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Notice of Puyang Municipal Bureau of education on the arrangement of enrollment and enrollment of compulsory education schools in Puyang in 2020 all county (District) education bureaus, public institutions, schools and kindergartens in the main urban area

pypszy @ 2020/08/04

Notice! Puyang this primary school has been determined to be illegal, banned according to law!

Puyang County banned an illegal primary school. On July 10, the Education Bureau of Puyang County banned an illegal primary school on Changsheng Road in the east of the county according to law, and issued a notice of banning illegal school running to the

pypszy @ 2020/07/17

Official announcement! Oilfield primary and secondary schools in 2020 compulsory education school range and enrollment type publicity!

Today, the implementation measures for enrollment of compulsory education schools in the main urban area of the city and the "scope and types of enrollment of oilfield primary and junior high schools in 2020" are released! The specific contents ar

pypszy @ 2020/07/11

The "mathematics Carnival" which is popular among famous universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is about to land in Puyang Experimental School of Beijing Normal University

The mathematical Carnival of Puyang Experimental School of Beijing Normal University is erudite and eager to ask questions and think about it closely. The math Carnival originated from overseas and is popular in famous universities in Beijing, Shanghai an

pypszy @ 2020/07/10

Recruit students! The latest admissions policy of Puyang foreign language school is coming out.

At the beginning of the summer, the most beautiful and prosperous days are coming. In June, the students are approaching a new stage of life. Do you have a good choice for the future? Here, there is a different high school -- Puyang foreign language schoo

pypszy @ 2020/06/11

390 people! Puyang announcements on recruitment of public institutions

In 2020, Puyang and Taiwan's county public institutions recruited it! A total of 390 persons were recruited. The announcement is as follows: in 2020, the announcement of open recruitment of municipal institutions in Puyang was based on the regulations

pypszy @ 2020/06/06

Important notice! This year, Puyang entrance examination has changed.

According to the spirit of the Henan Provincial Department of education on the matters related to the examination in our province (2020 [186]), in order to effectively ensure the safety and health of the candidates and staff involved in the examination, a

pypszy @ 2020/06/05

Urgent notice! About the third year of senior high school!

Henan province new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters office of education system special office to do a good job in general senior high school grade three conditions for the opening of a comprehensive investigation of the urgent noti

pypszy @ 2020/03/29

High speed rail engine economic development, new town change urban pattern

Disclaimer 1. the relevant words, pictures and architectural design renderings of the advertisement are the presentation of the project, for reference only. The final standards are detailed in the documents and plans approved by the relevant government de

pypszy @ 2020/03/17

The college entrance examination will be postponed to June 26th this year? The truth is coming!

Recently, a "Ministry of education formal notice" caused a lot of concern that the national college entrance examination postponed until June 26th, is it true? After verification, the official website of the Ministry of education and official micr

pypszy @ 2020/03/09

Two pupils in Puyang received a thank-you letter. What good did they do?

Recently, the Greentown experimental primary school received a long thank you letter thanking the school five (5) class Zhang Ye and five (3) class Hou Jia Lin two children, what good did they do? A letter of thanks to the Greentown experimental school, l

pypszy @ 2019/12/19

"The strongest accompany exam" is our Puyang people!

On the two day, the Puyang people was fired by the Xinhua News Agency WeChat public number. It was reported that the reading volume was instantaneous 100 thousand + was known as the "strongest accompany exam". He was Zhu Tengqiang, a Puyang studen

pypszy @ 2019/12/04

Weigh! The Puyang lottery has launched the free lottery ticket, so long as participation has the opportunity to win the prize.

Dear friends, some time ago, the Chinese sports lottery held a free online raffle event, which attracted the attention of the whole city, but also exploded the circle of friends. But after all, the number of prize winners was limited. Some of the small pa

pypszy @ 2019/11/27

The chance to change the fate of Puyang children's college entrance examination has come, please parents must check!

"All year round, education is the foundation." Education is the only way to change a person's fate in China. There are three major education centers in China: "Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan". Beijing is the core of the imperial capital. The

pypszy @ 2019/11/25

The latest wage guidance price of employees in Puyang is coming out!

The Circular of the Puyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security on Issuing the information on wages and remuneration information and labor cost level of enterprises in Puyang in 2018 is to strengthen and improve the government's gui

pypszy @ 2019/11/11

What is the difference in intelligence quotient between Puyang people?

Today's topic: what is the difference between the IQ of Puyang people? Answer: the first point of IQ is to pay attention. Jiayuan education is good and beautiful. Jiayuan explores the root of good things. The company adheres to the cultural concept of

pypszy @ 2019/10/13

Pure dry goods! Teach you how to buy a school district room in Puyang!

In ancient times, there were three changes in mother's family and the achievement of "Asian sages". Nowadays, there are schools to choose, and dreams are built. From ancient times to now, school has always been the most important concern for p

pypszy @ 2019/09/26

Typhoon "Li Qi Ma" let us learn to be prepared for danger!

During the period of typhoon Li Qi MA in the whole country, the coastal area has become this way, the roads become rivers, vehicles become boats, many areas have become water towns, and the sea facing the typhoon is directly becoming the flooded city of V

pypszy @ 2019/08/18

2019 Puyang city primary and secondary school enrollment dicing scope announced

The Puyang Education Bureau has not yet disclosed the scope of the enrollment of primary and secondary school enrollment in 2019. However, all the media in the city are publishing the scope of this dicing. Xiaobian conjecture may be published in advance.

pypszy @ 2019/08/08

Henan released the average wage data for 2018. Puyang's growth rate is the first

Nothing is more exhilarating than salary, and nothing is more depressing than salary at the end of the month. Recently, the average wage has been coming out gradually, and it has come to test how well it got last year. ~ data sources: Henan Provincial Bur

pypszy @ 2019/06/09