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Zhang Jie Sheenah's emotional problems? Is Yang Mi Wei Daxun really in love? Is Meng Meiqi Wu Xuanyi bad? Yueming Pan's love affair? Bai Yu father was reported?

Zhang Jie and Zhang Bichen, what is the matter, the circle, today's news is chaotic, they say they are together, Sheenah caught the current? Some netizens broke the news. Zhang Bichen and Zhang Jie were caught by Sheenah in X's bed. The man knelt down and

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Zhang Yixing, hot bar, avoiding each other? Liu Yifei grabbed Zhang Ziyi's role? Huang Haibo comeback? Wang Zhuanjun released himself? Wang Junkai opens a milk tea shop?

Would you like to ask Di Ali Gerba and Zhang Yixing? Probability is not possible. Small probability. It is possible. Generally speaking, small probability events can be regarded as nonexistent. Di Ali Gerba and Zhang Yixing are avoiding each other in the

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"Puppet mobilization 4" domestic sprouting finally ready to capture everyone's facial expression package?

Speaking of the expression package of the former two years' hegemony netizen WeChat, Xiongben is firmly in the top three of the list with its stupid sprout operation. In the early days of Picacho, the movie was released, and it made a big wave. Althou

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Deng Lun Ma grab some pure? Bai Yu Fan tear Yang naive? Xuan Dong was abandoned? SJ China concert? No play to beat Jiang Xin?

Dunn and Ma Sichun are forced to tear? In order to be a? The thing is, they're not working on a new play, originally set is a Ma Sichun, who was the golden horse, but Deng Lun team can not be reconciled, a TV series, not only is a nice to say, behind

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Deng Chao as Wang Yanlin? Christy Chung mother-in-law for her dissatisfaction? Shen Teng Ma Li break? Guo Degang prentice raised a lie? What is the meaning of money?

Deng Chao ran male back? I heard also crowded out by Wang Yanlin? The latest quarter running man was Deng Chao, Reuters, little Wang Yanlin, something many netizens questioned, Deng Chao is not back out, Wang Yanlin? The return of Deng Chao, before the ci

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Guli Nazha was put on ice? Reba Zhang Yixing fired CP? Cai Xukun was the real name of the curse? Roy Chiu Tse is not a slag man? Huang Bo gave up because of pay chicken?

Huang Bo did not participate in the chicken, because the salary limit order? Then why did he took part in a show? Sliced chicken in the last few seasons, Huang Bo Honglei Sun's salary is the highest, almost more than 40 million, now Guo Jia's sala

qw_plr @ 2019/05/05

Jia Nailiang default divorce? Wu Xiubo charity comeback? Luhan fans tore the studio? Zhang Mingen, Xu Lu love routine? No Lin update works to be cool?

Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen two people, what is the situation? Really, at least is really together, still not together, don't know. Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen this two person, skelter, repeatedly, although is together, but the hype traces is also very obvious,

qw_plr @ 2019/04/27

Guan Xiaotong and Bai Jingting better? Wu Yifan hate Zhang Yixing? Sammi Cheng hired driver pat Andy Hui derailed video? Zhao Liying to protect the child? He Jiong vanker and better?

Circle, He Jiong and Sheenah vanker and good or good? The whole world knows, He Jiong and Sheenah are particularly good, however, this is indeed the world to know. Again, however, in fact, the separation must be 123, the relationship between He Jiong and

qw_plr @ 2019/04/25

Yang Zi has a boyfriend? Niceking signed Scarlett? Jia Shikai was pengci? Huang Xuan flop? Banny Chen strange other sad?

Yang Zi now have a boyfriend? The man was photographed today, and she what relationship? Yang Zi is single, the two day was photographed by male counterparts, but her buddy, no lover, this, Yang Zi's staff has clarified the (circle confirm the staff s

qw_plr @ 2019/04/10

Gao Yuanyuan Mark is not? Liu Yifei is the navy to pay? Catherine Hung Zhang Danfeng Bi Ying Keng? William Chan Zhang Mingen calculate? Wang Jiaer has a girlfriend?

