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The 7 point is that sina has received a "privatization" offer, and its stock price has risen by over 10%, and the market value of the four giants in the United States is over trillion dollars.

Good morning, everyone! Today is the first day of the college entrance examination. I wish all the candidates refueling and everything goes well! As a past person, do you remember the experience of the college entrance examination? Here is today's mor

qqtech @ 2020/07/07

Internet Financial escape: people who are motivated by violence swear to "send P2P executives to prison".

In this big escape, practitioners, investors and borrowers are all involved and miserable, and the worst aspect of big data and other technologies is exposed. How to supervise these internet financial innovations is also controversial. Source: PingWest we

qqtech @ 2020/07/06

The 7 point is to see "millet" making "Oolong"; Microsoft says China's retail stores are operating normally; FB is being boycotted by advertisers.

Good morning, everyone! Did you see pictures and videos of "colorful clouds" over Haikou yesterday? This is a natural phenomenon produced by refraction of light. It is really beautiful. Xiao Qi made a wish, "I hope everyone's wishes will c

qqtech @ 2020/06/29

Don't lose GPS! All 30 satellites are in place! Beidou three global satellite navigation constellation deployed successfully

With the success of the launch, the 30 satellites of Beidou three are all in place, and the constellation deployment of Beidou three global satellite navigation system is fully completed. Source: surging News Video: a multi angle direct attack on the laun

qqtech @ 2020/06/23

Periscope Hong Kong stock IPO market rescue: Jingdong NetEase into straw, nearly 10 stocks in succession blood transfusion

For the IPO market of Hong Kong stock market due to the blood loss of the epidemic, the emergence of China's stock market is extremely important. In addition to giving the HKEx impact on the performance of the fund-raising, it can also drive market se

qqtech @ 2020/06/18

Will the us abandon sanctions against HUAWEI?

The background of the new regulation set by the US government is that in the formulation of 5G communication standards, HUAWEI is the "high mountain" that American enterprises can not get around. The organization of the global 5G communication sta

qqtech @ 2020/06/18

Jia Yueting music as the end of the curtain call: with 280 thousand shareholders together "suffocating"

Source: every lead author: Li Shaoting Song Kejia editor: Tang Hui (this article is jointly produced by "daily economic news" and Tencent news, first Tencent news. No reprint without permission. "You hang up all night, and you can sell well wi

qqtech @ 2020/06/08

Q asked Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo's mobile phone business has prioritized profits, and has applied for 766 core patents of 5G.

Key points: 1. In the past few years, many people said that Lenovo missed the draught and missed the draught. In fact, faced with such a draught, I firmly believe that we do not need to follow anyone. 2, we put the improvement of mobile business profits i

qqtech @ 2020/06/04

Lei Jun responded and Dong Mingzhu continued to bet: if I could make China stronger, I would accept it.

Key points 1, and Dong Mingzhu "bet": if this competition for the entire Chinese manufacturing industry has become stronger and help improve domestic brands, I would be willing to accept. 2, Xiaomi released at least ten 5G mobile phones this year,

qqtech @ 2020/05/30

New scandal! Ruixing was exposed to fraud before IPO and sold vouchers to the chairman's affiliated company.

Key points: 1, Ruixing sold a voucher of tens of millions of cups of coffee to the company that is related to Lu Zhengyao, chairman and controlling shareholder of the company. This operation makes the book revenue of Rui Ying coffee much higher than its r

qqtech @ 2020/05/29

Experience the agent's agent breaking the rules: from the schools and entertainment venues to find the anchor, the signing cost is low.

Editor's note: the "personal experience" column focuses on the latest trends in society and industry in oral form. It is co sponsored by Tencent technology and quality content creators. Recently, "personal experience" will continue to

qqtech @ 2020/05/27

Visiting HUAWEI's "strongest spare tire" on the spot: hot mass production of 14nm, high-end lithography machine is becoming a stumbling block.

The core technology of advanced manufacturing is the neck of Chinese company. SMIC is the only foundry enterprise that can provide 14 nm process in China. It has become the "strongest spare tire". At present, HUAWEI has turned its product chip int

qqtech @ 2020/05/26

The picture shows that China 5G has a big starting point: there are 200 thousand base stations set meal 129 yuan to buy 30 G.

[copyright notice] the copyright of this work belongs exclusively to the Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd., and no third party shall be reproduced without authorization. According to the Xinhua government's report, this year's government

qqtech @ 2020/05/24

One article read the inside story of Jia Yue Ting's "success" bankruptcy.

The claims of family members significantly increased Jia Yueting's total debt limit, but at the same time diluted the influence of the minority creditors who opposed the scheme, making their resistance very difficult to achieve. Source: ID: guixingren

qqtech @ 2020/05/23

HUAWEI's speed of life and death: the grinding core of the Sino US technology competition

The separation of standards and industry chain is not good for either side, and will bring serious impact to the whole industry, such as supply chain risk. Source: Beijing News Penguin reporter: Lu Fu Fu editor: Li Weijia, "survival is the theme word

qqtech @ 2020/05/20

Foxconn workers: 20 minutes before I went to work, I and more than 100 workmates were dismissed.

Overtime is the most effective baton for employees already in the factory. "How much overtime determines whether employees walk or stay?" Different factories have different orders and overtime hours are different. Some employees are chasing longer

qqtech @ 2020/05/19