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Sweet, crisp, crisp and charming. It's so convenient and delicious.

Walnuts have a lot of nutritious value, but the peeled walnuts often have astringency, which makes children do not like eating. This astringency is derived from tannin substances wrapped in thin outer skins outside the walnut kernel. In order to get rid o

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/23

When it's cold, you can cook a homely dish. It tastes delicious.

Last night, the public order opened the dried shrimps. Today it has been shipped. After receiving it, you can add a little shrimp peel to make fresh flavoring and make natural condiments when you cook. White radish is a common vegetable in winter. It is j

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/21

What is it without an oven? A pot can be sprayed and sprayed, and it can also be torn and eaten.

The soft bread that can be tore lightly, and the stuffing full of incense to the drooling water, can you think of this cured food just a pot? After fermentation, the dough was fry through the pan, which made the skin more crisp than the oven. The cheese f

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/19

Children's favorite baby milk tablets are soft, sweet and healthy.

Commercially available milk tablets not only have many additives, but also taste and taste are too hard and sweet. They use baby's milk powder to make milk tablets. They only need to add a little yogurt, and then use the oven to dry slowly. The milk s

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/10

Hungry to come to a tube, full and delicious!

When it comes to glutinous rice, many people immediately think of delicious food like glutinous rice cake, glutinous rice chicken, glutinous rice balls and so on. The taste of Xiang Xiang Nuo Nuo is not only delicious, but also very hungry in the cold win

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/10

Breakfast is so tasty. The corners of the mouth can overflow happiness. (the volume of information at the beginning of the article is a little big).

Last night, the public number issued the scallop's opening regiment [21:30 on time, congee soup, porridge, fried rice into the dish, all the scallop balls that are in action! 10000 of the products have been sold out, and I have already sold the pre-sa

shiweipapa @ 2019/11/30

Can't help but extravagant! The smell of meat is overflowing.

Braised pork is a classic home cooking dish. Its attractive color, rich meat flavor and soft rotten taste perfectly match the taste buds of adults and children. They are delicious and serve rice. While chestnut is on the market, let's make a piece of

shiweipapa @ 2019/11/13

I can't help eating a few mouthfuls of a house full of incense.

Yesterday's recipes received a message. A friend and I said that all the complementary foods of the baby were solved by reference to our menu, and they developed a good habit of not picky eaters, which made me very happy. Nothing is more gratifying th

shiweipapa @ 2019/10/15

The bar handle of this homely dish adds absolutely to it!

Red meat as a representative of the family food, not only to meet the needs of the fruit, but also the taste of the family. Even after eating more restaurants and restaurants, I always feel that I can't miss anything. I can't help thinking of the

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/27

Can oats eat like this? Nourishment and nutrition are worth a try!

Oats, which are rich in roughage and rich in dietary fiber, are not coarse at all. They are rich in wheat flavor, which not only takes care of their mouthfeel, but also is healthy and delicious. It is especially suitable for children. Today's recipe,

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/19

Don't look at ordinary dishes. Minutes are better than meat.

Pleurotus abalone is a very attractive member of edible fungi. The cooked Pleurotus abalone has light almond aroma. The entrance is rich and firm like the taste of abalone. If the sauce is adjusted well, it is really better than meat. Today, we will share

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/18

No wonder babies love to eat. They turned the dried meat floss into a staple food.

As the net red cake in the dried meat floss field, we have shared this popular dish of dried meat floss Beckham last year. But if you don't have the experience of making cakes or even the oven, it's hard to do it yourself. Today, I want to share with you

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/16

The sweet and sour taste of the sweet and sour sweet taste is enjoyed by both adults and children.

Today is the second day of the Mid Autumn Festival, a short holiday, to share a good food for family and holiday. To everyone: mousse cake is soft and smooth than pudding, and it is very convenient to make. If you are not very good at making cakes, the mo

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/15

Change the greasy cooking way. It's delicious and healthy.

For many days, I didn't eat lotus root. Recently, meow was arguing that she wanted to eat lotus root cake. Fried lotus root cake, though delicious, is not healthy. It also feels greasy when eating too much. So I still tend to slow fry slowly, slowly inter

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/09

Simple and quick, busy morning can also taste delicious!

A lot of friends took part in the new prize sharing event last night. And I'm glad to see that the breakfast nutrition you shared is very good, almost can be described by "sumptuous". For a friend who is very upset about breakfast, you might as well see t

shiweipapa @ 2019/09/01

A super soft and tasty cake without fermentation can be easily started at home.

Written in front of us: our cookbook applet is being held in the season of "white fungus, seasonal Tremella" award, interactive activities, in the season of eating tremella, what fresh and interesting ways to eat can be shared together! Click on the pictu

shiweipapa @ 2019/08/13

The sweet and sour taste is full of rice fragrance, thick, smooth and glutinous, especially appetizing.

Written in the front: in a hot weather, a bowl of sweet, soft glutinous white fungus soup is most satisfying. The prescription of Tremella has been shared many times before. Besides making stew soup, dessert can also make all kinds of small cakes, especia

shiweipapa @ 2019/08/10

Homemade rice mix material instantly stirs up the taste buds, and it is simply enjoying the refreshing noodle.

When the weather is hot, neither adults nor children can afford to eat. If you can come to a refreshing and refreshing meal at this time, it will definitely help you to enjoy your appetite. Today I share with you a meat sauce noodle, meat sauce with meat

shiweipapa @ 2019/08/08

Fast and balanced nutrition. Don't miss this season's dish.

Soybean is a common food in summer. Although its outer bark is bluish green, it is actually soya bean when young. The moisture content of the soya bean is high and the taste is soft and tender. It is much easier to cook than soybeans. Today we share a qui

shiweipapa @ 2019/08/07

A saucepan can taste the taste of childhood. It is really delicious and crisp.

I used to use oven and cooking machine in Fang Zi before, and friends who lack tools are not very convenient to practice. Today, they bring a simple version of the method. They also have the texture of crispy skin, but they only need to use the pan and so

shiweipapa @ 2019/08/06