William Chan was not on the Spring Festival, because of Zhang Mingen? 16 years before the Spring Festival, William Chan broke the news to attend the Spring Festival Gala, the near before the Spring Festival evening show, because "back" did not par

qw_plr @ 2019/04/09

The Zhao Liying team as a demon? Zhang Danfeng Catherine Hung in marriage? In the dim sexual orientation? Chen Yao succeeded in turning? Gao Xin people show good?

Can say about Gao Xin? From the romance in the rain has been active on the screen, is not a good person? Gao Xin through the hit show "are good" re entered the audience view, be recognized again, known as a "romance in the rain", or inside

qw_plr @ 2019/04/08

Jane Zhang boyfriend? Wu thousand words? The Wang Yan family of low status? Qi Wei rub heat provoke outrage? Li Guangjie ray caroling bad relationship?

Wu thousand words and three rich generation Shi Boxiong really together? A thousand words Wu and Shi Boxiong talked about love for a long time, and during the period of Wu thousand words more than once unilaterally announced romance, but he didn't wan

qw_plr @ 2019/04/05

Zhao Lixin bought the release washed? Fan Bingbing beauty shop closed? Li Yifeng is cool? Loura cosmetic whole remnant? The development of 4 oner Kun sound?

How to develop four Oner Kun sound? Oner is now the resources, or bias in fashion, business class, and did not intend to enter the film circle, as for the so-called personal resources, or do not think too much, the value is much larger than the value of e

qw_plr @ 2019/04/04

Brilliance Yu love? Lan Qin Jiani Zhang is not? Yang Mi Liao Deng Lun? Zhang Han luck? Bai Baihe comeback?

Want to know Hua Chenyu after the debut, had a girlfriend? Gloria Tang; Bai Baihe had a chance to return? Bai Baihe has not been blocked.... was photographed "one finger", Bai Baihe and Chen Yufan together to clarify, divorced early, just because

qw_plr @ 2019/04/02

"The star" the most shining in the night sky as Huang Zitao Zheng Baixu debut set file support Xie Xiaofei: I am not satisfied

Many younger sister Huang Zitao recently may be a bit tangled, because a wall appeared. "The star" the most shining in the night sky will stall, overbearing big star Zheng Baixu will debut soft adorable! The trailer is issued, the fans have fryer,

qw_plr @ 2019/03/20

Sichuan taste plus large rock Disco Scene, annual divine comedy is arranged as clear as noonday

Youku second original music competition show this is the original "growth" on Saturday after the broadcast, there is a combination of a play on the shock to all people, including three instructors Jam Hsiao, Chen Li, Wang Jiaer. It is no exaggerat

qw_plr @ 2019/03/19

Cai Xukun against Pan Changjiang? Fan Bingbing comeback? Song Zuer was to give up? The mother-in-law s bankrupt? Qian Xi Hu Xianxu relationship?

Yi Xi smelt one thousand, Li Landi Hu Xianxu, is a class, the relationship between the three of them? Yi Xi smelt one thousand and Hu Xianxu when shooting "separation" has known, also participated in the variety show, and now is a class, they also

qw_plr @ 2019/03/16

The dissolution of BigBang? Li Landi Zhang Xincheng love? Zhang Tianai's popularity made? Wu for Lan Qin? What is the acting is good?

To hear the news of her less Zhang Tian'ai,? Since the "Princess Zhang Tianai" after the explosion of red, became extremely popular, as a sister hi day, the movie "the world", "passing shark bead biography" the female lead, but

qw_plr @ 2019/03/12

Zhou Jieqiong Wang Sicong? Huang Zitao change the route? Joe Chen sells? Tony Yang background hard? Li Bingbing Li Xue?

The relationship between Li Bingbing and Li Xue is very good? And to the media welfare is very good? Li Bingbing and Li Xue, not the sisters? What to do? Now foreign said that Li Bingbing is the sister of Li Xue, but also broke the news before Li Bingbing

qw_plr @ 2019/03/05

Zhao Liying William Feng with friends? Yang Mi Wang Ou fought upgrade? Li Yuchun Jane Zhang He Jie? Han Han Guo Jingming is not? Ju Jingyi resources?

Zhao Liying's birth in the end is the number? I think William Feng has denied, why can't they face the media? Zhao Liying specific number, do not know, only know that this is a few days. Burst out the network Zhao Liying pre production period is 3

qw_plr @ 2019/03/02