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These 4 problems from driving schools do not change. Even if you drive for 10 years, you are just a novice.

Nowadays, more and more people have got their driving licenses, but they can not really drive a lot. This is also because when driving schools, coaches teach us how to drive cars to pass the exam, but many of them are not practical for our daily driving,

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/23

Automatic hand in hand, can you really use it? How many people have not used manual mode?

Nowadays, automatic models are becoming more and more popular. According to the analysis of the current situation, automatic vehicle models will replace manual gears to become the trend of future development. The so-called automatic block, as the name sug

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/22

It's not a new regulation, but the traffic police seized the two illegal acts since June 1st.

May has reached the middle of the month. Is it far from June? Do not think that 61 is just a holiday for children. June 1st is a memorable day for all motorcycles, because the traffic police will begin to investigate the electric cars and motorcycles on t

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/19

Oil price adjustment: today's May 15th, the latest retail price of 92 and 95 gasoline nationwide

On Friday, May 15, 2020, on the bad news, domestic oil prices had just been put into operation in the early morning (at 0 in May 15th), and now entered the new oil price adjustment cycle, which is the second periodic adjustment in May. The new round of do

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/15

"S block" is just a display? Stop it. It has many functions.

There are many people with automatic gears. Most people use S files as a display. Old driver: wasting resources! Friends who know the automatic block know that all the gears on the vehicle are marked with P (parking), R (reverse gear), N (neutral gear) an

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/10

Is it a coincidence that a red light will go all the way? The old driver kept his mouth shut and laughed.

Domestic urban population density is very large, traffic jams are very common, and plugging is also done. Because of the more junctions, the traffic lights have to wait for parking, which is also reducing their driving efficiency. That's all. Just a l

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/04

Speeding 195 was 12 points, the owner threw out the car keys: who can drive this car 195, I will send you!

For the novice drivers, the freeway is a challenging place. Because of the fast speed, every driver needs to have high driving skills, and there are more restrictions on the freeway. The owners must understand the driving rules to run normally. The freewa

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/02

Beginners don't dare to drive high speed at night. The old drivers teach you a few tricks, and learn how to be nervous at high speed.

We run a lot at high speed, but the running night is relatively small. After all, the high speed of night is more complicated than that of the day, and driving at night is easy to get sleepy. So many drivers will panic easily. In fact, the high speed at n

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/02

No matter what vehicle to drive, there must be 5 emergency tools in the trunk, which is of great use at the critical moment.

On long-distance driving, we are used to getting water, food and some emergency supplies on the train. Besides, we have to know how to use the trunk space rationally, but many people don't know what to put in the process of using the car. The experien

omkkjcom @ 2020/04/28

Traffic police ultimatum: after these 4 areas, no U-turn is allowed, and the maximum deduction is 12 points.

With the improvement of the country's economic level, cars have become a common means of transportation. When people buy cars, they can not only go to work without crowded buses, but also take their families out for holidays and holidays. The populari

omkkjcom @ 2020/04/26

When the garage is in store, it's not ready. Such timely correction can also be successfully passed.

On the road driving test, subject two can be said to be the most energy consuming and time consuming subject for us, and the basic item of subject two is reversing into the library. If you can get a good command of the car in the garage and respond flexib

omkkjcom @ 2020/04/25

Old driver God summed up: driving skill jingle this wave simply speaks of our hearts!

After getting the driver's license book, how good the mood is, just like the mood of the college entrance examination, but many of the novice are still unable to drive on the road with ease and feel the feeling of being cheated. Today, Xiao Xin of Jin

omkkjcom @ 2020/04/22

Why do some people step on the brakes when waiting for a red light? Listen to the old driver analysis, no longer do that.

With the improvement of living standards in China, cars are very common both in cities and in rural areas. After the development of relevant data, although many people have bought cars, China's automobile market still has great potential for consumpti

omkkjcom @ 2020/04/11

When I run a high speed, I know that the difference between Japanese cars and German cars is so great that I regret to know!

Now there are many cars in China, and many people think of the first thing that adults can think of when they can own a car of their own. As the two largest vehicle owners in the automotive industry, Japanese cars and German cars have been compared. These

omkkjcom @ 2020/04/06

Vehicle management information: "4 benefits" presented by automobile annual inspection, netizens: cancel the annual inspection of private cars

The car buys the hand, eliminates the right time to do the license plate, the insurance, the vehicle must also check on time. Our country stipulates that motor vehicles must participate in the annual inspection after 6 years. Some people think that annual

omkkjcom @ 2020/03/26

Do you want to know if a man is driving high? It's very simple to see if he has these 5 habits.

Generally speaking, most men are interested in the modern industrial products with complex structure and mechanical sense, and are keen on driving. They want to get "speed and passion", but there are differences between individuals in reality, so

omkkjcom @ 2020/03/20

Where should I check on the high speed driving? The experience of the old driver has been summed up for many years.

As we all know, driving is a very risky thing, and the speed of high speed is more prone to accidents. After all, the speed of vehicles at high speed is very fast. We can not guarantee any accidents to other people, but Xiao Bian thinks that we will at le

omkkjcom @ 2020/03/14

After opening Tesla, the owner found more than 7000 "five batteries": This is the leading technology?

From time to time, the number of cars in China has been developing rapidly under the economic changes. More and more vehicles are pouring into the road, which brings great pressure to traffic. Similarly, from the perspective of sustainable development, th

omkkjcom @ 2020/03/08

Is it really difficult to manually drive a car? To operate manual gear, these 10 skills are indispensable.

Many novice think that getting a driver's license is all right. As long as the driver's license is in hand, you can easily control the vehicle. Although the automatic vehicle type has been gradually popularized, if you control the manual gear, you

omkkjcom @ 2019/12/19

Ice and snow hurt most! What should we pay attention to when using snow on snowy day? Senior veteran driver: these points must be kept in mind.

As we all know, the roads are very slippery on snowy days. When we drive out, we will have a traffic accident. What should we pay attention to when driving on a snowy day? To drive on a snowy day, you must first ensure a clear view, and wipers and glass w

omkkjcom @ 2019/12/16