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Central heavy tune! "28 countries" vigorously develop private enterprises, and then introduce gem and new three boards. The capital market will play 8 roles and open up 5 industries.

In the winter solstice, private enterprises have come to a "reassurance". This is another heavy profit of private enterprises after the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December, 22, the CPC Ce

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Affecting 160 million shareholders, the securities law "four trial" came! The penalty for issuing fraud is 20 million, and registration system is implemented step by step. Look at the six late

The "four trial" of the revised draft Securities Law has come. On December 23rd, the fifteenth session of the thirteenth NPC Standing Committee heard the report of the Constitution and Law Committee of the National People's Congress on the res

quanshangcn @ 2019/12/23

Big loss 14 billion! Short Tesla, billionaire millionaire? Tesla pulled over 50% in 2 months, and fund managers in China and the United States had seen a collective fall.

Because Tesla's stock price has been attacking for two months in a row, its stock has broken through the record high of $400. Some long-term fund managers of Tesla are believed to continue to insist that they will become millionaires from billionaires

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Sudden blockbuster! 25 billion of the big funds made a rare move, and the first three in four years. Is the valuation of the 930 billion sector suddenly changed, or is it too high?

This action may really make the seventy thousand shareholders uneasy. After December 20th, three semiconductor leading companies, mega innovation, NK micro and top technology, respectively announced that the National IC Investment Fund (also known as the

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Rare in eleven years! The ticket industry is down to 200 BP. The good job of the voucher industry is constantly accumulating, and capital hunting has already begun.

Voucher industry is down to the standard. In December 20th, China settled the revised management of settlement reserve fund. Compared with the previous soliciting contributions, the official settlement fund management method has not changed much. The prop

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Another white horse was bought and exploded. The four big funds opened fire all over the world. After 1 years and two yuan, another trillion yuan, the organization fire line was added, foreign capital

Close to ending, A shares finally ushered in the year-end market. On the 19 day, the Shanghai stock index was at a high level throughout the day, and the market remained stubborn to maintain the 3000 mark. Although the concussion lasted for two days, the

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I am afraid of myself! It has just stopped trading again! Over the past 2 months, stock prices soared by 320%, and the company made an urgent announcement: the P / E ratio was 1413 times, which was si

"Don't mess with me. I'm scared of the stock price rising." This is probably the true inner portrayal of Chengmai technology. After the eleven holiday this year, Chengmai technology pulled out 8 trading boards in 9 trading days, and quickl

quanshangcn @ 2019/12/19

Even stepping on two "big thunder", what's wrong with this old stock broker? Lending to Jia Yue Ting 2 hundred million, has not yet recovered, and now it is on the 290 million track.

Recently, Huafu securities issued two announcements in one breath, involving 110 million yuan and 180 million yuan in interest and interest in new light group. Two additivity, Huafu securities trampled two big thunder in capital market in 2019, and total

quanshangcn @ 2019/12/18

Sigh! *ST Kang De Shi controlled people arrested, known as "new material Ren Zhengfei", in the past 70 years, miserable ending. 11 billion 900 million financial fraud, market value plunged 80

After being in prison for a long time, *ST Kang's actual controller finally came up with the latest trend. On the night of December 16th, *ST Kant announced that the company's actual controller, Zhong Yu, was arrested for alleged offense. At this

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Buffett was panic? Europe and the United States stock market hit a new high, the Fed released 3 trillion and 500 billion, no one dare to short! Trillions of funds to prepare for A shares, eating marke

When the peripheral stock market got up, it was as fierce as it was! With the end of the trade dispute risk mitigation and the British general election, the US and European stock markets reached a new high in December 16th. At the same time, the Federal R

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Sichuan's richest man stepped on thunder! Second hand car financial first fell, Liu Yonghao 600 million investment to drain? 21 billion 900 million how can the loan be withdrawn? 14 billion 200 mi

Liu Yonghao, the richest man in Sichuan and chairman of new hope group, is in the vortex of finance. Liu Yonghao's biggest investment in the field of financial technology is facing more accusations. At present, a large number of Merlin car financial u

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Do not quit easily at the end of the year! The broker's remuneration documents are strongly brushed, and employees no longer give bonuses after leaving. Should it be issued? These three points are

It has always been controversial whether bonuses paid by financial institutions, especially after leaving bonuses, should be issued. There are securities turnover staff, and even executives, for this reason, the securities companies are also deeply concer

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Pay attention! @1.5 billion investors, your stock account may be restricted access. There are only 2 months left. These investors should be careful and compare the accounts promptly.

The "one pass account" launched by China's settlement in 2014 has effectively implemented the regulation of big data and reduced the charging standard of investors. However, due to various reasons, there are still some non-standard situations.

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Burst! The global panic is soaring, and what happens to Europe and the United States? "Election day" interferes with the market, and there are three big hang ups.

Last week, the middle market spent a few days in the peripheral market, and it began to lose heart last night. The US stock market ended three consecutive trading days, and the panic index suddenly gained 16.45% after the market. So what happened? Judging

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Act recklessly and care for nobody! Under the name of the broker, open the contest. Claiming 500 million operators + 10 million awards, the studio recommended the stock, the broker responded.

By the end of the year, swindlers were rampant. Recently, some brokerages have been "eyed", investors need to guard against new deception. In December 9th, Huaxin securities official WeChat pushed the news that the "Huaxia cup competition"

quanshangcn @ 2019/12/11

Another star analyst "transfer" to CSC. In the year, 6 head analysts have been recruited. What is the attraction? (exclusive interview)

During the year, six star analysts were successfully recruited, and the hot income products were also launched. The CITIC Securities Research Department received more and more attention from the market. The exclusive Chinese journalist was informed that i

quanshangcn @ 2019/12/08

Burst! The former director of the Shandong securities regulatory bureau was expelled from the party and used the administrative examination and approval authority to gain improper interests. Former de

Xu Tie, former Secretary and director of the Shandong Supervision Bureau of the SFC, was expelled from the party. According to the discipline inspection and supervision group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the China Securities Reg

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In November, the voucher industry faced collective Waterloo. 6 decline in performance, CITIC, Huatai net profit fell over 70%, GF became the biggest black horse, recorded a single month champion.

In November, the annual performance of listed brokerages is also about to be completed. As of 8 pm on December 5th, 29 listed brokerages published monthly data in November. Affected by market conditions, the November performance data of brokerages are not

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Too sudden! The vice president of the securities company was suddenly dismissed from office or 23 years old voucher. Why? A month ago, I was researching and directing work.

5 evening, a notice, so that the Great Wall securities vice president Zhu Jun was dismissed from the news spread like wildfire. The announcement shows that on December 4th, at the fifty-sixth meeting of the first board of directors of the Great Wall secur

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HUAWEI fight back! Just now, HUAWEI announced that it will formally sue the US FCC! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: stop the unreasonable suppression of specific enterprises in China! Ren Zhengfei al

HUAWEI announced that it would formally sue the Federal Communications Commission. According to CCTV news, HUAWEI filed an indictment in the US court today, requesting the court to confirm that the decision of the FCC to prohibit HUAWEI from participating

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