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After 20 years of hard work, shell's first day of listing in the United States soared 87.2%

On the evening of August 13, Beijing time, shell house search, a real estate trading and service platform, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock code of "BEKE", becoming the "first share of China's residential

technode @ 2020/08/14

The Normandy landing time of the ideal car

On the evening of July 30, ideal automobile was officially listed on the Nasdaq stock market of the United States with the stock code of "Li", becoming the second new Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprise to land on the US stock market after

technode @ 2020/07/31

Shared health: AI lights up health industry in post epidemic Era

In mid July, the 2020 world artificial intelligence health summit, with the theme of Zhilian world · shared health, discussed the new application of artificial intelligence in public health field in the post epidemic era, and discussed the development tre

technode @ 2020/07/31

Mutics smart glasses: breaking heavy and boring smart glasses can also be cool and colorful

In the field of intelligent wearable, intelligent glasses have always been a very special product. Since 2012, Google glass has ushered in the era of smart glasses. In the following eight years, Microsoft, Intel, Huawei and other companies have entered th

technode @ 2020/07/29

It is reported that Apple's IPO application was held in the U.S

Selected news reports say Apple may delay its full return to work in 2021. Affected by the covid-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, Apple has encouraged office and retail employees in the United States to work from home. However, with the number o

technode @ 2020/07/25

Global new energy vehicles increase in summer

Icebin, author of moving point science and technology, is coming in summer and will be promoted to the third quarter in 2020. This is the most important time for car manufacturers to push their products into the market. In this article, we will make a big

technode @ 2020/07/24

Autox obtained the second California all driverless license; LETV holdings was listed as the executee | Evening News

Selected news autox won the second California all driverless license plate: waymo is not required in the car. After that, China's auto driving company autox has won the world's second California fully driverless manned license plate. On July 17, l

technode @ 2020/07/19

Intelligent driving continues to break through, domestic and foreign technologies enter the deep water area | moving point vehicles

With the advancement of technology, the market of automatic driving begins to surge, which will soon set off a huge wave. And in the field of automatic driving technology, there is also a grand occasion of ten thousand arrows. According to McKinsey report

technode @ 2020/07/15

Exclusive interview] Xu Jiajia, flying on the "new infrastructure" train, what spark can AI burst out?

Chen Xiao, "science and technology writer," suggested that "in the first two years, it was suggested that the real estate industry should be launched. Now we really enter the field of infrastructure, but the infrastructure we talk about today

technode @ 2020/07/01

Dripping autopilot on-line; Apple invented ultra-thin touch display technology evening news.

Selected news dripping autopilot services on line: new technology will bring drivers new career Sina Technology News, Shanghai intelligent network Union car scale manned demonstration application started today, dripping for the first time for the public t

technode @ 2020/06/27

Volvo is working with Waymo; Tesla is officially involved in lithium battery production.

Selected news Volvo and Waymo cooperate to arrange L4 level automatic driving technology sina science and technology news, Volvo announced a strategic cooperation with Waymo of automatic driving technology company, Waymo will become the exclusive partner

technode @ 2020/06/26

A hundred schools of thought contend, the 2020 second half of the year, the new energy vehicle listing hot spot.

In the second half of ICEBIN2020, the major car companies began to exert their strength to new models, and at the same time push them to the market to compete for gold sales in the second half of the year. BYD Han, strong attack as BYD's first medium

technode @ 2020/06/24

HUAWEI will set up a new chip base in the UK; SpaceX will apply for a telecommunications licence evening news.

Selected news SpaceX has applied for a telecom licence to provide NetEase chain information service to Canada. According to foreign media reports, SpaceX has applied for telecommunications licences in Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting, television and Tele

technode @ 2020/06/21

Rui Xing coffee held a shareholders' meeting in July 5th, and the US cyclists will test all the nucleic acids in Beijing evening.

In June 20th, the US mission announced that it had taken the initiative to defend the security line for the first time. Under the guidance of the government departments, it has organized all nucleic acid tests in Beijing takeaway riders, upgraded the cont

technode @ 2020/06/21

Apple plans to launch Apple Card staging service; Ctrip set up industry VC evening news.

Selected news Apple plans to launch the Apple Card installment service with 12 interest free TechWeb messages. According to foreign media reports, Apple Corp plans to launch an official credit card Apple Card interest free installment service, which will

technode @ 2020/06/07

Five points to understand the science and technology elements in the government work report

Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, made a report on the work of the government at the three session of the thirteen National People's Congress on June 22, MELA CHAN5. This year's government work report has been shortened compared with the p

technode @ 2020/05/26

Titanium technology: a hardware start-up company that creates extreme experience for E-sports.

Li Xiaofeng, who is the world's first person to defend the WCG Warcraft project, won the championship in the 2005 MELA War3 project, and won the title in 2005. Ten years after the peak of his career, he announced his formal exit from W in 2015.

technode @ 2020/05/19

Eggshell apartment responds to App shelves; China Mobile launches 5G news App evening news.

Selected news HUAWEI joined the first batch of 18 car companies to set up the "5G auto ecosphere" in May 9th. HUAWEI official website announced that the "5G automobile ecosphere" was formally established to speed up the commercial process

technode @ 2020/05/10

Founding partner capital Liang: how can 5G become an industry innovation engine? Annual list of ChinaBang Awards 2020 5G applications

The ChinaBang Awards 2020 online awards ceremony, sponsored by mobile dot technology, has come to a close. The first award is based on the "online Award" + "big coffee dialogue", which is based on eight fields and two special lead-edge tec

technode @ 2020/05/05

The ChinaBang Awards 2020 online awards ceremony is coming to an end. The annual list is announced.

The ChinaBang Awards 2020 online awards ceremony, sponsored by mobile dot technology, has come to a close. For the first time, eight fields (5G application, real estate technology, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent retail, future travel, educatio

technode @ 2020/04/30