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What kind of experience is it to raise an Alaskan pig? I can't bear to look straight ahead.

This is supposed to be the legendary Alaskan pig, too cute, bleeding... Thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/22

After 500 days in the shelter, the dog was finally adopted.

Bonita, a 5 year old dog at a foreign shelter, waited for 500 days. Finally, when a loved family appeared, he was chosen to be his family. Everyone was happy to be happy when he heard the news. On the day of Bonita's departure from the new owner, the

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/21

When two hundred pounds of heavy dogs hit a mistake, this attitude is also very distressed!

The baby is bigger and bigger, and there is a glass heart. "How can I say that the baby is really not intentional..." thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/19

Wolf raising for 20 years, she developed two Hal wolf, netizen: wolf? That's cool.

Instagram, ID:instachina1, has recently discovered a "pet" blogger with a distinctive style. Everyone else is a cat and dog. She is very special. She keeps wolves, or more than 200. The blogger himself, including his name, was very wild. He asked

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/18

What is the experience of raising a very big big dog?

Speaking of the physical condition of the dogs, you can feel the appearance of a medium-sized dog burst up... Shit: do not ask, do not want to say! No one was hurt, dare not say that he is a shit officer! If it is the physical strength of a large and medi

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/17

Li Jiaqi's dog is so funny!

The owner, who didn't watch the live broadcast, went to see Li Jiaqi's live broadcast last night because of miss Gao Xiaosong. He was accidentally shot by Li Jiaqi's dog. This is the case. Gao Xiaosong and Li Jiaqi did the public service to he

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/15

Netizens bring two ha into the mall, resulting in a big joke, dog son collapsed!

A little dog can't love a little expression. It's afraid that a lot of demolition money can be restored. Two ha: big brother, do you say that dogs will die? Thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/14

After buying a snowman suit for Xiao Bo Mei, netizens were sprouted: is this snow treasure?

Shovel shit officials bought a set of snow suit for Xiao Bo Mei, and netizens were quickly sprouting up: This is not snow treasure. "Do you want to play with snowmen?" "Hi, I'm snow treasure. I like warm hugs!" It's definitely the

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/13

Two Kazakhstan abuse me thousands of times, I treat two HA as first love - 8 reasons for husky.

Husky is the most legendary variety of Wang's planet. He has two kinds of red blood gas fields. He can't tear down his home and his facial expression bag. Even so, there are so many shovel excrement officials who can't help today. Today, I'

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/11

The dog was swept away by the flood. He jumped into the water regardless of danger. I am an orphan, and it is my only family.

What do you do when a pet dog is in danger? Calderon, a shoveling officer in Panama, goes to the market with his pet dog every day. Because of the storm, they go through a flooded road that day. Calderon went first, and the dog was hesitant because the wa

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/09

The hostess taught husky to shake hands with the other puppy, and the result was that two of them behaved badly.

The heroine taught husky to shake hands with the other puppy. The result is that two harlots are not good, but the other is the opposite. Is this the soul swap? Thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/07

Every time we call "children" in the graveyard, there are several figures coming up.

Good heart Ma Ma @ Lv Nike has a routine activity every day - standing in front of a cemetery, and shouting "Xiao Peng ~ you ~", and then there will be several figures darting to come... It is really a group of super cute children! According to re

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/05

The most wolf like dog is not husky. What is it published by scientists? It was it!

Legend has it that when God made wolves, he used two Haas to make drafts, and two haha looked very similar to the wolf in appearance. So many people would think that two ha should be the most wolf like dog. But recently, scientists in Japan discovered tha

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/04

It takes only 5 days to train husky into a police dog? So difficult task...

Recently, two Kazakhstan went up to CCTV and was trained as a police dog for five days to hear this. The first feeling was "impossible", but unexpectedly, the policewoman actually succeeded too much and felt it. Thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/30

When the buds are threatened by domestic violence, girls must be alert to those who are cruel to dogs.

Yesterday was the international anti domestic violence day. Last night, @ Yu YUYAMIKA sent a story in micro-blog to describe his experience of being forced to teach family violence by @ Tuotuo. In the video, the violent behavior of the domestic violence m

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/28

Two ha saved his master's three lives and once again he smelled his master's cancer.

Stephanie Herfel, an American shovelling officer, is very grateful to the dog for saving lives: her husky Sierra has sniffed out her ovarian cancer three times. The first time in 2013, Sierra was abnormal, clinging to her lower abdomen, sniffing, and fina

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/25

When I went to Starbucks to buy coffee, I found that the customer in the front order was a dog.

When a netizen drove to Starbucks to buy coffee and waited for him to hurry up, he found that the customer waiting in front of the restaurant was an excited dog. Then a baristat handed out a glass of Puppuccino (Starbucks's Secret menu, called claw pu

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/24

When the meal was found, two dishes were missing, and the dogs were sent to the hospital immediately.

The dog who shoveled the official's dog has a bad habit of jumping on the table to eat, so as long as there is food on the table, it will close the door of the dining room and prevent the dog from entering. But this time, the shit officials cook in th

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/23

Swimming in the big Jin Mao lake and being attacked by black swans... Dog: I am too hard!

Speaking of swans, the first impression should be elegance. But don't forget, swans are goose too! In Chengdu, Sichuan, when a big golden man swam in the artificial lake, he suddenly rushed over a big goose. Ah PAH, a black swan in a protective place,

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/22

"Today is not a dog's death, but you die with a dog!"

Written in the end: early in the morning, nanmu saw this angry news. The old man walked around with golden hair, but in the end he met such a cruel family. After the golden hair ran away, it came back to protect the Lord. Those who beat golden hair are si

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/14