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Sports industry breakfast 7.11 | 2020 King glory World Championship total prize 32 million Shenhua released independent commercial brand

The total bonus for hot events on May 21, 2001 is as high as 32 million! The gold pool of the 2020 King's glory World Championship was officially announced. On July 10, Beijing time, KPL King's glory professional league announced the gold pool of

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Beckham, a sports industry breakfast, invested in the British competition company, Wu Dajing, to become a close friend of Chopin brand.

Liaoning May men's basketball team: Guo Shiqiang's outgoing coach Yang Ming exercised his coach's rights in June 28th. In June 28th, the Liaoning men's basketball team officially confirmed Guo Shiqiang's departure from the post of coac

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Sports industry breakfast 6.26| Liverpool won the first Premiership championship in the history of the second phase of the CBA replay, which will take place in Qingdao.

In the early May, six hot events on Friday, May, Liverpool won the Premiership 7 times in advance. In June 25th, in the thirty-first round of the Premier League, Chelsea won 2-1. The loss of Manchester City means that there is no suspense in the champions

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Sports industry breakfast 6.25, New York, Berlin marathon also announced the abolition of the film "biography of Sun Yang" in 2021.

New York's Berlin marathon also announced the cancellation of Beijing time at the end of May, the five Thursday hot event in early May. The New York marathon and Berlin marathon announced that the competition was cancelled this year. At this point, th

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Sports industry breakfast 6.21 merit meritorious gymnastics coach Lu Shanzhen died, exposing NBA to set up trading window for each team.

In May, a hot event in early May, Lu Shanzhen, a gymnastic merit coach in China, died of heart disease and trained many Olympic champions such as Liu Xuan and Cheng Fei in June 20th. A number of media reports reported that the Chinese gymnastics merit coa

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Sports industry breakfast 6.17| Beijing stop opening foot basket volleyball and other sports Bayern advance two rounds defending Germany's Bundesliga

In April, twenty-six hot events on Wednesday, April, Beijing launched the two level response: stop opening the foot basket and other sports events, close the sports fitness venues in June 16th, and at the 121st press conference on the prevention and contr

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Sports industry breakfast 6.14| Wu Lei broke the door to help the Spaniard get a good start in the semi-finals. The Beijing Football Association suspended all kinds of football matches.

In April, the twenty-three Sunday hot event in Spain, Weiss won the best match in June 13th. The Spanish team defeated 2:0 in the first match after the first round of the Spanish league match. Wu Lei scored well and scored eighth goals in the season. Afte

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Breakfast in sports industry 6.13| Beijing has suspended all kinds of sports events, Juventus broke into the Italy Cup final for the nineteenth time.

Twenty-two years of hot events on April, April, Beijing, Beijing. The resumption of sports events will be announced in June 12th. The sports competition management center of Beijing will issue a notice to suspend all kinds of sports events from now on. Th

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The sports industry breakfast 6.9| Football Association invited Zhang Wenhong and other 3 people to serve as an expert in epidemic prevention. Spain will observe a minute of silence before all league

In April, eighteen hot events on Tuesday, April, the General Administration of sports and Public Health Qigong exercise prescriptions were eligible for 30% copyright. It is widely used in China or in the ancient Chinese classics, but it has not been colle

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Sports industry breakfast 6.5, NBA, Guan Xuan, August 1st, restart the Super League or restart in mid July.

Orlando, the fourteen hot event on Friday April, will restart the 22 teams in Beijing on June 5th in August 1st. NBA officially announced that the board formally passed 22 teams' rematch plan, and the restart time was tentatively scheduled for July 31

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The sports industry breakfast 6.4, spurs 1 people new crown test positive 40 strong competition or will start in October.

Thirteen hot events on Thursday, April RNG.Uzi Disconnect! LPL star player Jane is proud to announce his retirement from Beijing on June 3rd. RNG star contestant Jian Zihao (ID:Uzi) has announced her retirement. UZI, who was born in 1997, is 23 years old

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Sports industry breakfast 6.2| CBA foreign aid Hodson participated in Memphis demonstrations briefly arrested Shandong plans to issue 74 million 300 thousand yuan sports consumption coupons.

Hodson, a eleven year hot event on Tuesday April, was arrested in Memphis for a demonstration. It was released on June 2nd. According to WREG, CBA Shandong foreign aid Hodson was arrested by the police for participating in a demonstration in Memphis. It i

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Sports industry breakfast 6.1|31 years ago five player international football game sudden death exposure Guangdong men's basketball team cut salary 50%

Kung Zi Ling ran early in the early April ten Monday hot events before the five member soccer player Zhang Wen kicking sudden death, only 31 years old in May 31st, Ningbo local blogger broke the news: in the afternoon, former Chinese five member national

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Sports industry breakfast 5.24| La June 8th can restart Australia to suspend bidding for 2032 Olympic Games

In the early April, the two Sunday hot spot in April, the Spanish Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirmed that La Liga could restart from the beginning of June 8th. Sanchez said in his speech at Monck Loya Palace: "Spain has done what it should

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Sports industry breakfast $5.20 Keep won $80 million E round of financing James will make basketball themed film.

April Keep hotline event April, won $80 million E round of financing, 2019 online business revenue growth 286%5 month 19, sports technology company Keep officially announced the completion of the 80 million E round of financing at the beginning of this ye

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The sports industry breakfast 5.15, New England, Spanish and MediaPro set up a joint venture, Zhang Yixing became the Chinese street dance Promotion Ambassador.

April, Friday, April, a new hot sports event, new British sports and the Spanish League and MediaPro jointly established a joint venture to create a new sports marketing mode in China. In May 14th, the Spanish League announced a new joint venture with Spa

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Sports industry breakfast 5.10, China Football Association issued a salary reduction proposal CBA is expected to restart in June 15th.

In April, eighteen, April, the Chinese Football Association issued a letter of proposal to reduce salaries: the proposed salary cut ranges from 30% to 50%. In May 8th, the Chinese Football Association issued the proposal on the reasonable adjustment of re

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Sports industry breakfast 5.8| Chen Xuyuan: China Super strives for the start of the end of June and the beginning of July, the contest will be reopened in May 16th.

April sixteen Friday hot event Chen Xuyuan: China Super strives for a major reform at the end of June and the beginning of July. In the evening of May 7th, the president of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan, accepted the interview with Bai Yan

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Sports industry breakfast 5.4| NFL plans to resume competition in September, Puma will sign Stryn with 100 million pounds.

April twelve Monday hot event NFL plan September to resume the game to allow viewers to enter Beijing time May 4th news, recently, the US NFL spokesman Mccarthy said that the alliance will announce the new season's schedule next week, this schedule ha

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Sports industry breakfast 5.3| China Football Association May 18th comprehensive resumption of Korea K tournament May 8th restart

In April, the eleven Sunday hot event in April, the Chinese Football Association returned to work in May 18th. The internal adjustment plan will announce May 2nd news. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, this week, the Chinese Football Association sent

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