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"Let the Chinese stand on the same boat with us": British arms sales to China (1973 - 1982)

Written by: WeChat's official commentary on the oriental history review: in ohistory1975, Britain and China agreed to sell China's "spies MK202" military engine agreement to enable western armaments to enter China for the first time. Brita

ohistory @ 2019/12/23

Hannah Arendt: women in the dark ages

Written by: Alfred Kazin translation: Tao Xiao Lu's oriental history review WeChat number: in ohistory11946, editor of The Commentary magazine (Elliot Cohen) held a Leo Bekrabi (Rabbi Leo Baeck) The.

ohistory @ 2019/12/20

1952, the storms of Chinese Universities

Written by: Chuang Chai Shui's Oriental History Review: WeChat No. ohistory: he presided over the restructuring of the national institutions of higher learning, which was launched in 1950 and launched in 1952, thus starting an educational era that has

ohistory @ 2019/12/19

Zeng Guofan and wo Ren: two aspects of "Tongzhi ZTE"

Writing: Li Xizhu's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory, wo Ren and Zeng Guofan, Tongli Jiajie, Xian and four dynasties, are all contemporaries. In the period of Daoguang, they intersect with teachers and scholars from Tang Dynasty to beco

ohistory @ 2019/12/17

Reviewing the Soviet Union: Chen Duxiu's last opinion

Written by: Li Xinyu's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory editor's note: 2019, when Mr. Chen Duxiu's birthday is 140th anniversary, we republish this article as a souvenir. The Oriental historical review Chen Duxiu's related a

ohistory @ 2019/12/16

Zweig, Roman Rowland and Jid: three men's Moscow Tour

Written by Zweig, Roman Roland and Jed, who visited the Soviet Union in 1928, 1935 and 1936, returned to the Soviet Union in 1936, and wrote some simple or detailed interviews. Some of them were not published at the time, and some were published at that t

ohistory @ 2019/12/10

Lecture notes: looking for the starting point and entrance of "cultural China"

Speaker: Liu Gang and Li Dongjun's "Oriental historical review" WeChat number: ohistory below is compiled from the 173 phase of oriental history Salon: "the three starting point of cultural China". Distinguished guests were historians

ohistory @ 2019/12/09

Fukuzawa Yoshi's recommendation on Saturday and the birth of the modern world

Author: Alan Macfarlane's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory fuze kyu Ji (1835 - 1901) is one of the greatest thinkers in Japan. His promotion of Westernization in Japan involves almost every field of society. His ideas were absorbed into

ohistory @ 2019/12/07

Loud noises: "Qing Dynasty history fever" in the early years of the Republic of China

Writing: Cai Jionghao's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory, since the revolution of 1911 and the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, how to describe and understand the history of Qing Dynasty has become a field of competition among all politica

ohistory @ 2019/12/04

With commercial central power: how to issue circulation in the Qing Dynasty

Written by: Yin Qing "Oriental History Review" WeChat: ohistory, who visited China in the Qing Dynasty, often quotes "Di Bao" in its records. For example, in 1706-1731 years, Cyr Contanci, a guest member of China's Jesus, sent a report

ohistory @ 2019/12/03

On Sunday, "every day people rush about for the sake of false happiness."

The Oriental historical review WeChat number: ohistory1, "man's knowledge succumbing to materialized structure" - Georg Lucachigeorg Lukacs (Szegedi Luk CS CS Gy rgy Bern Bern t 1885-1971), is a famous Hungarian philosopher and literary critic

ohistory @ 2019/12/01

Freud's history of thought in twentieth Century: from Freud to the Internet

Author: Peter Watson translation: Zhang Feng and Yang Yang's "Oriental historical review" WeChat: ohistory, which just passed in twentieth Century, is of great significance for us to understand the situation of modern humans. The twentieth Cen

ohistory @ 2019/11/30

The mentality of Japanese intellectuals before and after defeat

Author: Xu Jingbo's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory with the passage of time, the Japanese War of aggression against China since 1937 and the Pacific war that broke out at the end of 1941 have mobilized the vast external war of all hum

ohistory @ 2019/11/26

Lucic: the builder of ancient Chinese cities

Written by: Lu Xi Qi "Oriental History Review" WeChat number: the six chapter of ohistory "Book of Songs Da Ya Ju" is quoted by the theorists: the father of the ancient Gong Gong, coming to the north and walking the horse, and the West Wat

ohistory @ 2019/11/25

The 1910-1920 age: How did the rumors of Communist communism come into being in China?

Written by: Shi Yan's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory1 "Communist male wife" is a long-standing saying that "communist" and "public wives" sometimes used together, sometimes separated, and "wives" were s

ohistory @ 2019/11/13

Li Hongzhang's comeback and behind the scenes plan of "clear stream"

Written by Jiang Ming, the official commentary of oriental history, WeChat: ohistory "Qing Liu" is an important political force in the late Qing Dynasty. It is generally believed that in the early days of Guangxu, a group of Beijing officials serv

ohistory @ 2019/11/12

Yangming studies in East Asia and the reform revolution

Written by Zhang Kun: the Oriental historical review WeChat number ohistory1: Yangming school has caused a trend in Modern East Asia and has become the spiritual motive force for the reform or revolution of intellectuals. When it comes to Japan, its influ

ohistory @ 2019/11/11

Who controls the past and who controls the future?

Collation and compilation: Song Shuyang's "Oriental History Review" WeChat number: ohistory, "whoever controls the past will control the future; who controls the present, who controls the past." The totalitarian states in "1984"

ohistory @ 2019/11/07

Dragon seed: China's resistance to war in MGM's movie

Author: Yang Yongbiao's Oriental historical review WeChat number: ohistory Pearl Buck is the first woman writer to win the Nobel prize in literature. She has been writing all her life and has produced over 100 works. Among them, the theme of Chinese n

ohistory @ 2019/10/25

Sunday's voice, "you're just a lonely moment."

The Oriental historical review WeChat number: ohistory1, "your body is only a time, and you are just passing away. You are just a lonely moment." Jorge Luis Borgesjorge Luis Borges (Jorge Luis Borges 1899-1986), Argentina poets and novels

ohistory @ 2019/09/22