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Angelababy, Jiani Zhang's down jacket is just too much to say. Can a female star be a bit of an idol?

The children in the north are always going to have a temperature drop, and for girls and girls, the most difficult estimate is how to pick a down jacket that can keep warm and wear down. But I wanted to see if you were able to give some inspiration to you

raylicom @ 2019/12/23

Zheng Shuang Qiao Xin, a harmless little creature of human and animal, is a real killer.

Big monkey! The whiz has entered the new year's atmosphere, and all kinds of Party are starting to stir up their minds. Those flag that was set up in early 2019 have been thrown away by the sauce. How can we get the best girls in the gathering season?

raylicom @ 2019/12/21

Black and white match! How to dress well! Then why is the beauty of Xiao Sheng's life so crater?

The day before yesterday, at some event, Gina, who claimed "I am not cold, I want to look good", wore her down coat with the most resistance, and walked along the red carpet with Lang Lang. It must be Lang Lang's desire to wear it. Gina just a

raylicom @ 2019/12/16

The sweetness of Tian Jing was destroyed by Qi Liu Hai. Liu Haibie, who was back in the thick, tried easily.

Hello, do you know this sentence? Fashion is a circle. Whether clothes, colors or popular elements, now is the way to regain the ancient tide. For example, this year's European and American street pat legs are very thin and elegant. There are also age

raylicom @ 2019/12/13

Harm! Obviously, a girl with a little meat is more agreeable.

What is the most popular topic for female stars: fat! Rui sauce turned over to micro-blog at random, and found that the most intense voice of the crowd was that Ma Sichun was really a miserable girl. I have been losing weight, but I have been said to be f

raylicom @ 2019/12/10

Wu Yifan pan Shuai eats the broadcast way, "tide partner" is afraid not a gourmet variety?

Last night, Wu Yifan's classmate's glasses were once again stunning to me. What kind of beauty is this? In fact, Wu Yifan classmate also has a variety show on these two days. He is on the line with the "trend partners" program. There are f

raylicom @ 2019/12/10

Yang Mi Wei Da Hun's hat is hot. What's the matter with Prada's "lover bag"?

Unwittingly... In 2019, it has already entered the countdown stage... A little summary of this year's hot items found that this year is probably the most favorite year for girls with love bags, because this year's bag is really a lot of wives and

raylicom @ 2019/12/09

Tang Wei, you lied to ray Jia Yin, but your six corners face can be seen by me.

Do you live very well these two days? Yesterday, there were so many films at the moment that the sauce was busy and the appointment went on and on. Eating and drinking almost weighed five Jin. The most important thing is the goddess Tang Wei's new mov

raylicom @ 2019/12/07

These "people" who used to be loved when they were young are not only dressed more trendy than Yang Mi, but also "trenches" than Kardashian.

Have you seen ice and snow 2? And I saw it only this weekend. (is I the last one?) What does the plot say? It's not important. It's estimated that everyone is like me. They are all going to the amazing audio-visual effect. In a word, the opening o

raylicom @ 2019/12/07

I thought Zheng Shuang was the most untidy female star. Now I want to punish myself for three cups.

Recently, a friend of mine asked a question about "Rui sauce". Who is not a fashion among female stars? Emmmm... To tell you the truth, the first one in my head is Zheng Shuang's sister?? Don't hit me, true Pink Fairy. I know that Shuang M

raylicom @ 2019/12/05

Acting is not enough? AB Wu Jing says that your "levator palpebrae superioris" is too fierce!

Recently, there have been several kinds of "pop show" variety show, "I am an actor", "acting school", "actors in position", are you catching up? A few days ago, Rui sauce was called "very exciting" and "very tou

raylicom @ 2019/12/03

51cm Lisa 58cm 58cm 61cm, yes, the fairies love to get together and take their weight together.

Recently, fashion search website Lyst released the index list of 2019. Princess Megan picked up the champion, and sweet tea became king of men. The most amazing dark horse is - spicy Lisa! As the only Asian, she ranks sixth in the world. This girl's p

raylicom @ 2019/12/01

Code these few Ken beans, Ouyang Nana favorite thousand yuan small package, black five you will live better than double eleven is also happy.

Recently, the "sugar" of the "black five" is not too much. Sweet! In addition to "fracture"! And the "fold up"! Hermes bags erase the zero! Gucci bag fell below 10000 yuan! BV bag twenty thousand to ten thousand! Does it lo

raylicom @ 2019/11/30

At the end of the year, Victoria Song and Meng Mei took me to buy shoes, and they turned out to be the 3 pairs of them.

Hello baby! It's really too cold recently. What about warm winter? These two days in micro-blog hot search, but also all kinds of jio, it is so cold now, in addition to starting to hoard cashmere sweaters, scarves and hats, such as life saving artifac

raylicom @ 2019/11/28

Zheng Xiujing is getting fat every day. Joy has not weighed three figures. Is South Korea now the goddess of fat?

Yesterday, almost all the little sisters in the Swiss sauce office clamored to start the weight loss mode. It's due to miss Ma Sichun's sister who spent the whole day in hot search yesterday, because the little belly button in the latest issue of

raylicom @ 2019/11/27

Yang Mi loved the odd thing for a year. I didn't think I was TA away from the crowd.

A few days ago, the sister of Rui sauce went to Korea to share with me the food, nightclub and handsome guy. She also gave me a set of look. She said that this "bright and blind" bag and trousers were the most proudly "booty" she bought th

raylicom @ 2019/11/26

Lai Guanlin: a more lovely boy than Liang Younian, a schoolboy.

Knock knock, did you see any sisters in the first love affair? Let me show you the head Amway. Whether we know before or not, as long as you love this drama, we are good friends! The original version of Thailand's first love affair is the white moonli

raylicom @ 2019/11/24

Huo Siyan was fatten up by Du Jiang? 10kg? This happy double chin is a bit of a steal!

If you ask Rui sauce, what kind of "sweets" do you like most recently? It must be Du Jiang and Huo Siyan! Recently, he has repeatedly seized two of the hot search engines, and once again made Rui sauce "sour teeth". In order to make his wi

raylicom @ 2019/11/23

Liu Wen Meng Mei Qi's 2 meter 8 big legs are not born? You can wear this fairy pants, too.

Hey guys~ is coming to the end of the year. The two days of Rui sauce are going to look at some new clothes. When they are worried about what to buy, they are on micro-blog. They are snapshots on the streets of Liu Wen's cousin. They look at more pict

raylicom @ 2019/11/22

China is really! Absolutely! Impossible! Find - such a ugly, still so capable female star.

I can hardly tell you that I seldom watch Korean dramas. Every time I watch a popular drama, they are "half done". Once they find that the protagonist is not dressed well and the plot is WATERFILLED, they abandon the drama. Only a Korean drama tha

raylicom @ 2019/11/12