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Tencent musician force party enjoys music live in the live season S2 City awakening season.

The summer wind makes the city very dry, not only the green plants grow strong, but also the small restaurants call for the door, and the breath of life is warm. Slowly, in the evening, there was a big grandpa pulling the erhu beside the holly, and the ch

tingkuwo @ 2020/05/22

You are with me, I have no money, I am sorry, I am sorry.

"If you are with me, I have no money, I am sorry, I am sorry". If I do not look carefully, I will think that it is an emotional blogger rather than a singer. He is Ma ya, the rickety and sluggish ballad of Beijing. Born in 1989, he was a native Be

tingkuwo @ 2020/05/18

The six edition of the creative camp like you is really good.

Riding on the warm May wind, the Creation Camp 2020 finally launched, the program system changed, the opening of the game was staged by the gods, the strongest dance took turns battle, the strongest vocal crossover. Among them, "like you" this tre

tingkuwo @ 2020/05/06

Welcome to the "cosmetic game". Let's change the radio drama "cosmetic game".

If you move your hand to P picture, you will become "beautiful face" and your life will be changed from "hard mode" to "opening and hanging mode". Are you willing to pay any price for beauty? Look at comics, golden hill original, c

tingkuwo @ 2020/04/21

From then on to accompany you till now, Rene Liu's songs will only be understood if he goes through experience.

The most classic "later" was sung for twenty years. The girl who collapsed on stage and cried to herself, though it seems to be painful now. Who is she? It's milk tea. It's Rene. It's Rene Liu, whom we all love. There is a passage in h

tingkuwo @ 2020/04/18

Official announcement! Chai Chen, the anchor of the talk show, is the only music player in my music.

In March 20th, cool music signed an exclusive "Cao Chen talk show" anchor, Cao Chen, who brought a more pure performance to the talk show, and created an enjoyable ear feast for the audience. Tencent Music Entertainment Group's cool music has

tingkuwo @ 2020/03/20

Who says fist is not the power of women? Zhang Weili, the first Asian man

Click to enter the cool music program, listen to Zhang Weili's speech, "experience time and courage" "to participate in this competition is not easy, now my motherland is in the epidemic, I came here, I have been through many countries, it

tingkuwo @ 2020/03/10

"Model reading" bullying the great joy City, we all the way public welfare colleague.

This is the last winter of 1910s. I wonder if it will be a special year for you. Cool music combined with China Youth Daily, Zhongqing online jointly created the first youth audio sharing program to read and share. Through reading, it transformed words in

tingkuwo @ 2019/12/22

After more than 10 years, Hu Ge waited for the first movie actor.

In the gathering of the southern station, the familiar "Li Xiaoyao" and "Mei Chang Su" became another person. After more than 10 years, Hu Ge waited for the first movie actor. Presumably this day, he waited for a long time. From the age of

tingkuwo @ 2019/12/10

Northeast Divine Comedy 20 years: reality upward, ideal downward

"On the left, draw a rainbow with me on the Dragon / right side". With a wolf disco, the old uncle of the jewel will add another one to the northeast of China. Two days ago, a story was written about the old uncle. He sang Haizi, spent two years t

tingkuwo @ 2019/12/06

In December 5th, Li Ronghao had something to announce.

It's really not easy to be a fan of Li Ronghao! I hope he has been in love and marriage for four years. I hope his new song will be a year first. It will be hard to wait until October. Fortunately, good things will happen tomorrow. In December 5th, 00

tingkuwo @ 2019/12/05

Tear up "little witch". How is Mavis Fan doing for more than 20 years?

"I was looking for myself for a while. I thought I found it, but actually I was more confused because I didn't agree with myself anymore. Actually, I didn't need to find it at all. That's me." From Mavis Fan, "the scribbling",

tingkuwo @ 2019/12/03

Hang out!

Saturday! Hang out! A song that I like very much, a very good band. Is it pleasant to hear? Like, just look at it.

tingkuwo @ 2019/12/01

Why only A-Sun can sing the loneliness so well?

There are many female singers with husky features, such as Tanya Chua, the talented girl and Karen Mok. There are also many female singers who are able to enjoy the songs, and such as "Valen Hsu" and "love song" Fish Leong. Sorrow and heal

tingkuwo @ 2019/11/29

19 years later, I finally waited for this song.

Do you remember that spring spring pig in 2000? More than 10 years ago... The boys and girls of that year have stepped into society and even become parents. If you remember, today's article may remind you of your laughter and tears. However, people wh

tingkuwo @ 2019/11/27

More than free tickets! Come on, I listen to hip hop bags and show you abdominal muscles.

At the end of the article, there are benefits not to sell cars, not to sell houses, not to sell buns, but to sell only for a few minutes. The burden is endless. Hip hop shop is a crosstalk group dedicated to creating quality comedy content. Founded in 200

tingkuwo @ 2019/11/22

Why is she a "rare animal"?

"Singer 2019" seventh recording of the scene, those familiar with the heart of the name, such as Liu Huan, Chyi Yu, has already released the charm on the stage. The gorgeous lights converge, and the enthusiastic audience slowly pullback to the sea

tingkuwo @ 2019/11/12

Xiao Zhan, Wu Yifan, Liu Yuning, Zhou Shen... One week's deep feeling please accept the cool new week's song.

The second week of November begins! What kind of new songs were there last week (11.04-11.10)? The following songs have been on the top of last week's cool music new song list. Let's listen to them. Click on the "read the original" can go

tingkuwo @ 2019/11/11

He can sing the life of Jin Yong's master.

If there is no music, life is a mistake. On the day of TAOLU MUSIC1985, Jonathan Lee eats in a restaurant, and a boy singing with his guitar is singing in his ear. He can not help but raise his ears. The voice was clean and loud. It sounded very special.

tingkuwo @ 2019/10/31

In addition to staying up late to watch S9, you can't miss this LOL competition.

This year's LOL S9 events are in full swing. I believe that many fans will have to watch the live broadcast of the night. Faker plays four people, ThyShy ThyShy, Carrie's flying skill, small sky blind monk robbing Dragon... Makes you feel the fast

tingkuwo @ 2019/10/17