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Learning things to stop halfway can not persist. Is this strange child or parent?

A few days ago, CC parents saw a woman leaving a message: when children were young, they took interest classes and changed a lot. Eventually, none of them persisted. At that time, they always felt that those children who were forced to learn by adults wer

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/23

Dad 996, I can only choose 007: is a full-time wife the most regretful choice?

There is such a detail in the recent hit TV drama "the second time is also beautiful." In order to fight for custody of her son, ANN, a full time wife, had to fight with her husband in court but failed in the first instance, because she was a full

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/22

Tian Liang son stealing mother cosmetics: men and women have other education, is harm is not love!

A boy must have a boy, is he? The first two days, Ye Yiqian sent a video on micro-blog, her son Tian Yu Chen unexpectedly took advantage of her unprepared, "steal" use her cosmetics. When it was discovered, the little boy dressed in red, opened th

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/20

Children who are unwilling to show are timid. Grasp these three steps to effectively train children's performance desire.

In December 7th, a 9 year old Chinese girl delivered a speech in English at the twenty-fifth United Nations Conference on climate change held in Madrid, Spain. This outstanding girl named Li Zilin, nearly two minutes of speech, Xiao Lin's expression i

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/19

If you don't write your homework, you should be punished by the train station for begging: what should parents do if they do not win?

Rage will become the pain of a child's life. Recently, a father's strange "education" way is shocked. At 3:30 a.m. in Shanghai, a boy was sent to the railway station by his father. He left a bowl and asked the boy to kneel for food. At fir

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/18

If your child is at the age of 3-9, please cultivate it with your heart.

01 children who do not read have basically the potential of "poor students". Just last weekend, I went to an educational lecture. The keynote speaker of the lecture is a famous teacher who has taken senior three classes for a long time. In the lec

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/17

When your child says, "I don't want to read," your answer is very important.

Child, you do not want to read books very normal, friends say, the recent temperature drop suddenly, getting up and learning is a big problem, almost every day and son to make a scene. Every day I shrink into the quilt and say, "I don't want to re

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/15

Children's "bad manners" let you collapse? In fact, it's just inconsistent with our needs.

Early in the morning, she was angry with her until she vomit blood. She could exhaust all the reserved time, and finally went out in a turmoil. When you get up, you can't wake up. You have to sit in a daze when you wake up. You need to keep on pressin

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/14

Is it embarrassing for children to fail? How can parents help their children out of "achievement anxiety"?

Recently, because the child did not want to take part in the new year's Day party in kindergarten, Lele Ma was anxious to get angry. At last year's class meeting, Lele was both a host and a solo dance. The teachers and other parents praised her fo

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/13

A mother's "wonderful flower" concept of childcare: my monthly salary is 2500, so I can rest assured that I will have a second child.

Xiaobian said: how high is the threshold for raising children? Some people say that 30 thousand or 5 yuan a month do not dare to give birth to a child. "Poor people have children who are selfish and irresponsible." The writer of this article is a

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/12

Seriously speaking to children, he never listens to them? You need to do this...

I saw such a scene in the supermarket yesterday. A mother pulled the child aside and said to the child, "buy sweets every time. What's so good about sugar?" "I don't want to eat," my son did not want to fight against his mother. &#

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/11

A math problem for a 10 year old child, 90% of his parents couldn't answer it.

9, the "small and difficult mathematics training class", which has long been a low priority for mathematics achievement, is limited to the number of primary and secondary school students. Suitable: middle class - Junior High School scan code, sele

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/10

When a child stole money, his mother will benefit from her life.

A few days ago, I suddenly received a phone call from my son's classmates and mother. She hesitated to tell me that his son gave his classmates 100 yuan, entrusted him to buy the boys' favorite cards, and promised to give 2 boxes to the students a

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/09

"Your mother has the final say!" The best family education is no "double mark".

When she was chatting with her colleagues, she shared with me something like this: one evening, the child suddenly said to me, "mom is a bad mother, dad is a good father." Hearing this, Tong Tong was shocked and asked the child, "why do you sa

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/08

"My father knew it was wrong." the 5 year old daughter cried for her father: her parents' words and deeds were the best education for their children.

Inadvertently, I saw such a news. A 36 year old man took his 5 year old daughter to the railway station to send his father back to his hometown by train. When he sent his father to the platform, he asked the conductor where the berth was, because he thoug

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/07

What do children do when they are taken away by others? This mother's practice has been praised by thousands of people.

Some time ago, I saw a news: a foreign mother took her children to play in the park. Just when her son pulled out his toys enthusiastically, he found himself surrounded. A group of strange children were coming around to see his toys, and there were still

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/05

Behind the family violence, those panic stricken children are even more painful.

Recently, news of domestic violence shocked our eyes and hurt our hearts. Before the beauty of the blogger's blood and tears, he had the latest revelations of Jiang Xin Fu's new girlfriend, and the most distressing thing was another cold blood vid

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/04

Why do daughters need to be spoiled? After watching this video, I was tied up.

ID:nverpai 01 recently moved by a special wedding video. A girl in the United States was deaf for a few years ago because of a car accident. She could not hear her ears. Father is not good at sign language. He always guesses his daughter wrong. His daught

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/02

"Mom, will the teacher not like me?" Your answer is very important.

When my daughter came back from class last week, she felt depressed and came back and locked herself in the room. She was so distracted when she was eating that she didn't even respond to her favorite cartoons. After a shower in the evening, she sudde

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/01

Do children compromise when they cry? Parents who have no principles can not afford children who have rules.

Last night, my son, who was one year old and 7 months old, cried and cried for more than half an hour. The reason is only that when he goes to bed, he suddenly points to the mobile phone to watch cartoons, and I will not give it to him. At that time, I hu

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/11/30