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Just announced! Full mark composition marking team leader divulges answer paper to be dealt with

Just now, Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Institute issued a notice. The following is the full text of the notice: a few days ago, the full score composition "living in the tree" and expert comments were circulated on the Internet, which

qingchunhubei @ 2020/08/14

China's Countermeasures! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced sanctions against 11 American people

At today's regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded one by one on hot issues such as sanctions imposed by the United States on Chinese officials on Hong Kong related issues and the a

qingchunhubei @ 2020/08/11

73 universities on the list! Do you think your school won the prize?

Recently, the national science and Technology Award Office officially announced the preliminary evaluation results of the 2020 National Science and technology award. There are 47 National Science and technology awards in this year. Special projects will b

qingchunhubei @ 2020/08/07

Attention to the students! A large number of professional qualifications will be cancelled

The Ministry of human resources and social security recently announced the announcement on relevant arrangements for the withdrawal of vocational qualifications of skilled personnel in level evaluation, which makes it clear that 76 vocational qualificatio

qingchunhubei @ 2020/08/01

Why should the name of this army be preceded by the word "people"

Editor: GK Loma - late in the night of October 17, 1947, the families of 35 village cadres in Mancheng No.1 District, Baoding City, Hebei Province rang out one after another. "Who is it?" "Urgent task! The team will cross the village early tom

qingchunhubei @ 2020/08/01

University collision abbreviation, these schools are too embarrassing

Just after the college entrance examination, the examinees have not cheered for a few days. In a twinkling of an eye, another hurdle will arrive - fill in! Newspaper! Will! Wish! Don't think it's easy to pass the college entrance examination. In f

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/26

Rare! Tsinghua University and Peking University expand enrollment of such candidates in Hubei Province

According to the Changjiang Daily, both Tsinghua University and Peking University have increased their enrollment plans in Hubei Province, with 9 more in Tsinghua University and 20 in Peking University. "This year, we will increase the number of plans

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/26

159 people took the college entrance examination, and 150 went to the undergraduate line. She said: not satisfied

The all China Women's Federation has recently decided to award Zhang Guimei, Secretary of the Party branch and President of Huaping women's high school in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, and President of Huaping County children's welfare home,

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/26

Don't hurt! Another superstar falls

Zheng Shouren, an academician and professor level senior engineer of the Chinese Academy of engineering, died in Wuhan on July 24 due to illness. Zheng Shouren has been responsible for the diversion and closure design of Wujiangdu and Gezhouba Dam, and th

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/25

This Hubei food guide is made by me with my mouth watering

Speaking of Hubei cuisine, what else can you think of besides "standard" hot and dry noodles and duck neck? Put away this list of Hubei delicacies sorted out by Xiaobian with saliva, "e" will go to eat ~! Xiangyang beef noodles are charact

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/25

Blind students college entrance examination more than one line 120 points! What he wants to do is more moving

Recently, many places have announced the results of the college entrance examination. The news that a blind examinee has exceeded 120 points in the first line of the college entrance examination this year has aroused concern and heated discussion. In the

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/25

Foreign ministry urgent reminder!

Wang Wenbin: to ask for the closure of the Consulate General in Houston "is to dismantle the bridge of Sino US friendship." according to US media reports, the US State Department said on the 22nd that the request for China to close the Consulate G

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/23

The United States will do it! Response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The US side demands that China close down the Foreign Ministry of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston: it strongly condemns it, and the Chinese side will respond appropriately and necessarily. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/23

The new Tsinghua admission notice is coming! The first one was sent to Wuhan students

Picturesque, the new Tsinghua admission notice has come out, the new Tsinghua University graduate admission notice has come! From the 20th, these admission letters are being sent out in succession. On the left side of the inner page of the new notice is a

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/21

The exam starts tomorrow! Look!

Tomorrow (July 20) Wuhan 2020 high school entrance examination will start. This morning, the Wuhan municipal government held a press conference to inform the weather, drainage and other conditions during the high school entrance examination. On the high s

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/19

Look! Trump's "quit group" chat record exposed (no)

In recent years, especially after the trump administration came to power, the United States has withdrawn from a number of international organizations, agreements and mechanisms, and staged a series of farce of "withdrawing from the group". (the f

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/18

Violation! Results of 12 candidates are invalid!

Some time ago, college entrance examination students have entered a tense stage of preparation. Some people are studying hard, while others are using their "crooked brains". Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Institute issued a no

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/18

Ministry of education official propaganda! It's about big primary and secondary schools!

Recently, the Ministry of Education released the "guidelines for labor education in primary and secondary schools (for Trial Implementation)", which makes it clear that labor education mainly includes knowledge, skills and values in daily life lab

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/18

It's about the beginning of school in autumn! The latest deployment of the Ministry of education has come

A few days ago, the leading group office of the Ministry of Education held a video conference on epidemic prevention and control of the national education system to summarize and exchange the epidemic prevention and control work in the first half of 2020,

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/16

Young people's great learning: only when you have faith in your heart can you go far and attach the ranking list

Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to all members of the voluntary service team of Party members in the exhibition hall of the Communist Manifesto of Fudan University, encouraging them to continue to tell stories about their ideals and beli

qingchunhubei @ 2020/07/13