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Well known applications are black! Official emergency release solution

No need to cross the morning and evening crowds crowded in the narrow public transport, people can control the company's computers anywhere at any time and place offices. There are many advantages that enable telecommuting companies to be accepted by

techmiao @ 2019/10/13

Hung Meng OS comprehensive interpretation: not just rumors "spare tire"

It is no mistake to describe the past HUAWEI Developers Conference (HDC2019) with great attention. In this more than 5000 person scale and massive conference, HUAWEI showed its muscles in a big way: after the sanctions storm, its performance is still grow

techmiao @ 2019/08/13

After seeing the pilot data of carrying number to network, I decided not to change.

The expected number of network transfer services will soon be implemented. In May, the Executive Council of the State Council decided to carry out the network of carrying numbers in the whole country before the end of November. In August 1st, the Ministry

techmiao @ 2019/08/02

Vivo first 5G mobile experience: 10 seconds to finish a blu ray movie, August "cost price" listing

In July 28th, vivo officially launched the 5G neighbor program in Xiamen. According to introducing, this "5G neighbour plan" aims at enabling consumers to experience the 5G network and products under the first line of vivo offline store in 5G network city

techmiao @ 2019/07/28

Another upcoming 5G mobile phone price is exposed. I can't believe it.

After ZTE and HUAWEI, 5G mobile phone details of another mobile phone manufacturer were exposed. On the evening of July 26th, iQOO's 5G phone was displayed on the advertising platform of some platforms. Considering that the iQOO official has already annou

techmiao @ 2019/07/27

At last! HUAWEI self research operation system release time determination

Google, who was "off the grain" by HUAWEI and started the spare tire plan, formally announced to the outside world the existence of Hong Kong's own research system. The words "domestic OS" and "self research system" easily ignited people's yearning for "m

techmiao @ 2019/07/11

5G business ahead of schedule, after many years of hardships and hardships, "ripened and fallen".

How hot is the concept of 5G? A recent picture illustrates the problem: as the fifth generation mobile communication network that has been in the industry for many years, 5G is widely believed to bring about changes in all aspects of our future life. At l

techmiao @ 2019/06/19

HUAWEI executives confirm that the company is preparing to replace Android with Hong Meng, which will be released in a few months.

As we all know, due to the "HUAWEI entity list" incident, Android System Development Corp Google was forced to announce a partial suspension of its business with HUAWEI in May 20th, including the refusal to provide HUAWEI with Android update and p

techmiao @ 2019/06/16

There are two owners who protest the communication base station, and the operators are forced to take a hard hand.

Recently, a bulletin published by three operators of the China Tower Pingtan branch triggered a heated debate on the Internet. The announcement shows that some owners of Pingtan World City District in Fujian strongly request the demolition of the base sta

techmiao @ 2019/05/26

HUAWEI is facing a severe test again! A number of US technology giants have suspended cooperation.

HUAWEI today is undoubtedly in trouble. According to Reuters quoted sources, Google's parent company Alphabet has suspended some of its business dealings with HUAWEI. The media said Google will no longer carry out business with HUAWEI to transfer hard

techmiao @ 2019/05/21

手游外设对操作到底有多大提升? We carried out practical experience

这两天,《和平精英》(《刺激战场》)终于过审,作为一名从Steam上的PUBG就一直在征战的沙场老兵,这几天又有点沉迷,原因无他,新赛季快快冲分才是正经事。 As the mobile phone evaluation is Mobile Games editor, severe game player actually a very happy thing, the first time to experience a variety of models, and then

techmiao @ 2019/05/14

Want to experience 5G mobile phone how fast? The opportunity now!

Yesterday afternoon, located in Beijing Wukesong OPPO super flagship store overcrowding, on-site "5G experience center" is particularly striking, the presence of people have a question: Although this year is the first year of commercial 5G, the ma

techmiao @ 2019/05/11

The world's first 5G mobile phone officially on sale, see the download speed to buy, asked to give up after the package price......

In February this year, MWC 19 was held on the eve of Samsung released the world's first true 5G Galaxy S10 5G mobile phone in the United States of New York (hereinafter referred to as S10 5G). And in the Qingming Festival, this product is officially l

techmiao @ 2019/04/09

The oath within 3 years China 1/3 connected smart appliances, HUAWEI in the HiLink ecosystem conference said what?

"China each sold 3 units of mobile phone, there is a HUAWEI (HUAWEI + glory), and by the end of this year, HUAWEI's goal is to sell two units each have a smart mobile phone, HUAWEI, HUAWEI Glory + sales this year is expected to reach 2.5 to 260 mi

techmiao @ 2019/03/16

Number portability will be fully implemented, except for the operator, and can pick up these cheap

NPC and CPPCC during mobile communication problems once again on the agenda, in addition to the speed drop charges a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the meeting also pointed out that before the end of this year to the full realization of the work xieh

techmiao @ 2019/03/13

No, these technology products can do so? Write copy homework, online shopping robot smart watches play games...

Previous studies have shown that children learn to swim in today, shoelaces, do they have breakfast before, can control the mouse, playing computer games and becoming more and more popular use of intelligent mobile phone. Although science and technology h

techmiao @ 2019/02/25

Mobile phone charges 8000, twice as expensive, 5G will cost much higher?

This year, the Ministry will begin issuing temporary 5G license, mobile phone manufacturers will gradually launch the first batch of 5G mobile phone, previously, China Mobile expects the first 5G mobile phone price will be more than 8000 yuan, which does

techmiao @ 2019/02/20

APP suspected of stealing user privacy pictures, the Jingdong responded: financial function temporarily offline

Yesterday, a financial Jingdong APP to get users' privacy picture news raged, a micro-blog users upload video, display the whole process of Jingdong financial APP to obtain the user's mobile phone pictures. The users use a Android mobile phone in

techmiao @ 2019/02/17

HUAWEI held a media briefing, the publication of the relevant information MWC

Today, HUAWEI 5G conference and MWC2019 communication will be held in Beijing. This conference although highly targeted, more business, HUAWEI also just yesterday in the micro-blog small notice a bit, but the importance of this conference is in doubt. Why

techmiao @ 2019/01/24

2019 first day, a number of manufacturers and executives announced a big event!

Happy new year! Happy new year! Zhiduanqingchang, action is not clear when young; over the years, not as much as when parting. 2018 has become the past, we ushered in the first day of 2019. In many Chinese heart, even to the spring festival celebration, t

techmiao @ 2019/01/01