-trust @ 2019/03/27

Fudan Zhangjiang one-day soared 26.35% can become the first enterprise in biological branch

Board to launch branch investment institutions, enterprises branch came good signal. The move will further promote scientific and technological innovation tide? Which bio pharmaceutical companies will be the first landing branch board? The board intends t

top-trust @ 2019/03/12

In 2019, 8 big opportunities in the medical device industry trends!

With the further deepening of China's reform and opening up, social construction, economic construction and cultural construction has entered a new period of development. In this social context, the public demand for health care is gradually increased

top-trust @ 2019/03/07

The financing lease of medical devices will be released!

The day before, "the implementation of the comprehensive reform of the business environment in Guangzhou City, the pilot scheme" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") officially issued, 43 put forward specific reform measures, which will

top-trust @ 2019/02/12

Shanghai Kechuang floor board! Movie medical and many other medical companies to be listed

The day before, China Commission issued the "opinions" on the establishment of branch board in Shanghai stock exchange and the pilot of the registration system, registration system clear in the board of the Shanghai stock exchange pilot branch, re

top-trust @ 2019/02/11

Confirm: 2 August 14-15, Sino US economic and trade talks in beijing!

Yesterday (June 9 2) 7 o'clock in the evening, the Ministry of Commerce official news release, Sino US economic and trade high-level consultations will be held 2 April 14-15 held in beijing. The news, the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the Sta

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700 million! Diving medical announced the new action

Diving medical disposable ho throw nearly 700 million, a capital subsidiary, the establishment of investment funds. 575 million capital subsidiary recently, A shares of listed companies issued a number of medical diving medical bulletin said, will use the

top-trust @ 2019/02/09

In 2019 there will be 500 county-level hospitals to upgrade to three hospitals (with provincial planning)

In 2019, the second batch of 500 county-level hospitals will be upgraded to three grade hospital! 1 March 10, the national health management work conference held in beijing. Clear 2019 years Weijian Medical Affairs medical work, will promote the deepening

top-trust @ 2019/01/22

Concord, Huaxi, 301 war, Mayo General Hospital of Cleveland, Massachusetts General Hospital, the best hospital PK!

Select their top three hospital China two list, compared from many dimensions, "the best interpretation of Sino US trump hospital". Source: the medical profession think-tank business, the contents of cooperation, please contact the rain medical ne

top-trust @ 2019/01/18