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One hundred and fifty thousand medium size SUV how to choose? BYD Tang VS Jie Dao X95

In November 28th of this year, the flagship model of the Czech route, X95, was officially launched. The price of the medium sized SUV was just 9.99-15.29 million. There are only a handful of medium SUV available in the next 150 thousand, and BYD Tang fuel

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/12/23

Is it worth replacement? Value! The whole network preemptive test of Aili Sharon mix

Every time the new iPhone is launched, the owners of the previous generation of iPhone will "itch". Although I am not a faithful "fruit powder", but as 2.4L Aili gentry owner, saw the Dongfeng Honda launched the latest Aili Sharon mix, als

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/12/12

What is the strongest 2.0T in China? Test 2020 models Chuan Qi GS8

After the implementation of "state six", Chuan Qi GS8 is in a slightly awkward position, that is, only one vehicle meets the national six emission standard. In order to solve this situation, Guang Qi Chuan Qi conforms to the current situation and

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/12/11

Finally wait for the change! Take the first 2020 shots of Buick's akeway

Buick has been launched in October 2014 for 5 years, and it should be almost replaced by reason. But Buick seems to have no such intention, so in the day after the opening of the Guangzhou auto show is ready to launch a modified model of the AECO way. Bef

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/11/22

Budget 150 thousand, to SUV, and want personality, these autonomous SUV is worth recommending.

This year can be regarded as a year of self brand car racing SUV blowout. Kai Chen, Haff, Changan and other brands have launched new products, some of which are new and some new models. But all in all, in order to cater for today's increasingly distin

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/11/11

China's highly intelligent moment: in just 10 months, I opened the domestic Tesla.

On the two things, the Chinese have really added the talent of race to the full. One is planting vegetables, the other is infrastructure. The reason for this feeling is that I had just sent "Tesla Shanghai factory to the naked eye to speed up construc

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/11/10

The texture is obviously better, but what is the strength of 2.0T+8AT? Surveying Changan CS75 PLUS

Many people should be the same as me for the first time to see the shape of CS75 PLUS has been recognized, recall that the international full of XT, they are very beautiful and pleasant. It is undeniable that Changan always surprises people in design. In

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/11/04

New RAV4 Rong Fang how to choose? The most important edition of 2.0L CVT

FAW TOYOTA's new RAV4 Rong ban was officially launched in October 25th. As a SUV vehicle that has entered the Chinese market for over ten years, RAV4 Rong has already had an audience base. This new RAV4 Rong Fang draws the design elements of TOYOTA FT

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/10/27

The sand can only be forced to come. NO! Let's see the 01 of the leader's desert.

In fact, speaking of the place in Alashan, except for the boundless desert, it is the annual "hero meeting". Of course, you can imagine that the hard off-road vehicle is here, releasing energy and displaying its own performance. If the problem ari

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/10/23

80, after 90's childhood memories, there is a golden age hidden.

After 80 and 90's, private cars are rare things. They are also things that can make boys crazy and dream. We collected the stories of the 80 and 90's children and cars. Next, please sit down and be steady. We have to go back to the past. Cars have

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/06/01

Yes! Skoda Octavia Chi lines very suitable for home use!

Skoda Octavia models first launched in January 1959, now has 60 years of history. Octavia as Skoda in China market best-selling models, and in the market has always been known for large space and high cost, can be regarded as a strength of the players a c

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/04/05

Is the low version of how to choose? TOYOTA C-HR Honda Chi bin

In a car all configuration, with low consumer choice is often the most, which is from the terminal sales data have been verified. Indeed, low allocation models have a design like with models, like riding function, dynamic chassis is the same or close to t

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/04/03

Fengshen AX7 Geely bullyear who is the comparison of domestic compact SUV carry handle?

Now we have no doubt of the richness of price of less than 100 thousand independent SUV products, because the joint venture brands to reach here, naturally become the independent product active zone, but not the joint venture brand competition in many pro

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/31

7 SUV may be the most athletic, high altitude Mazda CX-8

Many consumers choose 7 medium-sized SUV, they just want a car as family travel tools, more do not want to lose the pleasure of driving the pursuit of family. Before, almost no too many models to choose from. Until Mazda CX-8 broke this situation, CX-8 in

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/29

Pickup incomplete user manual on how to manage the city? The old driver: the mud is more suitable!

Speaking before it is used to pickup, run the site, do menial work in most people's minds. In recent years, some foreign brands in the high-end pickup officially entered the China, plus the country is gradually liberalized pickup restriction policy, t

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/25

Intermediate Car Killer generally exist? The most worth buying TOYOTA Asia Dragon

The Asian dragon, the best-selling models in North America and finally into China domestic, will become the FAW TOYOTA's new generation of large cars. FAW TOYOTA Asia Dragon in TOYOTA "TNGA" structure of the building, "mouth" the net t

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/24

A Bentley track is a kind of experience?

For the car, GT a mysterious and full of charm. The mystery is derived from multiple meanings it is given, and full of charm because truly worthy GT have extraordinary strength. Bentley continental GT is probably the world's most perfect interpretatio

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/20

Minimalist style is practical? Geely car reminds me of Muji

Recently, Geely brand new energy GE11 officially named geometric A, has been previously written static shot the colleague. The more avant-garde design, the drag coefficient data outstanding attracted many consumer attention, but have no more understanding

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/17

The city SUV choice difficult disease? Of course is to choose the selling of reliable models.

Time to 2019, the domestic automobile market is still the protagonist SUV, in the SUV market in the best seller or a group of city SUV. For consumers, although the current automobile market has emerged many outstanding new SUV models, but they would rathe

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/15

Tianyi VS Citroen TOYOTA RAV4, which have more fuel-efficient car to go to Hot pot?

If the auto editor is most afraid of is what test work, I think the 99% editors will say that fuel consumption test, because this is not only a boring and tiring work. But this time we have a line of four people happy to accept this job, this process will

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/03/14