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China's history did not exist in the sense of the capital, why is it?

The Taiping forces the most abundant time, Xianfeng emperor Zeng Guofan to 7 even under the decree, sometimes after only one day. The empire fell especially occupied half of the country, the finance of the area, Xianfeng anxious dogs, almost lost their se

solovehistory @ 2019/01/08

"Mandarin" is how the birth: every word you say, are tears and conquer

The hidden language, is a tortuous history of China. For the 1 billion 300 million Chinese, Mandarin is now the national common language, however, said in Cantonese, Hakka, Min dialect, Wu dialect, Gan dialect, Xiang dialect and other dialects of the sout

solovehistory @ 2019/01/04

A carry handle city decline, a province with the lost

When the decline of a carry handle of the city, a province with silence. Hebei, Baoding this place cannot do without. In the past hundreds of years, Baoding as the capital of the south gate, plays a very important role. Today, Baoding is not only the city

solovehistory @ 2019/01/03

Sad! A cruel law Lu Xun revealed, also in the news every day staged

Born as a human, you never know, tomorrow and accident which will come first. Some social news recently seen, really make people feel suffocated in the heart. These events have a rule: the weak against the strong cowardice, but brandished a knife to be mo

solovehistory @ 2018/12/28

The core of the Chinese provinces, why most lost?

"Long history", in some places can be turned into wealth, in some places has become a burden. About 90 years ago, in 1927, a provincial tourist in Henan feel "through". He found that, even in the capital city - a famous ancient capital, it

solovehistory @ 2018/12/27

There is a country called The whole army was wiped out..

1 there is a tragic, heroic called suicide. 81 years ago today, December 26, 1937, Qingdao kaohsiung. In the Chinese naval commander of the third fleet under the command of Xie Gangzhe, Chinese navy destroyer "Zhenhai" led 8 ships in Qingdao, Kaoh

solovehistory @ 2018/12/26

Chinese has three "Xian": Li Bai, Su Shi, and his

1 in twenty-two years (217 years), a plague of Central Plains, "every family has a zombie pain, room No. cry sad", some families is covering family funeral". Let's natural disasters frequent wars and added a bit sad color. This year, Jian&

solovehistory @ 2018/12/26

The starting point of the maritime Silk Road: a city, set sail in 2000

In December 11978, the reform and opening prelude. That year, a little-known, in May of that year, China and Oman officially established diplomatic relations. Oman seems to have no sense of the country, most people can't afford it may in the end where

solovehistory @ 2018/12/21

Many people want to learn to live like Li Bai, Du Fu, Gao Shi finally became

1 Tianbao three years (744 years), and the poetry of Li Bai poet Du Fu met in Luoyang for the first time. For the future, unlimited reverie. Wen Yiduo likened it to meet in the sun, China in the history of thousands of years, only to see Confucius Lao Tzu

solovehistory @ 2018/12/11

Li Hongzhang: "fight against half mad to kill 60 thousand people, what do you want?

Li Hongzhang began to thaw. Since 1899, Sino Japanese War defeat, the Qing Empire was disgraced as a scapegoat "cold" for four years the Qing Empire Viceroy and Beiyang minister Li Hongzhang, and finally to the "comeback" opportunity. This

solovehistory @ 2018/12/07

In the late Qing Dynasty, the first prostitute of the protector of the country, the professor of Peking University, passed on to her, and died in the slums.

In 1933, in the cold winter months, Professor Liu Bannong of Peking University, the pioneer of the new culture movement and student Shang Hongkui came to a visit to an old woman at 16 Beiping benevolence, and then talked with her for more than ten days. G

solovehistory @ 2018/12/05

Black leader, he is not

There are many ways to read a history, different people will read the same "thriller". Liang Qichao finished reading, put down a word: a twenty four is the emperor's genealogy. Lu Xun read, "said page, carefully read the humanity, justice

solovehistory @ 2018/12/03

In a 20 for many years, the foreigners in England rose Qing Dynasty dragon flag

These days, a lot of people to relive an old movie "the last emperor" 30 years ago. The director of the film, national treasure of Italy filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci just left this world. When the film swept nine awards 1988 Oscar, actress Joan C

solovehistory @ 2018/11/30

Chinese city's greatest hero, why is it?

Chongqing has become the country third in Chinese history, but the left is broken, floating memory. During the Warring States period, since ancient when they created a brilliant civilization of the people, by the Han River Basin south to the upper reaches

solovehistory @ 2018/11/22

"Chinese man, but the woman was ruined"

These two days, the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong stalls thing. In November 18th, he talked about the education system in the speech, the orientation of examples, stunned to present women's values: "if all of the girls said, Chinese man he is

solovehistory @ 2018/11/20

The gang and the eldest brother: the secret society of Hong

In 11915 years, two times the defeat of the revolution, Yuan Shikai wanted Sun Zhongshan to chase after all, the United States of San Francisco Hongmen chiefs, America Hongmen Zhigong Tang leader Huang three (1863-1946) wrote for help, and hope that he ca

solovehistory @ 2018/11/19

In 100 years, these three words always annoy Chinese

A century on 80s, a University of Taiwan invited Bo Yang to make a speech, Bo Yang said, the speech is called the "ugly Chinese". The person responsible for communicating the feedback, not subject to change. Later, he took this topic to the Americ

solovehistory @ 2018/11/15

Eighty years ago, today's pain, how dare to forget?

Love Jun's words: many people may know, last night, nearly 10000 public number off. Afraid of lost contact with you, please pay attention to your spare trumpet "my panda histories" (the end of this paper, a two-dimensional code), not much to e

solovehistory @ 2018/11/13

A text read: the world China backward, was started from Zhu Yuanzhang?

The image from the movie "Pirates" traces of a Ming Dynasty when the sea Taking Wang Zhi (1501 - 1559) is pulled into a port of Hangzhou killed, do not know if he will fan himself in the face, why fellow Huizhou Hu Zongxian story. But this is no w

solovehistory @ 2018/11/09

If the look into Bos

1 if the emperor through to 2018, recently entered into Bo brilliant will see a superb collection of beautiful things of foreign goods, the rule of the Chinese sixty years old man would probably just shook his head and said: "absurd, ridiculous!"

solovehistory @ 2018/11/08