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Before watching their sisters ride the wind and waves, they first planted their own clothes.

With the popularity of several draft shows, people again focused their attention on the women's group, but the two words of the women's group were not only those of the 20 year old younger sisters. No matter in recent years, the popularity of "

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/05/23

To the world confession, we never stop looking for the future that the earth will continue to be beautiful.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in a variety of loud and noisy world, too much clothes to buy, too much to do, and too much consumption and waste of resources, what should we do to get along with the world? -- -- -- -- -- -- from Yang Mi, Ouyang Nana, Luotian to

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/05/22

Streaks, making commuting orderly.

Recently, Xiao Yi has shared many pants and half skirts. If you don't know what to wear, try the stripes. It's simple and versatile, and can be used for all kinds of modeling. The female King Kim Gao Yin of the hit Korean drama "forever king&#

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/05/06

From spring to summer, the three basic sections are ruthless, and the concave type of workplace people are using it (serialized three).

We have gone through two phases of the Spring Festival. If you haven't seen it before, remember to come to make up for the Vol1 season. You may be missing a bit of French laziness (click back to vol2).

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/04/21

Spring and summer wear the hidden bonus points. Do you still have GET?

Summer only wants to wear simply and comfortably, but sometimes a little ornament, such as a belt, can give people the feeling of dressing up. DIOR designer once said: the most important thing in all accessories is waistband. The belt is not only a surfac

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/04/16

Women's group set up Tie wind? The fashionable and confident workplace has long been taken.

Recently, the discussion of "Qing you 2" can be said to be very high. Every day, various topics occupy hot search. There are also many small partners around Xiao Yi catching up with him, and even those who haven't seen the program can name a f

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/04/15

Wear Now workplace week is more fashionable with more neutral elements.

Five pairs of trousers in the suit are new workshops, single color matching, the same color and material suit, complete wear, dry and fashionable sneakers. It is a show of calm and stylish essential products. The shoes are more elegant. ANOUKI single brea

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/04/12

Today's five fashion colors, I want to follow!

It is time to change the mood of the whole winter fashion, and change the mood to the most beautiful spring clothes to greet the upcoming spring and summer peppermint green water, blue black currant, purple melon, orange, golden yellow, according to Pan T

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/03/28

Wear Now week in the workplace fills the high sense of spring with retro crayon.

The gentle texture of the crayon brings spring breeze. As long as you add a bit of retro color in the collocation, you will feel the sweetness and greasy color of the first time. You can't miss this spring. You can't miss the old retro crayon pink

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/03/22

From a modeling expert to a necessary protection, a hat is stunning and outstanding.

With the control of epidemic situation, many parts of the country have been formally resumed work. We have prepared the mask and goggles, and we should not forget that the hair may also be stained with viruses, so the hat has become an indispensable prote

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/03/12

Wear Now, do you want to create a sense of joy in your life? For example, opening the goddess festival with fashionable confidence.

Confident women do not necessarily have a lot of things, but they must have an unreplicable personality. They do not have to be consistent but have a distinct personality. 3.8 goddess Festival is happy. Please explore with Xiao Yi to explore the fashion,

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/03/08

Day tree cave cloud travel, Cloud View Exhibition... Good spring light.

The cinema closes and the exhibition hall closes. Now I have time but nowhere to go. I feel like I've never been so stuffy. I want to go out to play too much. I will go shopping when the epidemic is over. After the anxiety period of the epidemic, with

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/03/05

How does the actress share the same "bird leg" get? Faster than skinny is to choose boots!

Although the weather is cold, but the heart of love can not stop, this is not, although winter people have changed into thick pants and thick socks, but still yearn for the same women's "bird leg", like the comics came out as slender slender.

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/21

You need a pair of leather pants on the way to the workplace.

Because of their own material and style stereotypes, leather pants always make people feel too exaggerated, from the "workplace" two words too far. Until the front saw the interview of Net-A-Porter's cover character, Joan Smalls was wearing a

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/20

Long skirts are also high frequency products in winter, so they are warm and fashionable.

The light long dress seems to be worn only in spring and summer. Actually, it is easier to create a light and smart feeling in winter. Besides, it does not worry about putting on the bottompants inside, but also does not worry about showing the fat. Take

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/19

The C position of your teeth at the end of the year is still less than a jewelry.

By the end of the year, all kinds of annual meetings and gatherings are coming, and we all hope that at this moment, we will become the focus of the audience with a bright appearance. But clothes alone are far from enough. The key to the impressive costum

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/17

The warmth of snowy days, let these fashionable styles match you.

The weather is getting colder and warmer. Warm skin pants are warmer than boyfriends, but do not want to wear bottompants out of autumn pants? The right choice, the fashionable way of matching, you really need to understand that Mrs. Massel, who is known

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/16

The foundation section special job match match "always wins" CP, the winter disposition does not fall off (serial three)

It is said that the "fashionable" in winter is monotonous, but can you imagine that the X of the foundation coat will have the effect of "negative and positive"? Use collocation to add materials to your daily look. Don't forget the com

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/14

The special foundation can not empty the shopping cart, but it can help you clear your office and match your worries (serial two).

Suits, grid skirts, high necked sweaters... How many people buy, but always feel that their collocation is not good, little Yi also received many similar messages in the background. Today's foundation special, we continue to chat ~ in the workplace mu

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/13

The basic character of the foundation is the truth of the female hosts in the hit show.

In the workplace, many of the fancy products will be automatically shielded from us. If we open the wardrobe, is it the most common foundation? You think it's hard to find new patterns, but actually they are simple and simple. They want to be comforta

rayli-herstyle @ 2019/12/10