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CITIC Bank apologized late at night for the talk show actor's pool trading flow.

In May 6th, talk show actor Wang Yuechi (art name "pool") released micro-blog said that the bank, without its authorization and without any legal investigation procedures of the judicial organs, provided details of its personal bank account transa

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/05/07

Geely will cross the border to build rockets? The "heaven" of private enterprises suddenly became fire.

In April 24th, Geely officially released the recent landing results of the satellite project. Just a few days ago, the Zhejiang time and Space Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Geely technology group, released more than 40 positions, including 50 thou

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/04/24

80% the small and medium-sized enterprise recruitment plan is affected by the epidemic situation, so we must pay attention to these two things.

A few days ago, he conducted research on the key areas and industries of small and medium enterprises. Through interviews with more than 1200 human resource leaders and business managers, we released the "talent market environment insight report of th

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/04/23

Domestic oil prices or overall price cuts? A gas station has started to cost two yuan per litre...

At present, the domestic oil product market implements the floor price of US $40, but with the low price of crude oil entering the domestic market gradually, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices will not be reduced accordingly, the reporter conducted a

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/04/22

Exposing the family scandal and the stock price plummeting, Rui fortunately did not think how serious the consequences would be. What are the costs of counterfeiting US stocks?

"Rui Xing coffee" seems to have collapsed. It takes a couple of steps from bravery to bravery, and Rui Xing coffee may give the answer. Last month, the US stock market several times fuses also came into view. Entering April, it is a moment to witn

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/04/03

Weigh! Multi departments release important signals! About the economic crisis, the RMB exchange rate and monetary policy.

Chen Yulu, vice governor of the people's Bank of China, Zhou Liang, vice chairman of the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Li Chao, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Xuan changneng, deputy director of the St

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/03/23

Domestic scenic spots resumed 25%, Ctrip released "scenic Renaissance index" and "popularity ranking".

In March 12th, the landmark site of Shanghai also joined the opening garden. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, Shanghai Jinmao Building and Shanghai center have been opened to the public. The park takes the priority of online contactless service

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/03/13

Chongqing is heading for Bangkok, new channel for Lu Hai, the first city to return to work.

At 10:10 am today (10), a new line of international rail and sea transport, which is loaded with 50 railway special containers and loaded with 1350 tons of high quality soda ash, is set out from the Chongqing unity village station. This is the first speci

shangyoucaijing @ 2020/03/10

China's busiest airline ticket is going up again, rising 3 times a year and a half. Netizen: is high-speed rail not fragrant?

The Beijing Shanghai route is going up again. According to a number of media reports, since January 1, 2020, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and many other airlines, the Beijing Shanghai Airlines economy class full price ticket prices rose 10% to 1630 y

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/12/20

If you are the one who won the doctorate, 92 foreign students will be retreated. Universities give these reasons.

In December 15th, the reporter from the Yangtze river network learned from Wuhan University that Wuhan University had already refunded 92 foreign students because of their unsatisfactory academic achievements and violation of school regulations. It is not

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/12/16

Focusing on the opening day of the Expo, more than 20 cooperation projects in Chongqing have been signed in Shanghai.

In November 5th, the second China International Import Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) was officially held, and tens of thousands of exhibits from over 150 countries and more than 3000 enterprises gathered in Shanghai. On the day of the opening

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/11/06

Over 100 stocks, block chain "bullying screen"... Do you feel heartbeat?

In October 28th, the three major indexes of A share rose, with the Shanghai Stock Index closing up 0.85%, closing at 2980.05 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.46%, and closed at 9801.87 points; the gem index rose 1.74% and reported 1704.42 point

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/10/29

China's high-speed rail will be on sale. SFC receives IPO material from Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway

Securities Times news, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway IPO road finally entered the accelerated track. On the evening of October 24, the CSRC disclosed the IPO and listing of Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway Co., Ltd., and received the IPO applicat

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/10/25

The number of ETC users will exceed 180 million by the end of the year. 180 million, the source of war, the bank "crazy inverted" map what?

Vehicles passing through ETC passageway in Chengdu Expressway pass through. The Oriental IC map ETC is undoubtedly the most popular word in recent months. In fact, ETC is not a novelty. As early as March 2008, it has already begun to pilot and popularize

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/10/16

During the National Day holiday, 782 million people spend 649 billion 710 million yuan on the meaning of traveling.

Just past the "eleven" golden week, as many as 782 million trips, spent 649 billion 710 million yuan, a new high. In the crowded crowd, the scenic spot opens the "crowd following" mode, which makes people sigh whether the scenic area is no

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/10/08

Gold prices have gone up, but sales of gold bars have been "cool". Why don't Chinese mothers stay with them?

Since June this year, the international gold price has risen all the way. London Kim Ji has broken through 1300 US dollars and 1400 US dollars, and in September it has risen to 1557.10 US dollars, the highest since May 2013. CCTV financial reporter came t

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/09/24

Wuhan has issued the nation's first license for trial operation of driverless cars. How far is automatic driving from reality?

Yesterday (22) morning, Wuhan issued the country's first unmanned vehicle trial operation licence, which marked the start of the ice breaking trip from the test to commercial operation, and will gradually enter the public's life. The national inte

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/09/23

Scale continues to climb, the listed company's reputation is too high, hidden achievements decline in mines.

With the activity of M & A in the capital market, the goodwill of the listed companies continued to rise. The published 2019 report shows that the goodwill generated by the relevant listed companies during the reporting period is still growing. Insiders s

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/09/02

China's top 500 private enterprises announced that HUAWEI has reached the top four consecutive years, and 15 Chongqing enterprises have been finalists.

In August 22nd, the National Federation of industry and Commerce released the list of top 500 Chinese private enterprises in 2019, 2019 list of top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China's private enterprises, and 2019 top 100 list of China's private ente

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/23

How smart is your future life? Lijia experience garden invites you to taste it.

Brush your face into the park, follow the intelligent guide system, sit on the driverless car to read the wisdom bookstore, or take the future cruise ship and time cable car to travel between the future and the history. This is not the only picture in sci

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/22