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"Don't look, you can't afford it." I saw the real world in the luxury store

Are you afraid to enter a luxury store? Let me be frank: I was afraid. When I first came to Shanghai for school a few years ago, I was just a "wild girl" coming out of a small town. It seems fierce and fearless, but every time you walk into Lujiaz

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/07/24

"You're a girl, you don't have to spell it." Why do I advise you to stay away from a steady life?

Do you have time for your dreams? I have. Because I love writing, I took part in the new concept competition, and I went to Nandu to practice as a student. I never stopped writing when I was free. My first contribution was not hesitate to change the compu

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/06/10

Sun Li and Deng Chao married for 9 years: "what is the secret of escaping the seven year itch?"

Today, I saw Deng Chao's 9th Anniversary micro-blog. A little sigh that their love has gone through seven years itch, from 4th anniversary, 5th anniversary, 6th anniversary... Deng Chao will send a commemorative micro-blog on time until today's 9t

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/06/08

"Don't discredit SM, you are obviously in PUA." Have you been a member of the gang?

These two days of entertainment circle melon, one after another, thought it entered what autumn harvest season. The most important thing is a better than one, Show Luo, who has been hammered by his girlfriend, and Qu Chu Xiao, who has borrowed SM's PU

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/04/26

"Never show kindness in a circle of friends, and curse me with my friends." Don't fall in love with a boy who has never done anything.

I had a very funny love melon the other day. Qu Chu Xiao was photographed in Hongluo Temple with actress Wan Zilin. Don't look at the two, the coffee is not big, the name is not very familiar, but this melon can be called the source of happiness. In t

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/04/23

"The itch he has been talking for a few years is not a real excuse for breaking up." 3 strokes to teach you love to rise ten thousand times.

Two days ago, I received a WeChat from my readers, "Qiu Feng," and told me about her constant distress. My WeChat is helloweiwei8888. What do you want to talk to me about? She said that she had been married for nearly ten years, and her husband be

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/04/17

"Obviously you don't love yourself, but gentlemen make you break up". Do you understand the breakup routine of boys?

When boys don't like a girl, how cruel can they be? Even when I was used to the big difference in my feelings, I was frightened. Two nights ago, I went downstairs to the convenience store to buy things. I saw a girl and her boyfriend quarrelling. The

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/03/20

"Is it enough to talk about love several times before marriage?" Wu Chun's answer turned out to be so.

What kind of experience is it to marry only once in a lifetime? To see someone on the know, someone answered that this is like playing games, and a game currency can be cleared, indicating that talent is different and worth being proud of. I have always f

qvweiwei1111 @ 2020/03/07

"Do not know the mistake, do you still want to run?" How terrible is mental control?

There have been too many appalling news lately. It is heartache that those dirty, dirty means and ugly souls are exposed to the public by exposing the victims' scars and even paying the cost of their lives. It is because such a price is too high that

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/12/19

The more you pay, the less rewarding you get? Watch out for your love to become a kidnap.

It's also a weekly diary. Every time you write a weekly diary, you are happy because you can have a chance to chat with you about your recent life. Have you had a good time recently? Tell me in the message, oh, whatever you say is good, but I really w

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/12/16

Yang Mi Wei Da Xin's love affair is suspicious: how can it be unlucky to be divorced from marriage?

Last night, when I was painting micro-blog, I saw a gossip sign that the cat was a popular actress and loved a dog. As a result, Yang Mi Wei Daxun's name was firmly placed in the first place and remained high this morning. I always like to eat melon,

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/12/10

Life is to keep in mind "shut your P" and "shut up my P".

A few days ago, the first batch of micro-blog's 30 year old countdown after the 90s was stung by the post-90s as a young man's heart. Towards the end of the year, I attended the commencement ceremony of chaos Innovation Institute in Sanya these da

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/12/09

"Of course I love you, but I love others, too."

Two days ago, I made a topic solicitation: after I fell in love, I met with a favorite person. I received many messages from the background. Every one took a serious look at it. I wanted to give a hug to all those who had been or are now in such a self do

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/12/03

"7 months in love, I was dragged out of the elevator and hit" 3 reasons why girls fear marriage.

"My boyfriend who had been in love for eight years broke up before he got married." At 1 a.m., she received a private letter from her fans. She and her boyfriend started dating from sophomore. The boy felt that he should be getting married, but sh

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/11/28

"If your boyfriend loves you or not, you will know when you get married."

What if you love someone too much? Friends are going through a very interesting relationship. She likes a boy who looks cool. Boys are busy with their careers, and have little time and energy left to love. They are also very self. It is hard to fall in lo

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/11/24

Ling Xiaosu Yifei Tang: This is not a blessing of "slag man marriage", actually a little sweet?

For a long time, I could only think of Hong Shi Yin when he mentioned "slag man". When I mention "Sao", I can still think of hung Shi Hsin. No man can be as tired of Hong Shixian as you are. No man can say "Hello, Sao" like Hong Sh

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/11/14

Why do some people lose a lot of friends when they fall in love?

Do you have friends who have been tucking away from each other? Nine out of ten girls who are in love with me are all split up like this. The day before, they were drunk in the bar, cursing their boyfriend as a scum, and then on the other day, they brushe

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/11/07

"Why are you a monthly salary of over 10000, or the moon?" For what, deposit 0 of young people have done something wrong?

A few days ago in the know to see a very interesting question, young people shouldn't save money? I think a lot of people the answer is yes, but the implementation of the action, people can do is scanty. Take my previous college students, their income

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/04/13

Have you suddenly want to give up all the time?

"Such a bad article, want to be famous next." When I was a senior this evaluation, I want to give up. I have you had to give up everything? I have, and more than once. Cooperation difficulties, speech suddenly forget the words, the pressure to sle

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/04/09

"Male bestie love, to tell the truth I got jealous."

Every time I look at the background of the various problems, I will be feeling the life is full of surprises and unexpected problems, some lovely people smile, I can not solve some of the difficulties. Every time I see the problem difficult to solve, I wi

qvweiwei1111 @ 2019/04/05