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404 years, a poor two generation against the rich two generation.

As long as it is strong enough, the chains of the class can be broken. The experience of emperor Liu Yu of Song Dynasty tells us so. 1 the setting sun grass tree, the ordinary street lane, the human slave once lived. Liu Yu's ancestry is said to be tr

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Li Shimin lost two horses: China is waiting for you to go home!

A horse is a romantic animal, vigorous and smart, wild and gentle, Mercedes in the grassland, wandering in the forest, four feet tossing, mane flying. "The horse made Lu Fei quick, the bow is like a thunderclap string startled", that is the magnif

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In 1148, the man who made Gen Gi Khan stop killing was born.

1 Jin Jin Tong eight years (1148), that is, seven years after song Jin Shaoxing and peace talks, a family named surname Qiu was born in Qixia's Dengzhou (now Qixia city of Shandong province), and a baby boy was born. The boy, little brother Qiu, sound

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If there is no Hexi Corridor, how can China achieve China?

1 when Zhang Qian, who had lost 13 years altogether, appeared in Changan again, Emperor Wu knew that the glorious moment of the Great Han Empire was about to start. Prior to this, Emperor Han Wu built yuan two years ago (139 BC). Zhang Qian, 25 years old,

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Great and brave: there is a kind of loyalty to the motherland, so that the whole army will be destroyed.

Yesterday (December 17th), China's first self built domestic aircraft carrier Shandong ship was officially delivered to the Navy. So far, together with the Liaoning ship, the Chinese navy has two aircraft carriers. Looking back from the late Qing Dyna

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From the prodigal son to the hero, his life began at the age of 37.

In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the power minister, Huan Wen, was a great figure. He was able to write a martial arts in his lifetime. In the three northern expedition of Ba Shu in Xiping, the right to tilt the court and to judge the "ten outstanding youn

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In the 859 year, the man who imitated Tang Taizong died and cheated for a thousand years.

In the two dynasties of Ming and Qing Dynasties, officials would selectively worship the former emperors. Among them, the 4 emperors in the Ming Dynasty were Tang Gaozu, Tang Taizong, Tang Xianzong and Tang Xuanzong. The Qing Dynasty only sacrificed 3, na

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Emperor Zhao Kuangyin: Chen Qiao's mutiny before

1, seven years after Zhou Xiande and two at the beginning of the month (960 February 2nd), Zhao Kuangyin (927-976), who was the general of the post week, was a bit scared by the news of rumors everywhere. One day before the first day of the lunar new year

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At the age of 36, she shot herself.

82nd anniversary massacre in Nanjing. Over the past 82 years, the roads in Nanjing are very crowded on this year. Because 300 thousand people are going home. Those who survived in the havoc hang down. This year, time has taken away 13 survivors. At presen

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In 1052, a literary and martial genius left, leaving a well-known masterpiece known to all.

Mei Yaochen, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote a poem of pecking wood, which is composed of two birds: the woodpecker and the Raven. After he finished writing, he sent these two poems to Fan Zhongyan. Song Ren Zong Jing you three years (1036), Fa

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How did "Putonghua" come into being?

What is hidden in language is a tortuous Chinese history. For the 1 billion 300 million Chinese, Putonghua is the common language of the nation today. However, for the southern Chinese speaking Cantonese, Hakka, Min dialect, Wu dialect, Gan dialect, Xiang

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A generation of killing: is he a hero or a sinner?

In 260 BC, in the area of Changping (northwest of Gaoping City, Shanxi province), the cold war was chilling on the scorching battlefield, and the trap of death was slowly spreading out in this ancient battlefield which made the descendants creepy. When th

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In 1810, China's last "One Piece" was put in place.

Qianlong claimed to have created and continued the flourishing age of China, but when he died, he placed his son and Emperor Aixinjueluo, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, on the powder keg. Jiaqing, sitting on the barrel of gunpowder, faced with frequent

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Patients in the Southern Song Dynasty: Jing Kang's phobia for 60 years

Song Gaozong Zhao Zhao's life was wrapped up in Jing Kang's phobia. The spring of 1127 is not only the watershed of Song Dynasty, but also the watershed of ancient China from the perspective of ethnic influence. This year is also the watershed of

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The Song Dynasty was destroyed by this friend who died in the same year.

In the 1068, a personnel appointment and dismissal shook the political scene of the Song Dynasty: Wang Anshi, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Empire, was afraid to be too serious. But Wang Anshi was not an ordinary man who served as a judge for Song Renz

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Tang Xuanzong's last 6 years: power, love, dignity, freedom are gone.

The defeat of Tongguan's 200 thousand armies and the news of the fall of Gosuha brought the rebels' iron hoofs closer to Changan, the capital of Datang. This is the fifteen day (756 years) of Tianbao, a dark day in Tang Xuanzong Li Longji's li

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History of the Northern Warlords: this army has influenced China for 33 years.

1 in the year of the defeat of the Sino Japanese War of 1895, Yuan Shikai, 36 years old, arrived at the Tianjin station in 1895. In the past 9 years, when the Qing Dynasty "minister stationed in the North Korean prime minister's negotiations on tr

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The last imperial family in China: do not regenerate the imperial family!

In December 1911, Guardya Lan, the father of emperor Puyi, who resigned from the imperial regent, resigned power to yuan. After returning to his home, he said to Puyi's biological mother, "I can hold my child at home at the end of the day." Gu

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The whip of God is broken down: this small town in the Southern Song Dynasty resisted the Mongolia army for 20 years.

Jin Yong's novel the divine carve is very famous when it comes to the end. Under the city of Xiangyang, the soldiers of song and Monggol were fighting, and the Mongolia Khan Mongol Leng was letting Yang Guo fly alive and killed. The Mongolia army was

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800 years ago, the truth of the great immigrants in southern China

Perhaps this is also the late autumn, north of Nanling, which is already quite cold. On the old post road, the crowds were full of people. Pine trees and plum trees along the way have hardly seen such crowding and panic passers-by for hundreds of years. A

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