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China's top 16 dynamic: Hengda Guoan core return to Jianye TEDA and other managers

In July 25th, the 2020 season will be officially launched. In the first stage, the 16 teams were based on the above season results. They were divided into two groups of A and B through the serpentine grouping. The A group played in the Dalian division, an

sportssohu @ 2020/07/07

The Lakers will be two champions of the tournament.

Before this season's suspension, the Lakers were recognized as one of the highest performing teams, and were also recognized as the favourites to win the championship. Under the leadership of James and the thick eyebrows, the Lakers went forward, not

sportssohu @ 2020/06/29

Mayo's first show cut 28 points, Guo Xiao cut 32 points, Guangzhou narrowly lost to Liaoning.

Beijing time on June 23rd, CBA League rematch stage continued, Liaoning team against Guangzhou team, in the game to Beijing team, Liaoning team emergency use of foreign aid Meo, gave up the qualification of the entire Chinese team. This is also the first

sportssohu @ 2020/06/23

New progress in Kobe's crash investigation: lost in pilot fog

Beijing time on June 18th, January this year, a helicopter crashed, resulting in the Losangeles Lakers, including the legendary Kobe Bryant, a total of 9 people died. On Wednesday, the US transportation and Safety Committee (NTSB) issued a new report expl

sportssohu @ 2020/06/18

Depth - live Chinese soccer players under the tide: the big shots of international football players are double-edged sword.

"Now is the era of universal participation in live broadcasting. Everyone can broadcast live, let sports practitioners re recognize the ability and value of online. Liu Jianhong, a former CCTV sports director, made such a speech in this year's onl

sportssohu @ 2020/06/02

Who is the real king of warrior Durant? Jinzhou team merit review

Last season, when the warriors lost to the Raptors in the finals, Durant fled Broolyn, and the Jinzhou Dynasty collapsed. But over the past year or so, the experience of this dynasty, especially the three years of the warriors after Durant's accession

sportssohu @ 2020/05/25

Deep reading: Sloan's life of villain is not accompanied by running the emperor.

In the world of film, if there is no big villain, the superhero's achievements will be dim. A great drama of fighting evil and evil will soon be dull because of the lack of opposites. And in the world of sports, in the arena of basketball, there are a

sportssohu @ 2020/05/24

Depth - Harland power speed perfect integration of flexible location to seize opportunities.

Harland has become the most popular superstar in the European football world this season, and Harland has maintained a high scoring efficiency in Salzburg and Dortmund. The genius of God has such a high gloss performance, there must be his unique personal

sportssohu @ 2020/05/21

Depth - Super reboot is a wishful thinking of the Football Association. Reality brings great uncertainty.

Beijing time May 18th, the result of the application of the Chinese Super League's application was rejected by the General Administration of physical education. Some people's aspirations were lost. In fact, the Chinese Football Association's s

sportssohu @ 2020/05/18

Zhu Chenjie withdrew from the current training session due to thigh strain and recruited Cai Huikang.

Beijing time on May 10th, the Chinese Football Association official announced that the Shanghai midfielder Cai Huikang will be recruited. He will accompany the team to take part in the new stage of national football training in Shanghai in May 10th. Meanw

sportssohu @ 2020/05/10

Deep interpretation Chen Xu Yuan outlined the season blueprint A/B grouping amplification contingency factors

On the evening of May 7th Beijing time, Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, accepted CCTV interview, responded to the national team preparation, the adjustment of the league match, the super reserve team hit the B, the salary reduct

sportssohu @ 2020/05/09

Deep reading: a new way to go after college basketball NBA basketball players

The epidemic is still spreading throughout the United States, and NBA is still struggling to get back to work. But during the epidemic, Adam Shaw people were not idle. On the one hand, they were holding various video conferences, trying every means to res

sportssohu @ 2020/05/07

Restart hopeless? NBA team will give fans suggestions for refund of tickets.

Beijing time May 5th, reports from Samas Athletic, a famous journalist from The Athletic, said that informed sources revealed that the NBA will start on Monday, local time, and offer advice on refund and credit policy to fans because of the suspension of

sportssohu @ 2020/05/05

Depth - Super salary cut sensitive, but must face the interests of the game, too many concerns.

The current outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the world has brought great calamities to the health and safety of all mankind. At the same time, it has also affected everyone's life and work in all aspects, of which football is the case.

sportssohu @ 2020/04/30

When the league starts to play football association, it is hard to confirm 6.20 or just an ideal deduction.

With the gradual control of the domestic epidemic, when the Super League started, it became the focus of media attention. Recently, it is reported that the Chinese Super League is expected to start in June 20th and complete the annual event by December 31

sportssohu @ 2020/04/18

Exclusive - winning flower car advertising to Hengda fined super company: punishment is based on regulations

Beijing time on April 12th, Guangzhou Evergrande Club suddenly issued a document on the official website, protesting against the super company's judgement of the Hengda club's 2019 season celebrating the illegal advertising, and deducting the divi

sportssohu @ 2020/04/12

Depth: alphabet, two degree evolution, outlook, short board can be followed by three great gods.

If there is no accident, Yanis - de - de - "MVP" will win the regular season second years in a row. As the league's popular fried chicken, the alphabet is the nightmare of many defensive players and the irreplaceable core of the bucks. More im

sportssohu @ 2020/04/10

No harm to the season, single prize, James, MVP, hegemony.

NBA has been suspended for more than 20 days, during which the new crown epidemic spread more and more wildly in the United States. Seeing that the number of infected people in the United States has reached the top 200 thousand in the world by breaking th

sportssohu @ 2020/04/03

Deep interpretation of the new rules of visa: China's super restart is not possible in the long term.

In March 26th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice in March 26th, which temporarily suspended foreigners from entering China visa and residence permit at 0 o'clock in March 28th. This is actually equivalent to temporarily closing the passa

sportssohu @ 2020/03/27

An unlucky year? Du Shao's drama life abandons the warrior shooting net again meets the twists and turns.

Two days ago, the NBA alliance, which had been depressed due to the suspension, was again sending bad news. Broolyn's basketball team appeared 4 confirmed players of the new crown virus, and the only one who revealed the name was none other than the f

sportssohu @ 2020/03/20