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Shi Yi Gong has another fire! Once vice president of Tsinghua University, the enterprise founded in 4 years is about to IPO! Property will exceed 1 billion

A IPO message, let Shi Yi Gong fire again! Chinese star scientist: Shi Yi Gong, who is going to enter the capital market with less than 4 years of business, will be among the 1 billion richest men. Yesterday (October 17th) night, the world-renowned struct

p5w2012 @ 2019/10/19

Heavy weekend! The Macao stock exchange is coming? The plan has been reported to the central government.

Heavy weekend: are the Macao stock exchange and the Guangzhou futures exchange coming? In October 12th, He Xiaojun, the party secretary and director of the Guangdong provincial finance supervision and Administration Bureau, attended the "eighth south

p5w2012 @ 2019/10/13

10000 billion tycoons "sell shares to repay debts"

The 10000 billion giant Hainan Airlines Group has no choice but to "withdraw" from the capital market. Yesterday (October 7th) evening, Hai Yue energy (600387) announcement, the controlling shareholder - Hainan Airlines Modern Logistics Group inte

p5w2012 @ 2019/10/09

The global stock market plummeted, and the 4 big black swans exploded. US stocks plunged 800 points, and European stock markets collapsed. It's urgent.

When A share investors are enjoying their holidays, overseas investors are encountering "Black Swans". National Day 7 days long vacation, A shares holiday, American stock and European stock normal transaction. In recent days, US stocks continued t

p5w2012 @ 2019/10/04

Weigh! A shares will soon usher in the first share of "different rights in the same stock", with an estimated value exceeding 18 billion (with the latest IPO queue list).

China's capital market will soon usher in the first listed company with the same rights and different shares. The latest announcement of the SFC shows that as of September 26th, the number of IPO queuing enterprises was 452, of which 173 were the main

p5w2012 @ 2019/09/28

Super black swan! The world's largest oil company has been bombed: production capacity has dropped by 50%! Oil prices are going to skyrocket. These A shares and funds are all on fire.

The world's largest oil exporter has been attacked by air strikes. According to the Xinhua news agency, the Ministry of interior of Saudi Arabia issued a statement in September 14th that several UAVs attacked two oil facilities of the Saudi national oil c

p5w2012 @ 2019/09/16

Just now, A shares will welcome the blockbuster again. More than 100 billion big funds will be swept to the market.

Foreign investors with the most acute sense of smell are fiercely adding A shares. The opening week of September 2nd (Monday) opened the strongest week for A shares: the Shanghai composite index was strong 5 plus Yang, the weekly line rose nearly 4%, and

p5w2012 @ 2019/09/09

Rare! Pork price limit, purchase restriction! The biggest winner jumped 400 billion

Pigs, standing on the draught, can also fly. How to expect a "death draught": African swine fever has become the biggest draught of pork prices in 2019. In September 2, 2018, the price of live pigs (three yuan) was 14 yuan / kg. After a year, the price ro

p5w2012 @ 2019/09/03

China Securities Regulatory Commission! IPO is not the first one: 2 fatal hidden dangers (with the latest IPO queue list)

Is the registration system the first? What is the termination of the IPO of the Heng an new branch? The latest announcement of the SFC shows that as of August 31st, the number of IPO queuing enterprises was 467, and 27 of the queuing enterprises were in a

p5w2012 @ 2019/09/01

3 years of exploding earn 20000%! 100 billion unicorns, opening the harvest season.

Business with a lot of money: 229 billion 600 million yuan in 4 years. The 20 billion reduction did not overwhelm the stock price. "Unicorn" continued to surge, and its total market value in August 27th hit 140 billion yuan. But all this, it is impossible

p5w2012 @ 2019/08/30

Panorama 20th anniversary: peers with the times and salute the future

From a blank to grow into the second largest stock market in the world, China's capital market, which is about to enter its first year, has written a spectacular epic. In 2019, it was the 70th anniversary year of the founding of new China and the year of

p5w2012 @ 2019/08/25

See "black swan" again! 500 billion the US giants were exposed to "financial fraud". Overnight, evaporation 63 billion

The most dazzling pearl in the history of American industry is falling down. Yesterday (August 15th) evening, the 100 million year old industrial giant in the United States: General Electric (GE) shares staged the largest single day decline since 2008, an

p5w2012 @ 2019/08/16

Another 10000 billion bank "IPO Guo Guangchang" has quietly arranged (with the latest IPO queue list).

China wide nuclear purchase next Monday will require 1 million 880 thousand of the market value. The latest announcement of the SFC showed that as of August 8th, the number of IPO queuing enterprises was 482, representing a decrease of 2 compared with las

p5w2012 @ 2019/08/11

Wang Haijiao: medical investment is in the age of great change. I see two investment opportunities.

Editor's note, according to the first "official declaration" in November last year, to confirm the first batch of new GEM board listing in July 22nd this year, only eight months later, the science and technology innovation board, which supported technolog

p5w2012 @ 2019/08/05

IPO trial committee suspended for the first time in six months, releasing 3 big signals (with IPO's latest queue list)

The trend of IPO is changing quietly: tighter regulation, excessive rate of decline and withdrawal of data companies. According to the latest announcement of the SFC, as of August 2nd, the number of IPO queuing enterprises was 484, a decrease of 2 compare

p5w2012 @ 2019/08/04

180 thousand shareholders can not escape the "doom" of delisting.

Unable to make improvements! "Pig first share", delisting is a foregone conclusion. Today, the *ST hawk (002477) shares are down again, but the most serious fact is that the closing price is only 0.81 yuan / share, which is a foregone conclusion. As of to

p5w2012 @ 2019/07/31

Weigh! "Tramway" Ruihua, 29 enterprises IPO was suspended review (with the latest IPO queue list)

Weigh! The 29 IPO project of Ruihua accounting firm has been halted. The latest announcement of the SFC shows that as of July 25th, the number of IPO queuing enterprises was 486, of which 17 had passed the trial conference and another 38 were in the "susp

p5w2012 @ 2019/07/27

Sudden black swan! Another listed company 1 billion 800 million cash is missing.

A shares reappear thunder! Holding 1 billion 800 million money, but unable to produce 60 million dividends. This event is continuing to ferment. In July 25th, the protagonist of the incident: Fu Ren Pharmaceutical (600781) resumed the resumption of tradin

p5w2012 @ 2019/07/26

Weigh out! First of all, "Chuang Ge purchase", "100% signed" new shares.

Today is the most powerful new day in history. Do you participate in the science and technology board? Just now, 7 Chinese science and technology innovation companies such as general tone and China micro company have disclosed the online purchase data, an

p5w2012 @ 2019/07/11

170 times valuation! "Crazy rush", the most powerful chip stocks of the company

Tomorrow, we will open a new "feast" of the science and technology board, and 9 new shares will be issued together. The chip enterprises with the most hardcore chips of the company are undoubtedly the most concerned ones. On the evening of July 8th, the a

p5w2012 @ 2019/07/10