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The Xiao Ke base, who has fallen in the blood pool, has recently come to the Internet.

Remember the killer pitaya killer, sleepy sleepers, sleepy sleepy sleepy Xiao Ke Gody? Prospect review: homicide scene... Pitaya killer... A few lovers who sleep on the stomach... Sleepy anywhere... Reincarnation! Yes, for this Xiao Ke base, recently, the

q_catdog @ 2020/05/11

The cat pulls away from work at 5 every day. Neighbors: it's too sour, but he has been working at home for a month.

Netizens' cat Marty and their feelings are very good. At 5 p.m. every day, cat Marty will sit at the door and see through the transparent windows on the door, patiently waiting to be pulled home from work. But because of the influence of the new crown

q_catdog @ 2020/04/27

Dog bites the data line, the way the owner punishes is too ruthless!!

A domestic shovelling official keeps two dogs, both of whom are boys. They are all grown up now, and these two dogs are all online and very beautiful. These two seemingly good dogs have a bad habit. They like to bite the data line of their owners from chi

q_catdog @ 2020/04/24

When a dog sleeps with a baby in its arms, the net friend is sprouted: is this the super large teddy bear?

A video has been popular recently. The baby in the video is holding a large teddy bear doll, sleeping very well, and the picture is super healing! But it turned out to be a little wrong at last. How can this teddy bear move? Is this... Is it a giant poodl

q_catdog @ 2020/04/22

The little police dog took part in the oath of taking office, but they were sleeping all the time.

On Monday, the Bristol police station held an oath of taking office. The main role of the swearing in is the new police dog, Brody, who is going to be in the police station. Originally, it was a very formal ceremony, but it became very funny because of Br

q_catdog @ 2020/04/18

It's hard to say that the more people know, the more I like dogs.

In the world of dogs, they seem to have learned how to love and understand the meaning of life when they are born. Unlike us, we have to go through a lot of ups and downs before we understand a little bit of truth. So I dare say they are the longest love

q_catdog @ 2019/12/23

The 14 year old dog's ashes were burned into glass. She saw the black and white dog faces on the beads and red eyes.

The husbands of netizens are already 14 years old this year. Unfortunately, the dog died in June 8, 2019. After she cremated her beloved dog, she wanted to leave her ashes around her as a souvenir and sent it to make a commemoration of the glass beads. On

q_catdog @ 2019/12/22

Seeing the owner selling his 50 day big dog on the street, the dog's mother waved her paw at the owner.

When a dog and a dog are pregnant, they are born with a lot of little hairs. And so many cats and dogs, most families choose to sell or give away. A shit officer joked with the family cat, pretending to take away the appearance of the kitten. Looking at t

q_catdog @ 2019/12/20

It is said that dogs will have some problems if they keep them for a long time.

It is not more than two days to keep a dog out. It is not safe to go out for foster care. In short, there are all kinds of worries. When he grew up, he began to worry about whether he wanted to find a child bride for him. Friends around me began to talk a

q_catdog @ 2019/12/19

Dogs look around before euthanasia, only to find the master who uses their lives to love.

The most feared part of the pet lovers is their parting, and the more time they spend together, the more difficult they are. The Marcos Pimenta who lives in new Brazil has encountered this dilemma. Osero, who accompanied him for a long time, has been diag

q_catdog @ 2019/12/18

In the north, Wang winters depend on heating for the winter, and Wang Wang in the south.

It's time for the northerners to get warm over the winter, and the southern people to shake their winters. But there are many southern dogs that beat the cat and learn to kick their hands. Wang, who can guess his hand, is also inexplicably clever.

q_catdog @ 2019/12/17

Never be a Sa Beining's cat!

Originally, I thought how happy it would be to be a cat in a star's house. Every day the villas and the delicacies and delicacies, until I saw the cat in Sa Beining's house... It's really miserable. 1- was forced to "eat excrement," sa

q_catdog @ 2019/12/16

The owner took the dog to her mother-in-law before going on a business trip.

I believe many people feel this same feeling. A beauty net friend raised a lovely little teddy and loved it all the same. When her daughter came to the house, she had nothing to do except work during the day. Little teddy was also very good and seldom sti

q_catdog @ 2019/12/14

The abandoned dog keeps all its belongings in the wind and rain. It is very simple to lose the dog. It is hard for them to survive the winter alone.

Just a few days ago, on the day when the temperature was the lowest and the rain was drizzle, there was a little lovable little family. A note was left beside the dog. The dog kept all its belongings in the wind and rain and did not know what had happened

q_catdog @ 2019/12/13

The Akita dog is already 9 years old. Recently, he always wants to sleep with the owner, and he can't pull away with the rope.

A family in the island country has raised a Akita dog, but it is already very old. It has been with the owner and wife for 9 years. Old dogs do not like to move, and the Akita dog itself is a relatively quiet dog. The owner finds that it is less and less

q_catdog @ 2019/12/11

The bitch's estrus, Akita dog excitedly catch up, but 7 days later...

How difficult is it to love dogs on the stalls? On that day, the shoveling officer took a walk with his Akita dog as before. Unexpectedly, a little bitch appeared in front of him. The smell of the dog was so sharp that it smelled the smell of love. It was

q_catdog @ 2019/12/08

I didn't bring my doll into the house. For second days, the big golden hair was going to cry.

Mason likes to play with the most beloved sloth dolls in the yard, and often does not bring dolls into the house, and throws them in the yard for the night. However, it ignores the recent cold weather, and one morning, when it comes to looking for dolls a

q_catdog @ 2019/12/07

The stray cat refused to embrace everyone, and the "gentlemen" as the master could make the man laugh.

If you are the master of the cat king, it will be enough for you to spend the rest of your life in front of others. A stray cat wanders outside a polling station on the streets of the United States. Passers-by sees it very thin and sends the cat to the re

q_catdog @ 2019/12/04

To tell the truth, raising dogs is really too hard.

Do you want to keep a dog as cute as a dog? But after raising a dog, it was discovered that... It's really not easy to keep a dog. After raising a dog, it was discovered that besides dog food, there are still a lot of snacks, toys and nutriments to bu

q_catdog @ 2019/12/02

Jin Mao carries more than 30 dolls every day and treats them as treasures. The owner says, "it's too busy!"

A foreign pet owner has recently been laughed at by her family's golden hair. In the three years before and after the spoiled Lord, he bought more than 30 dolls for Jin Mao. From the first to the present, they were all well preserved. None of them was

q_catdog @ 2019/12/01