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Dispel "the burden of youth burden", let people see the benefits of reducing the burden.

Before the return of the author, children's academic burden is heavy, which is a great worry for the education sector. Nowadays, how to reduce children's burden has become a big worry for the education sector. Not long ago, an article on "pare

todaytopic @ 2019/11/07

Associate professor told zoo, "face recognition first case" to disclose what privacy risks

In October this year, Guo Bing, an associate professor of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, received a text message from the wildlife world in Hangzhou. It was said that the annual card users needed to "brush their faces" before entering the park. Guo

todaytopic @ 2019/11/05

Fascination with "card tourism" is not a good phenomenon.

The special author, Xiong Zhi, "eleven" golden week has just passed. By the comprehensive estimation of the Ministry of culture and tourism, the country has received 782 million tourists from all over the country, achieving 649 billion 710 million

todaytopic @ 2019/10/09

In the three grade, we began to learn mathematics, so who really offended the "curriculum reform"?

Xiong Zhisan, a special author, began his math class. In 4 years, he finished 6 years of primary school mathematics content. A few years of curriculum reform in Chibi primary school in Hubei was suddenly canceled, triggering a heated discussion among neti

todaytopic @ 2019/09/25

A bucket is used to remove the makeup for the students. The problem of the school is not only "rough".

Wen Jie Liu Wenzhao recently, a video of fire - a middle school teacher in Guizhou put a bucket at the door, not for fire prevention, but to remove makeup for girls. Some people think that students should have the support of a student, but some people thi

todaytopic @ 2019/09/12

Why did so many stars fail to survive the Tanabata Festival?

The contributing author came to the seventh day of the festival. In modern times, this festival is considered to be a native Chinese Valentine's day. Although there are disputes over the origin of misunderstanding and the nature of festivals, the story of

todaytopic @ 2019/08/07

The first major cause of death is stroke: Chinese people should eat less salt.

Wen Jie Liu Wenzhao's two days, the Chinese people's "heavy taste" is also a hot topic. The media has introduced the latest research results of the international authoritative medical journal Lancet: studying and analyzing the causes of death in 34 provin

todaytopic @ 2019/07/11

The progress of the playground burial case; Trump responded to the call to stop playing Iran and other hot spots today.

Minimalist information, brisk reading! Pick up the evening news, select daily information to help you get hot information efficiently. The results of the national college entrance examination have been released today. The suspect is still a cadre figure.

todaytopic @ 2019/06/22

Behind the prohibition of high salaries for talent from the Midwest is the huge gap between the rich and the poor in Colleges and universities.

Special author Yu Yu Han forbids the east to rob talents from the Midwest and Northeast China with high salaries? Recently, a central opinion on further promoting the spirit of scientists and strengthening the style and style of study has aroused wide con

todaytopic @ 2019/06/14

The average wage that can not be understood is not just a matter of "no delay".

Wen Ding Ding Yang in May 30th, Beijing announced the average annual salary in 2018, which was 94 thousand yuan. This number naturally envied the netizens in many places, while many netizens in Beijing still sighed "being averaged" and "dragging their leg

todaytopic @ 2019/06/04

69 patients with HCV infection: who gave the hospital the courage to make mistakes again?

Wen Jie Liu Wenzhao this morning, Jiangsu hemodialysis patients infected with hepatitis C incident screen. According to official notification, the Dongtai people's hospital confirmed that 69 cases of HCV infection. The expert group investigation confi

todaytopic @ 2019/05/28

"100 shares also come to the shareholders' meeting, I do not know what is the heart of the house": Why are Chinese investors confused?

The special author Lu Lu Peng "you retail", "today there are many shareholders, only 100 shares, also to participate in the shareholders' meeting, I do not know where he is". Recently, Li Wenmei, Secretary of MINDRAY medical board, mad

todaytopic @ 2019/05/16

The emigration of college entrance examination has been attacked. Can the "Hengshui Dai Pei mode" pass?

Wen Yang Ding Yang, Shenzhen Education Bureau recently announced that the Fuyuan school, which attracted attention, has 32 candidates belonging to the "college entrance examination immigrants", which will cancel their qualification in the Shenzhen

todaytopic @ 2019/05/15

The re evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine injection for ten years does not start the mystery

The | Ding Yang "with the $6 million 500 thousand Standford" admissions fraud case continues to ferment, step pharmaceutical and its flagship drug Danhong injection also pushed up in the teeth of the storm. These two days, the media Wang Zhian pub

todaytopic @ 2019/05/11

In the "learning" in Cao Ying Han: do you agree with this new mode of migration for the college entrance examination?

From the entrance to | contributing author and only a month, some parents and students in Shenzhen do not calm. This sudden mood, from a the second mock exam exam. Different, and simulation test before the examination, at the Shenzhen site, suddenly a gro

todaytopic @ 2019/05/08

Ma Yun and talking about the struggle, who will give "strivers" a bowl of chicken soup?

A few days before the conversation | Ding Yang Jack Ma, plus a micro-blog yesterday, a 996 increase to the high point of discussion. The core idea is Ma Yun, "I'm not 996 defense, I pay tribute to the struggle, a" boss asked the staff to work

todaytopic @ 2019/04/15

Cancel the independent recruitment, liberal arts students: why is my turn to suffer?

The | Ding Yang since March 2019, the independent recruitment plan released in succession, in no accident "tightening" trend, a concern of the phenomenon is that many schools simply cancel the independent recruitment of arts. Still more than scien

todaytopic @ 2019/04/01

Do not change the important, occupation education how attractive?

The field of education | Yang Sanxi senior media people start pilot work 1 + X "certificate, improve the level of treatment of high skill talents, promote the occupation college graduates settled in, employment, and institutions participating in the r

todaytopic @ 2019/02/21

The big data exposing 50 thousand couples divorce reasons, only ranked eight derailed in your letter? | ah tabloid

Hello, I wish a happy lantern festival! This also means that we must immediately enter the track = = see this week in our small program "ah" which is worth watching the news, two days before we work, the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People's Cou

todaytopic @ 2019/02/18

A group of parents too upstage, we forget who is learning.

"Together with parents, have more right to speak; the advanced communication technology, but also broke the home school information imbalance. Parents are no longer stuck to the passive side, but in the parents group exercise the function of supervisi

todaytopic @ 2019/02/01