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A famous prostitute was born in 500 years, and is famous in history

Liu Yinke's famous work in the late Ming Dynasty is still a masterpiece of Liu Yinke. Chen Yinke highly praised Liu Rushi, whose idol was Liang Hongyu, the heroine of Song Dynasty. Liu Rushi and Liang Hongyu, a talented woman with awe inspiring charac

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The last winner of the northern and Southern Dynasties: the first Dugu family

He was one of the ten most beautiful men in ancient China. He was so handsome that he once led the fashion of wearing clothes and hats. He is one of the pillars of the most powerful military Noble Group in Chinese history, which has influenced history for

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He died in 1800, and now statues are all over China

In recent years, Hong Kong director Lin Chao Hsien has shot "operation Mekong River" and "operation Red Sea", with high box office. But I still like his early non mainstream gangster film "urgent in the world.". There is a plot in

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The last prodigy of Qing Dynasty, died in 2004

"This child prodigy is terrible!" In 1918, Mr. Lu Xun attacked an 11 year old child prodigy in an article. To be exact, he criticized the good father behind the prodigy. The 11 year old boy, named Jiang Xizhang, from Licheng, Shandong Province, is

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The best brother in history is still a model in the world

Life style is not good, as a Capricorn sushi long recognized, and often from the black. However, in the second year of Yuanfeng in the Northern Song Dynasty (1079), Su Shi almost couldn't carry it. Some people took the tables and poems that he gave to

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The real last emperor of Qing Dynasty died in 1861

There was a time when Emperor Daoguang was more annoyed. It is his two sons, Yi Chen, the fourth son of the emperor, and Yi Xin, the sixth son of the emperor. Who is the best candidate for the throne? Yi Chen and Yi Xin were not born to the same mother, b

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The small country that dared to challenge the big man has disappeared for 1600 years

Under the bright moon in the Qin Dynasty, along the Hexi Corridor, tapping on the Han Dynasty border, we step westward across the wind blown and dusty Puchang sea (Lop Nur). In the easternmost edge of Tarim Basin, oasis in the lower reaches of Kongque Riv

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Why is it so successful that China's top family in the millennium has been very stupid?

Originated from the Bai family name in the Song Dynasty, the first sentence is "Zhao Qian Sun Li", which is the four largest family at that time. As we all know, the Song Dynasty is the world of Zhao. Zhao is well understood in the first place. Bu

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Two anti gold bigwigs than Yue Fei, the one who died on the battlefield and was derogated for 13 years.

In the first spring of the first month of Jingkang, Jin people made the capital, and the army was in the northwest of the city. 1 in the first month of the first year of 1126 (1126), Jin troops drove directly into the Xiang state (now Henan Anyang), which

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After the defeat, China's unification was postponed for 70 years.

Many years later, at the ceremony of emperor Sun Quan's crowning, Zhang Zhao, more than 70, raised his wand board and was just singing a song of praise. Sun Quan stopped him. In the face of hundred officials, Sun Quan said, "if we listened to Zhan

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The battle of the provincial capital was won by the tyrants.

As the capital of Anhui Province, Hefei has won the nickname of "quack" in recent years. Compared with the word "Du Du" and "demo", there are many interpretations of space in the sense of hegemony. It depends on the specific contex

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China's stall economic Prequel: the world will not owe it to every striving person.

More than 3800 years ago, a Henan peddlers went to Hebei to do business. They were robbed of goods on the way, but unfortunately they lost their lives. This man is called Wang Hai, the ancestor of Shang Tang. From the ancestral bond to the Shang Dynasty f

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Master of defense in thirteenth Century: he continued his life for the Southern Song Dynasty for 40 years.

Song Jun, the leader of Meng Gong, and Gen Gi Khan's nephew, the Mongolia army, were reunited in CAI Zhou (now Henan Ru'nan). The strong and fierce horses and the howling of the horses will ring the death knell for their common enemy, Kim. This is

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805 years, China has risen Gemini.

Ad 805 is a eventful year. This year, Datang changed its new owner twice. In the first month of the first year, Tang Dezong, who was in power for 27 years, was killed. Prince Li Songtang was emperor in the bed (bad health), that is, Tang Shun Zong. In Aug

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289 years of the Tang Dynasty's national transportation: the single log bridge is full of top poet.

Why do people in Tang Dynasty write poetry so well? Yan Yu, a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, had such a unique view in Canglang's Poetry: "Tang takes poetry as a scholar, so there are many specialized schools. This is to say that the imperial

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Ci Xi, the most feared woman, died suddenly at the age of 45.

Guangxu seven years (1881), early March, ten, 45 year old queen of mercy died suddenly. The news came too abruptly and shocked the world for a moment. The queen mother (-1881 1837). "The barnyard note" records that one day before the incident, she

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The first city of Chinese history died in 907 years.

In the five years (845 years) of the Tang Dynasty in Huichang, Li Shangyin, a poet in the late Tang Dynasty (about 813-, about 858), ascended the highest amusement in Changan city in the evening of the declining and ailing mood of an empire. He stood at t

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The last legendary poet of the Tang Dynasty: the 56 character death poem has not been solved till now.

It was a day in 858 ad. We know that this time was only half a century away from the fall of Datang, but the poet did not know. He was sensitive to what he could not think of, and his heart was like thunder and trembling. Death approached him. He was only

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109 years ago, a death squad was buried in Guangzhou.

In the flood of great history, the individual is small. Even a hero martyr can only be remembered by the group image after the elutriation of time. April 27, 11911 (29 March lunar calendar), half past five p.m. In the noisy city of Guangzhou, a group of y

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The ancient city, which has been annihilated, is famous for its ancient poetry.

There are many places that are popular with Tang poetry, but no place has ever been like Yang Guan: it was abandoned in the early days, but suddenly revived in Tang poetry, and then chanted and sung through the past dynasties. All of this is due to the cl

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