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Big businessman, fighting for China

In November 18, 1917, the largest funeral in the Republic of China was held in Shanghai. A year and a half after the death of the Royal cabinet, Sheng Xuanhuai, Minister of post and minister (1844 - 1916), has gone through the wind. For this funeral, the

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Battle of the end of the Tang Dynasty: why heroes do nothing but villains?

Time makes heroes. In the first half of the year (881 years), Datang Changan fell again. The salt merchant Huang Chao expanded, and when he entered the city and called himself Emperor Qi Qi, he said, "the treasure is in me", but I do not know that this mi

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1057, big bang

At the age of 50, Ou Yangxiu, the literary giant, was ordered to be the chief examiner of the imperial examinations. It was in the chilly spring that all the local people packed up their bags and hoped that they would go to Beijing for examination. Nobody

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Who is the happiest poet in Datang?

1 in the first year of Tianbao (742 years), Li Bai and Aichi Aki met in Changan. The two are all wild and heroic poets. They are also drunkard drinkers. Although they are 42 years old, they see each other at the same time. Li Bai, who first arrived in Cha

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He planned to spend 30 years in the world, but God only gave 5 and a half years.

Historians of the Song Dynasty wrote history. Song Taizu and Zhao Kuangyin once lost two teeth on the spot because they couldn't resist a "positive Gang". The servant kept his pain on the floor and picked up his teeth. Zhao Kuangyin mocked, "in what case,

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The fire of Na Zha, they should also fire.

When Na Zha passed back to the Tang Dynasty, the juvenile hero of the later generation was shocked by his true appearance. He started thinking that he was like this: but in fact, he was longer than one thousand years ago: "Na Zha" originated in ancient In

solovehistory @ 2019/08/22

How to save China?

1 in the twenty-one years of Ming Dynasty Wanli (1593), Chen Zhenlong, 50 years old, decided to do a great thing. Unlike Westerners stealing silkworm eggs and tea trees from China, the major event Chen Zhenlong is preparing to do is smuggle a Spanish plan

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Ad 1210, the first month. Lu You, a 85 year old poet of Southern Song Dynasty, was sick. Before he died, he wrote a poem to his sons: the dead yuan knew everything but nothing. In the north of the king's capital, the family sacrifice was not forgotten. Wh

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The dead soldiers: they were 23 years old at the time of their sacrifice.

74 years ago today, in August 15, 1945, the Japanese emperor Yulin officially announced to the whole world through radio that the Japanese army surrendered unconditionally. Fourteen years after the war of resistance, the Chinese people finally came to the

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Lonely star hero tears: 76 year old veteran, the whole family died

In the first year of the Apocalypse (1621), Nur Ha Che, the Late Jin regime, took advantage of the period when he was regarded as the "bear and barbarian son" Xiong Tingbi, who was afraid of the enemy. He was impeached and depressed to return to the count

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After the emperor decides, the world is set.

In February 202 BC, after Han king Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu, he established the Han Dynasty and established capital Luoyang. Liu Bang was very satisfied with Luoyang, and the officers and men who followed him later were also very happy. These people are

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The two most influential families in the Empire have influenced the history for 70 years.

History is written by cattle. Cattle are ordinary women. There are two women in the Western Han Dynasty, who are famous, but no one knows their names. Sima Qian wrote "records of the historian", only to call them "Ao", meaning "old woman" or "woman". A wo

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I, Yangzhou, why not?

1, on the last day of life, in fourteen years (618 years), Suiti and Yang Guang often felt their heads in Jiangdu (Yangzhou), and said, "good head neck, who will be?" At that time, when the world was full of men and women, Suiti still took care of his amu

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500 years brings forth a son: the most fantastic ancient capital in China

There is a pair of stone lions in front of the presidential palace in Nanjing. This stone lion was once said to be very "mysterious". In April 1949, the people's Liberation Army captured the presidential palace and liberated Nanjing. A few days later, the

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Su Shi: there are many friends for a while.

982 years ago, Peng Laoshan, Meishan, Sichuan, was full of flowers, withered grass, birds flying high and wild animals away. A beautiful mountain suddenly turned into barren land. Years later, the villagers in Meishan suddenly understood. In the past year

solovehistory @ 2019/07/28

What is the most competitive area in the Three Kingdoms era?

Jingzhou has special significance in the Three Kingdoms period. This was once the most intense competition among Wei, Shu and Wu, and also the site of many famous Three Kingdoms stories. Xun, who has worked with Cao Cao for many years, has suggested to hi

solovehistory @ 2019/07/11

The war of Empire: a man's struggle

After the rise of new media in recent years, history has rapidly become a popular consumer product. Its meaning has been repeatedly dispelled, and authenticity has been abandoned. In order to seek novelty and attract eyeballs, it can operate without a low

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The death of a hero: a thousand year old injustice

Yu Qian (1398 - 1457), known as "the prime minister in saving time", is a hero who has continued his life for the Ming Dynasty. There have been several spectacular events in life, especially when the organization won the battle of Beijing and the

solovehistory @ 2019/06/23

Why does Zhu Yuanzhang have a pig's waist face?

Reading the history of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang's appearance is a problem that can not be passed around. In our high school history textbook, the Ming Dynasty's founding emperor had grown like this: it is said that now it has been changed: face

solovehistory @ 2019/06/22

How did Yue Fei's special forces be "eliminated"?

Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty, ten years, ad 1140. At that time, just 13 years after the death of the Northern Song Dynasty, after a series of wars at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and the early Southern Song Dynasty, the war between Jin an

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