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The number of ETC users will exceed 180 million by the end of the year. 180 million, the source of war, the bank "crazy inverted" map what?

Vehicles passing through ETC passageway in Chengdu Expressway pass through. The Oriental IC map ETC is undoubtedly the most popular word in recent months. In fact, ETC is not a novelty. As early as March 2008, it has already begun to pilot and popularize

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/10/16

During the National Day holiday, 782 million people spend 649 billion 710 million yuan on the meaning of traveling.

Just past the "eleven" golden week, as many as 782 million trips, spent 649 billion 710 million yuan, a new high. In the crowded crowd, the scenic spot opens the "crowd following" mode, which makes people sigh whether the scenic area is no

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/10/08

Gold prices have gone up, but sales of gold bars have been "cool". Why don't Chinese mothers stay with them?

Since June this year, the international gold price has risen all the way. London Kim Ji has broken through 1300 US dollars and 1400 US dollars, and in September it has risen to 1557.10 US dollars, the highest since May 2013. CCTV financial reporter came t

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/09/24

Wuhan has issued the nation's first license for trial operation of driverless cars. How far is automatic driving from reality?

Yesterday (22) morning, Wuhan issued the country's first unmanned vehicle trial operation licence, which marked the start of the ice breaking trip from the test to commercial operation, and will gradually enter the public's life. The national inte

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/09/23

Scale continues to climb, the listed company's reputation is too high, hidden achievements decline in mines.

With the activity of M & A in the capital market, the goodwill of the listed companies continued to rise. The published 2019 report shows that the goodwill generated by the relevant listed companies during the reporting period is still growing. Insiders s

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/09/02

China's top 500 private enterprises announced that HUAWEI has reached the top four consecutive years, and 15 Chongqing enterprises have been finalists.

In August 22nd, the National Federation of industry and Commerce released the list of top 500 Chinese private enterprises in 2019, 2019 list of top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China's private enterprises, and 2019 top 100 list of China's private ente

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/23

How smart is your future life? Lijia experience garden invites you to taste it.

Brush your face into the park, follow the intelligent guide system, sit on the driverless car to read the wisdom bookstore, or take the future cruise ship and time cable car to travel between the future and the history. This is not the only picture in sci

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/22

6 years high! The price of gold is too high, and the frenzied India aunt can't afford it.

Photo source: visual China, to say that Indians love gold, almost no country in the world can match it. Reporters have learned that in India's tradition, daughters are to be paid to the man's money. The more you give, the higher your daughter's family sta

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/07

Where is the most popular city in the country? Yes, it's magic 3D Chongqing!

Rookie post announced on July 10th that as a rookie station, the first city in the country, there are more than 2200 rookie post offices in Chongqing covering communities and universities through free custody, loss compensation, and diversified services,

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/07/11

"Youth water hydrogen fuel vehicle" question Vortex: car drinking water can run thousands of kilometers?

The 6:54 Nanyang daily network and the front page of the Nanyang daily published the same content in the next day -- "water hydrogen engine is offline in Nanyang", and the municipal Party committee secretary praised it. "It is reported that th

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/05/24

There are oil in the Middle East and rare earth in China: 9 of the world is from China. How important is it to understand how rare earth is?

Recently, the A shares rare earth plate appeared to limit the tide, becoming the biggest bright spot in the market. It does not seem to be enough to look at this news alone. But if we are linked to the continuous promotion of the rectification of China

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/05/24

Artificial meat incense in the end? Li Jiacheng: early adopters of a new round of financing raised $300 million

Li Jiacheng's harbor investment (Horizons Ventures) in the artificial meat company Impossible Foods announced 14, the latest round of financing raised $300 million. This is the Impossible Foods in the fifth round of investment. E round of financing by

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/05/16

This "red net school graduates are berserk, earning tens of thousands of dollars! They worry about being unable to recruit students?

In 2018, China's Higher Vocational Colleges (College) 1418, the national college students is 11 million 337 thousand people. Now the number of annual enrollment of 1 million, close to the ordinary college enrollment 1/4. We often say that people must

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/05/06

Chongqing note! The company entered the era of "face recognition"

May 3rd, from the Chongqing municipal market supervision bureau said in April 30, 2019, registered enterprises in the formal implementation of real name verification! Simply speaking, is to run the company, to "face recognition". Chongqing Market

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/05/03

Remote travel, hotel Tour, tour "51" how can you swim

This year's "51" holiday increased to 4 days, people's enthusiasm for travel is greater. Recently, the group released the "2019 domestic travel trends report" and "51" national popular tourist city of TOP10, the "51"

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/04/25

Too expansive! Buy CONVERSE actually also picking, hundreds of pieces of shoes last year pushed up to thousands, who is behind?

Recently, the 111 year old CONVERSE and a fire. Who can think of the original a few hundred dollars can buy a CONVERSE, now actually fired to a thousand dollars? But picking to buy? Recently, forum users have said, you can accept, go to the mall to buy a

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/04/02

Wake up the United States to engage in 6G! The media face Meng circle: whimsical

5G network has not been completed, the United States called to start developing 6G...... The day before, President Trump tweeted "I want 5G and 6G to landing in the United states". The United States President Trump tweeted: "I want 5G or 6G te

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/03/20

The gaming industry calls 50 million people! Me, I feel life is going to change from the "bronze" "King":

"Hero alliance" "StarCraft 2" "need for speed" and other people familiar with electronic games, has become a professional gaming team player. In recent years, many colleges have also opened a professional gaming professional gaming

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/03/18

So the hao! 1 billion 200 million of the profits of the company, dividend 2 billion 400 million! Somebody clap someone scolded, why?

Daily economic news source | cash dividend can be said to be the most real income rose, investors get the money, can continue to invest in stocks, reducing the cost of ownership, firm hold long-term confidence. It is not hard to understand like Kweichow M

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/03/13

Crayfish, shuabing! What class? With what degree? How much money?

Recently, the "Hubei college professional graduates first direction crayfish booked" message in the online heat transfer, causing concern. Many netizens ridicule "want to sign up to learn to learn". So, the college what class? After gradua

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/03/11