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[full beauty Vol.4] Kangxi's secret visit: classical beauty 101

To say that beauty is gathered, it is also the most prosperous part of the imperial body, the fourth phase of the "full beauty". The goose takes you to check the beauty of Kangxi. "The whole American Beauty" fourth plays, "Kangxi's

qqlive_TV @ 2020/05/22

[full beauty Vol.2] the face value in the Ming Dynasty palace Poetry

The first phase of "all the beauties" has seen the beautiful fairies. Today, the goose will take you to see the beauty of the Daming Palace. The famous "Daming Palace" which was broadcast in the second millennium of the "full beauty

qqlive_TV @ 2020/05/14

Newspaper! Qingping music is sweet after emperor.

Qing Ping Le's emotional drama is not playing the cards according to the principle of common sense. It was thought that the official Zhao Zhen would soon be pleased with the queen Cao Danshu (Jiang Shu Ying). However, because of Han Qi's hearsay e

qqlive_TV @ 2020/04/24

Are you there? Come out and recite and write the full text.

All these years, the fear of "reciting and writing the whole story" was aroused by Qing Ping Le, and some netizens said that watching the dream at night was awakened by "worrying about the world first". Who can think that the initiator'

qqlive_TV @ 2020/04/17

Middle age crisis, workplace shady, organ reselling. Just 12 episodes.

If we can see that which play in 2020 is so hearty, "I am Yu Huan Shui" can be regarded as a volume of twelve volumes, and the problems exposed are steady and ruthless. The marriage line drawn by Gan Hong is not a simple middle-aged couple's s

qqlive_TV @ 2020/04/15

One thousand faces "cloak", which is your true love?

The day before yesterday, the "jade" stills were open, and Wang Yibo's modeling of a gray cloak took the snipe to the heart of this geese. The youth's sharp eyebrows, under the cloak of gray short lint, had a sense of gentleness. At one ti

qqlive_TV @ 2020/03/23

Look at Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo with the highlights of "Fei".

Today's vernal equinox, the TV play "Fei" released a group of filming photos, together to see Zhao Liying, Gao Zhi Ma tail, wearing a concise and dry pink chivalry dress, another set of red modelling bright, lively, smiling brilliant, Wang Yib

qqlive_TV @ 2020/03/20

I don't know what I know about Jin Dong.

After the end of the elite lawyer, another new drama of Jin Dong is coming. City life drama, if the years can be turned back, the official announcement is scheduled. In March 20th, the Tencent video network was first broadcast, and it used to be used to s

qqlive_TV @ 2020/03/20

The beauty of the scorpion and the sword!

There are not only gentle and upright heroines, but also a kind of snakes and beauties. The color of purple is very suitable for their beauty. The first thing to think about is Su Da Ji. Fu Yiwei's "Da Shen" in "Fengshen Bang" is pure

qqlive_TV @ 2019/12/10

It's snowing! These snow scenes in film and TV play are never tired of watching.

It's snowing!! The first snow came in Beijing yesterday, and it was covered by white in the morning. Just for the weekend, I'd better watch my play at home and order fried chicken beer. When it comes to snow scenes in film and TV drama, the first

qqlive_TV @ 2019/11/30

It's rare to see such a great career drama.

At the beginning of the story, the woman ran into a volleyball match, and then succeeded in joining the volleyball team as the main attacker. And the father and mother of the woman who always watches volleyball matches all year round. This family is a spo

qqlive_TV @ 2019/11/29

White hair and beauty! They are all spoony people.

It is a classic of white hair for the situation that hurt the whole night. There is more than white haired witch in the film and TV drama. Today, let's take a look at those spoony characters who love snow. Zhang Bai Ying, Princess of the white hair, c

qqlive_TV @ 2019/11/22

"No secret you", advanced on demand final! CP comes to the fire.

Tonight, "no secret you" can see the end of the show on the spot. The N is coming. CP is sending out a big trick again. How about the absolute value of the kiss play that can be added to the history of the kiss play? Is it still more than enough?

qqlive_TV @ 2019/11/08

With Qi Wei learning to wear, you can also catch up with the next year!

Perhaps, have you ever thought about falling in love with a younger man who is younger than you? In the face of those handsome or sunny, or straightforward, or gentle and careful big boy, who can resist not saying "sister can"? So, how to get thes

qqlive_TV @ 2019/11/08

Korean drama Guide: Korean version of "rural love" fire

In the October Korean dramas, there were no big exploded dramas. In general, they were relatively dull, and local and Chinese preferences were not quite the same. In Korea, when watching the camellia bloom, the horror is getting lighter, and the full scre

qqlive_TV @ 2019/11/05

The new play, the new stills of "the rest of life", "the owner of the house" is killing.

Yang Zi and Xiao war starred in the TV series "the rest of my life, please enlighten me" to release the new stills. Yang Zi's cellist, Lin's school, is lively, kind-hearted and cheerful. A long dress in the stills, a warm smile and a full

qqlive_TV @ 2019/10/30

Yang Yang is too difficult. Return to senior three and suffer from depression!

Tonight the limit 17 series second slippery souls will be broadcast exclusively in Tencent video. Guo Zifan once again played senior three students, but this time he will face greater challenges. Besides having a "I don't want you to think, I want me to f

qqlive_TV @ 2019/09/10

Guide to Korean Drama: Kim Su Hyon's first show of retirement. Li Dongxu plays the pervert killer!

IU ended the "Luna Hotel" with 126 sets of modeling topics, and fell from the 9.4 broadcast to the last 8.1. Let the play score the last few straight sets, Zhang Manyue in the ambiguous words of Ma Gu God, identified with star (Lu Zhen nine adornations) i

qqlive_TV @ 2019/09/06

Shocked! The 20 year old man had a "midlife crisis" early.

In today's fast-paced metropolis, the lives of social animals are constantly facing great pressure from work. "Anxiety" and "midlife crisis" are the words commonly used by people. But I didn't expect a group of more than 20 year old young people to feel t

qqlive_TV @ 2019/08/16

The new drama of Deng Lun tells you how miserable the entertainers are.

At present, the new generation of idol stars emerge in an endless stream, almost all of them are excellent in appearance and strong in business ability. As the focus of social attention, behind all the scenery that everyone can see, the sweat, the persist

qqlive_TV @ 2019/08/11