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Tang Xuanzong's last 6 years: power, love, dignity, freedom are gone.

The defeat of Tongguan's 200 thousand armies and the news of the fall of Gosuha brought the rebels' iron hoofs closer to Changan, the capital of Datang. This is the fifteen day (756 years) of Tianbao, a dark day in Tang Xuanzong Li Longji's li

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The last imperial family in China: do not regenerate the imperial family!

In December 1911, Guardya Lan, the father of emperor Puyi, who resigned from the imperial regent, resigned power to yuan. After returning to his home, he said to Puyi's biological mother, "I can hold my child at home at the end of the day." Gu

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The whip of God is broken down: this small town in the Southern Song Dynasty resisted the Mongolia army for 20 years.

Jin Yong's novel the divine carve is very famous when it comes to the end. Under the city of Xiangyang, the soldiers of song and Monggol were fighting, and the Mongolia Khan Mongol Leng was letting Yang Guo fly alive and killed. The Mongolia army was

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800 years ago, the truth of the great immigrants in southern China

Perhaps this is also the late autumn, north of Nanling, which is already quite cold. On the old post road, the crowds were full of people. Pine trees and plum trees along the way have hardly seen such crowding and panic passers-by for hundreds of years. A

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In 1033, the second Wu Zetian was strangled.

There is a problem in reading history: why is there a precedent for Wu Zetian? There is no longer a female emperor in Chinese history. The common explanation is that women steal right, just like a hen, they must be in disorder. After Wu Zetian, the whole

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White Empire: riches and money open the way.

When the report of Huang Yulin, a big salt dealer, appeared before Daoguang emperor, the two salt producing area, the most important salt producing area in the Qing Dynasty, was facing unprecedented crisis. As the second largest source of revenue of the Q

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Daming's last madman died in Shunzhi eighteen years.

Shunzhi seventeen years (1660), February. A man named "three ears" suddenly found Xu Zeng and said, "I want to see Mr. Jin Shengtan." Xu Zeng is a good friend of Jin Shengtan. At that time, the voices of demonized Jin Shengtan were numerou

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You must have recited his poems, and his difficulties have forced you to fail to understand them.

1 a great person, body and soul, is always suffering, or two are suffering. Su Shi gave us the impression that he was very happy and open-minded, that was, he used his funny soul to hedge his body's suffering, and made the sad man live a duet. Only by

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From man to God, what did the founding member really experience?

A man, when he first hit the world, never called his name, but called him "Mr. Zhu Yuanzhang" respectfully. Whenever you encounter important things, you must look for the old man to close the door and talk privately. After the establishment of the

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Imperial financial Code: How did Emperor Han Wu make money?

Two years (127 years ago), the army of Huns went down south and invaded valleys and fishing grounds, killing thousands of border officials and civilians. Wei Qing led the Han Army to attack the Huns and beat thousands of people, and captured thousands of

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600 years ago, China shook the truth of the great immigrants.

At the end of 1911, when Lu Yongxiang's troops entered Shanxi to prepare for the bloody Hongdong City, the soldiers saw the big trees outside the city, dropping their weapons and unloading their armor. The soldiers ran to the tree one by one, folded t

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234 years, the last year of eternal fame

Shu Han LITE-ON twelve years (234 years), in August, five Zhangyuan, the bleak autumn wind, a generation of famous fall, leaving the eternal sigh. In the first half of his life, he worked long acres of land and kept his temper in the dark. He is the backb

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The last emperor's sex and love: Why did the last three emperors of the Qing Dynasty end all?

The most vicious curse of a dynasty is to let it die. In 1861, the emperor of Xianfeng broke down and the Tongzhi emperor ascended the throne. By 1912, the Qing Dynasty abdicated - the Manchu Qing Royal family fell into this terrible curse: from Tongzhi,

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Kangxi and Qianlong flourishing years, China's lost 134 years

1 Kangxi, the grandfather of Qianlong, claimed to know science best among emperors of all dynasties. It is said that in order to understand human anatomy, he himself dissected a hibernating bear. He used to be a Belgian missionary Nan Huairen as his astro

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The last ten great poets of Tang Dynasty: one after another, they took away the whole era.

Wedge: the death of Bai Letian, Tang Wu Zhong, in six years (846 years), and another emperor died in Datang. In a short span of twenty-six years, from the yuan and Zhongxing Tang Xianzong to Tang Wuzong who destroyed the Buddha, the Tang Dynasty changed f

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What will you see when you climb up?

You will see everything because you are faced with death. 99% of the planet Research Institute will not climb up. There is a natural fear of human nature. So this article is not going to tell you how to climb the top. Most people can't use it. Today,

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China's last Bodyguard: there are no rivers and lakes in the world.

1 in the first three years of the 1898 Reform Movement, in 1895, Tan Sitong, a 30 year old Hunan youth, met with the 51 year old yuan Dun dart head and sword king five. They met in imperial capital, in Beijing. At that time, the Qing Empire was just defea

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How fierce is the Yarlung Zangbo River?

The Yarlung Zangbo River. The river is the most beautiful snow mountain, waterfall and canyon in China. If the river has a temper, the Yarlung Zangbo River is absolutely the most unruly one. Located on the roof of the world, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is l

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The bloody battle of the Han Dynasty: the isolated army defended the city until there were only 13 left.

Speaking of the Han and Hungarian war two thousand years ago, everyone's mind flicker. Perhaps it is the heroic words of Huo Qubing "why the Huns are not destroyed and why the family is". Perhaps it is Chen Chao's heroic spirit of "making a strong man in

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Zhu Yuanzhang million sons final outcome: Heaven's good samsara, who is the God of heaven?

1 in the five year of Daming Hongzhi (1492), Yang Xun, the governor of Shanxi, reported a message to Ming Xiao Zong that Zhu Zhongyi, who lived in Shanxi, had ninety-fourth children in this year. At the same time, the number of grandchildren of Qing Cheng

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